We’ve Gotta Have It: A History of Mars Blackmon Commercials

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We've Gotta Have It: A History of Mars Blackmon Commercials

What sells shoes? Great design? Awesome performance? Celebrity endorsement? All factor in, but all culminate best with awesome advertising. As great of a pitchman as Michael Jordan was, it was Mars Blackmon that did most of the talking in the early days. With Mars turning 25 today we break down the Air Jordans he backed and the great commercials that went along with them. Which campaign is your favorite? Vote in the poll to tell us.

Air Jordan 3

Air Jordan 3

Air Jordan 3

When we met Mars he was wearing Air Jordan 1s. His backing of the Air Jordan 3 helped secure MJ at Nike and made for the start of a beautiful friendship.

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  1. Conor Levey says:

    Gotta be the classic “It’s not the shoes” spots for the 5s.

  2. R E E says:

    The Michael Jordan/Mars Blackmon campaign is THE REASON I became a sneakerhead.?

    I was already a Spike Lee fan before the commercials. At the time, I had heard about this young black director that was making noise with his indie film, “She’s Gotta Have It.”?In the film, he had swag, he was a basketball fan, and he boned a girl with JORDAN 1′S on. I kid you not, about year later, he teamed up with Michael Jordan for the Air Jordan III and I was HOOKED.?My film idol & my basketball idol together making HISTORY and their whole campaign left an indelible imprint on my artistic growth.?I thank Spike Lee for helping shape the artist and man I am today.?

    1. Timmy912 says:

      mars blackmon is one of the reason why i became i sneakerhead but i thinks it because i seen his face on the red black and white 4s

  3. RiptheChipper says:

    Extra long shorts, them shits are considered high waters nowadays.

  4. Mr Schneebly says:

    Who will be next? Kobe duhhh!

    1. Timmy912 says:

      no only people from china n shit like kobe shoes them and tmacs for some reason alot of chinese people love tmacs and the rockets

      1. guest says:

        yao ming duhhh

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is it the shoes? Do you know? Do you know? Do you know?

  6. Buffalo_max96 says:

    What about the 9s he did commercials for JB when mike was in the minors. Likethe one where he said “he’s no Willie Mays” etc.

  7. Eric Eberle says:

    I had a t shirt back in the day with mars and jordan, it had is it the shoes swirling around them.? Damn I want that shirt again.

    1. crazy cheech says:

      I had that shirt too and some mofo stole it!

  8. pier mcgrane says:

    Helll YEeeeeee NICCAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Finally It Happened…..I got rid of all my ISHHH
    from my credit report y’all – I was in deep for 5 years.? Coudn’t buy
    sheeet.? Just approved for that 25k loan to buy a new CAMAARO!!!

    can get yours too, call these people at 877-647-1477. All it took is
    three months and $44 and all my Ish was gone.

    My homeboy was in terrible
    shape too, and he clean!? Hit em up!!!

  9. OG says:

    Mars 4s were my first Js ever!

  10. steve says:

    Air Jordan 6 ;D

  11. Flyboyf2 says:

    thee commercials make you appreciate the art of the entire brand…

  12. Anonymous says: