J. Cole Covers Debut Album in Air Jordan 7 “Raptor”

J. Cole Covers Debut Album in Air Jordan 7 "Raptor"

Who dat? J. Cole, that?s who. Fans of Young Simba know he has that flame and sneakerheads know he has that heat. The ?Ville native unleashed the cover of his debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story last night and is seen wearing the Air Jordan 7 ?Raptor?. While lighting is dim these appear to be the retro release from 2002. Some may remember that he wore the Nike Air Max Penny 1 “Orlando” on the back cover of his 2009 The Warm Up mixtape. Look for the album to drop September 27th.


  1. Duke Hawkins says:

    Great Music , Great Sneaks , what more can you ask for?

    1. CJ says:

      and a great body…no homo

        1. Guest says:

          How the fuck is that NOT Homo?

          1. Vegasmoney89 says:

            You took the words out of my mouth,no homo lol

          2. Contra says:

            And a big dick atleast thats what ive heard. no homo.

          3. Anonymous says:

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          4. Anonymous says:


          5. Wjwjw says:

            when you have to say no homo it makes it homo

      1. Smoothlloyd says:

        gay azz nigga

      2. Dapperdon89 says:

        When keeping it “no homo” goes wrong,smh lol……this dude is pitiful, he must love the retro gs releases

        1. N?FACE says:

          Obvious joke. Sneakerheads don’t have a sense of humor I guess.

        2. freeballer says:

          “when keeping it real goes wrong” lmao

      3. Sblaze12 says:

        CJ… ur really gay dawg?

    2. Anonymous says:

      I just pa?d $20.87 for an ?Pad 2.64GB and my boyfriend loves his Panason?c Lum?x GF 1 C?mera that we got for $38.79 there arriving tomorrow by UP S.I will never pay such expensive retail pr?ces in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LCD T V to my boss for $657 which only cost me $62.81 to buy.
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  2. Mboog says:



    1. Eric says:

      You’re a fool

  3. Telvis Lewis says:

    Cole World…I’m ready….

  4. Eric says:

    This man is the best rapper out. Period.

    1. DevinThomas says:


      1. Eric says:

        Name someone better

        1. Mmistras says:

          hov, ye, and kendrick lamar to name a few

          1. miekko says:

            nigga fab is better than j cole. these young bois out here man, still in school n shit smh j cole nice but he aint the best so please dead that

        2. N?FACE says:

          Meek Mill, Curren$y, Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler, Vince Staples, Casey Veggies, Tayyib Ali, Wale, Main Attrakionz, ASAP Rocky, Vaughn, Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats, Mike G, Remy Banks, Skeme, Smoke DZA, Speak! Spaceghostpurrp, Sean Price AND THATS JUST THE NEW/SEMI-NEW GUYS. If we are talking about ALL rappers out right now then Kanye, Jay, Lil’ Wayne, Pusha T, MF DOOM, Raekwon, Method Man, Ghostface, RZA, GZA, Killa Sin and I’m sure I’m leaving out hundreds of names. J. Cole’s music is boring as fuck. I enjoy listening to Waka Flocka Flame and Lil B more than him.?

          1. Anonymous says:

            what the fuckkk. kill you self. wolf gang whack

          2. N?FACE says:

            You’re wack. What city are you in for your world tour? Oh you don’t have one….Well can I hear your album? Oh you don’t have one…..Where can I listen to your feature on The Game or Pusha T’s album? Oh you don’t have one.?

          3. Guest says:

            Get em

          4. Twoletters_ck says:

            Your right, instead he was on Jay-Z’s (Arguably the best rapper of all time’s) album in 2009, 2 years before anyone even knew Tyler was alive.

          5. N?FACE says:

            You’re dumb. I was talking about the lame who said wolf gang was wack not J. Cole. I can’t deny his accolades I just don’t enjoy his music.?

          6. Samuel says:


          7. Guest says:

            Is that enough for u?

          8. Laquivasl says:

            the only nigga on dat list is wayne jay kanye meek mill and curren$y and wale who da h3ll is dem other niggas

          9. N?FACE says:

            You never heard of the fucking Wu-Tang Clan?? Who da h3ll is you.?

          10. ChuckmasterFlex says:

            THANK you.? Fuck everyone on that faggot ass list

          11. that1guy says:

            I’ve lost all hope smh. His music is real as fuck not boring dude.

          12. N?FACE says:

            “Real as fuck” can still be boring. How many dudes out right now all doing the “real hip-hop” thing? Too many. It’s so annoying. Every fucking new rapper is all “look at how hard I grind. I keep it so real. My music is boring with the same old lyrics of the same old generic beats but look how real it is man”. I can appreciate a lot of what some would consider “real hip-hop” but sometimes I like to listen to music that isn’t so serious and just blast some Waka Flocka or Lil B.?

          13. D pumpa 69 says:

            ur fukin dum enough said.. gtfo git .. jcole is the best rapper right now?

          14. N?FACE says:

            What? Please refer to the expansive list of rappers I said to the last guy. J. Cole isn’t close to the best out. Oh and learn how to spell before you insult MY intelligence. *You’re *fucking *dumb *get

          15. tak says:

            lol i wudnt say all those rappers are better than j cole, they all good but j cole better than alot of them

          16. GodDamnGram says:

            kendrick lamar > jcole

          17. freeballer says:

            Them two are the best new dudes out

          18. Kendrick Lamar = J. Cole

          19. Connor N. says:

            That makes no sense. KL is West coast with government and societal references along with love, J Cole is East with sports, love, etc focuses

          20. I meant in terms of rapping ability.?

            1. J Cole is from the South
            2. Sports?? -_______-?
            3. If you think Cole isn’t political you don’t know rap.

          21. Jayyxfresshh says:

            I second on Wale

          22. Wuddup420 says:

            you forgot fabolous

          23. shoe-a-holic303 says:

            dawg said spitta off the bat jet life we catch flights while lames catch feelin.i havent?fuckn of heard of j .col bet oh boy ur replyn to fav rapper?is?big sean that mf suck.i b bumpn gucci weezy wiz oh yeah smoke dza j.money n spitta man?and tyga i still listen to my throwback rappers and all time greats but most of these rappers r whack new ones at least

          24. Mac says:

            Gucci & Wiz are terrible KYS asap thx in advance

          25. shoe-a-holic303 says:

            who da fuck r u litte snatch wiz is not terrible gucci brings other shit to the game not best rapper but sure kno how to spit about the trap .u kno what go slap ur momma for giving birth to such a piece of shit go jump off a building .j.cole ive never heard of him dnt give give a fuck about his music n i sure as fuck dnt give a fuck about u go drown ur self

          26. Re'Shawn says:

            Wtf wrong with you? You cant be a fan of music if you enjoy listening to lil b and think that J Cole music is boring. You named Jay-Z, well if you do your research J Cole was signed by Jay so he gotta be doin something right. Keep thinking what you want but come September 27th you will regret what u said.

          27. N?FACE says:

            Oh I can’t be a fan of music? Lil B is actually FUN to listen to. Every song you listen to doesn’t have to be “real” hip-hop. And I’m not gonna regret anything I said because it’s music and I listen to what the fuck I want.?

          28. lil b says:

            What the fuck does him being signed by jay-z have to do with anything? You can like someone and not like who he signed.

          29. A.D says:

            X out every rapper except Jay lil wayne and Kanye other than dat dont u ever in ya life disrespect J. cole like dat holla at when you herd every mixtape and every song he has put out. Also answer dis question name someone nowadays who can spit #youdisgustme.

          30. N?FACE says:

            There are literally HUNDREDS of rappers out right now who can spit better than J. Cole and are more creative.

          31. StudentofTheGame says:

            Stop it my dude

          32. Connor N. says:

            STFU. I like OF and shit, but you are so gotdamn obsessed that it makes you ignorant. STFU.

          33. ChuckmasterFlex says:

            Some of us have fuckin lives and don’t sit around listening “to every mixtape and every song he has put out” you fuckin dick-rider. I bet you wrote this from your J Cole poster covered room too.? #killyourself

            Sean Price is one of those “someones” who can spit, fuck your favorite artist.

          34. Sensehns says:

            you obviously love the gimmick entertainment the moment someone speaking the truth and more relavent topics on music comes along you go ahead and name some garbage ass mcs who wont be around in the next couple of years…all thanks to J. Cole. so tighten up you seem like a noface nobody who doesnt know anythin but how to be a groupie to wack ass rappers out of your whole list the few you mentioned that were good would be push t, jay, wayne, kanye and thats about it …all those other guys are washeddddddddd up like sea shells and the new comers you mentioned suck elephantitus nuts…

          35. N?FACE says:

            You obviously didn’t listen to what I said. I don’t give a shit about the relevance of the topics he raps about! Not every song I listen to needs to have a message! I listen to Talib Kweli if I want that conscious “real” shit and Lil B or Waka when I want to have fun.?

      2. K.Born says:

        Battery acid.

    2. fuckwiddme says:

      ?one word…..BANK$

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    1. Cole dick o bitch says:

      I bet they can’t clean student loans

  6. DevinThomas says:

    He doesnt even know whats on his damn feet

  7. Navo80 says:

    Cole Worlddddddd

    September 27th, can’t wait.

  8. Guest says:

    This nigga garbage

    1. Munoz95 says:

      Well you’re gay.

      1. Guest says:

        And ur gay for being all on j Coles scrotum

  9. Blaccmamba24 says:

    He probably thinks they are 4s

  10. Dreamville says:

    If u hate on j. Cole u eat dicks for breakfast

    1. Guest says:

      How very homo of u

  11. freeballer says:

    He is wayyy ahead of any other “new” guys

  12. iddl says:

    j.cole gonna be top ten after a few albums

  13. Maurice Laney says:

    So coppin’ this album!

  14. Guest says:

    cole gon be a legendd ?COLE WORLD NO BLANKET

  15. WZA says:

    Cole got a mean shoe game always & his album is gonna be fire!

  16. Brmost_wanted says:

    best rapper alive 50 TYSON!

  17. J.Cole in my opinion is the next Kanye…Producing his own shit and killin’ em with bars(better ones), then killin the shoe game too… I’m just Saying. Roc Nation x G.O.O.D Music

    1. N?FACE says:

      HA. “next Kanye” jokes man, jokes.

  18. Scotty says:

    The realest rapper in the game my favorite

  19. Upsilon says:

    Selling those raptors size 14 for 120 hmu

    1. lil b says:

      If I had to canoe across the atlantic ocean is the only way I’ll buy those big ass sneakers off you.

  20. Bill says:

    Type your comment here bitch