Nike LeBron 8 “Denim”

Nike LeBron 8 "Denim"

Following our teaser photo of the Nike LeBron 8 “Denim” we disclosed yeseterday, we now have a full length image of this particular colorway in its final form. ?This pair, which was created by DJ Clark Kent, sports a similar makeup as the ?Nike Air Force 1 Denim/Bronze, sporting a dark indigo denim material throughout the majority of the upper. Gold accents can also be seen on the lace eyelets and contrast stitching, which matches well with the gum outsole. This pair is finally finished off with black accents on the Swoosh as well as the piping for a nice overall look. No announcement has been made yet on whether or not this particular pair will see production. For now, check out these detailed images and let us know what you think.


Nike LeBron 8 "Denim"

Nike LeBron 8 "Denim"

Source: Air Andy


  1. GodDamnGram says:

    they wont… =’(

    1. Sdot says:

      i tol shorties n da teaser pic deez sh!tz was gon b WEAK!!!

      1. saywha? says:

        can you stop writing like your in 3rd grade. thanks.

        1. Hecklir says:

          Yea he sound f—-ing stupid and look stupid I am sure he live in ghetto

        2. Hecklir says:

          Yea he sound f—-ing stupid and look stupid I am sure he live in ghetto

          1. Sdot says:

            LMAO was dis pose 2 offen me

            ez on da flattery ma no matta how mny compliments u giv me i WONT sho u my d__k sry

        3. Sdot says:

          cud i ?? yea wil i ?? NO

  2. Bunwilai says:

    Uglier than I expected

    1. Alec Sibilia says:

      if they were accented with denim instead of covered in it these would be nice.?

    2. Relio? says:

      so im guessing your jeans will match your jean shoes..how nice -___-

  3. desgrafiks says:

    I like the concept, but these just are not for me.

    1. Agreed. Concept was there, execution not so much. White midsole maybe.

      1. Ryan Conrad says:

        I agree. ?The teaser shots did have me worried that I’d have to make a purchase with Lebron’s name on it though. ?I can relax now.

  4. Jayno81 says:

    fucking gross.

  5. Guest says:


  6. K-Love says:

    Might be the ugliest pair ive seen of DJ Clark

  7. Mike says:

    whats with the denim shoes…….. these are trash

  8. blue says:


  9. Maybachmusic says:

    An on foot pic would do these more justice

  10. smh #SolesOverHoes

  11. Antkrizzle says:


  12. Conor Levey says:

    These look pretty solid, but I wanna see the tongue!

  13. poscogrubb says:

    Not a good look.

  14. KingSleepy253 says:

    Personnaly I think their FRESH, throw them with SOME OG’ dickie KHAKI’s, a V-NECK navy. T-SHIRT, you stupid “The Game” GOLD CHAIN !!! An some LOCC’s come on learn the game!

    1. Guest says:

      Dickie Khakis? Really? I Didn’t Realize It Was Still 2003!

      1. Ctubbs says:

        WTF, 2003? Man Dickies are like Levis, been around for over 100 years and they don’t go out of style. Take you ass back to Abercrobbie and Bitch.

  15. I know these were posted by DJ Clark Kent, but I swear these should be the Wiz Khalifa x Lebron 8. Denim to represent his kinda punk style and of course black & yellow (if you need me to explain the black & yellow, then you’ve been living under a rock).
    All that being said…not really feeling them.

  16. Luigi M@rte says:

    A Denim basketball shoe? lol these look dope?

  17. Anonymous says:

    denim sneakers are the worst, especially on an athletic joint (some denim vans i’ve seen look ok). this is stupid.

  18. Jason Smith says:

    I like em and I think they’re gonna sell quick if released. Some different ish. To each his own.

  19. Jdog says:

    wow that is ugly

  20. Scotty says: