Nike LeBron 8 “Denim”

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Nike LeBron 8 "Denim"

Following our teaser photo of the Nike LeBron 8 “Denim” we disclosed yeseterday, we now have a full length image of this particular colorway in its final form. ?This pair, which was created by DJ Clark Kent, sports a similar makeup as the ?Nike Air Force 1 Denim/Bronze, sporting a dark indigo denim material throughout the majority of the upper. Gold accents can also be seen on the lace eyelets and contrast stitching, which matches well with the gum outsole. This pair is finally finished off with black accents on the Swoosh as well as the piping for a nice overall look. No announcement has been made yet on whether or not this particular pair will see production. For now, check out these detailed images and let us know what you think.


Nike LeBron 8 "Denim"

Nike LeBron 8 "Denim"

Source: Air Andy

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74 Comments on "Nike LeBron 8 “Denim”"

  1. KingSleepy253

    Personnaly I think their FRESH, throw them with SOME OG’ dickie KHAKI’s, a V-NECK navy. T-SHIRT, you stupid “The Game” GOLD CHAIN !!! An some LOCC’s come on learn the game!

  2. I know these were posted by DJ Clark Kent, but I swear these should be the Wiz Khalifa x Lebron 8. Denim to represent his kinda punk style and of course black & yellow (if you need me to explain the black & yellow, then you’ve been living under a rock).
    All that being said…not really feeling them.

  3. Anonymous

    denim sneakers are the worst, especially on an athletic joint (some denim vans i’ve seen look ok). this is stupid.

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  5. Mike_Sneekz

    Y are some of you saying this is the first time useen denim on b ball shoes??? They have done this segment on the aie force onss which is a basketball shoes….those look a thousand times better… for these denim lebrons they get an F for FAIL!

  6. MD

    I was hopping it was bleached denim, but it not for me, looks like the dude in my hood that sell fake jays and lebrons created these..not deal…concords hurry to release, they are OD’ing on the pix!!!!

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  8. ShoeGameDumb

    I think these are hot. Would’ve been better without the random patch of black by the Swoosh but I’d definitely get a pair

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