First Look: Air Jordan 11 “Concord”

First Look: Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

You know what it is. This classic Air Jordan 11 has been on the waiting list of many sneakerheads for years. And following news that it’d be returning later this year, we get our first look at 2011′s “Concord” Retro. It looks like Jordan Brand has decided to take it back to the OG days with a blue icy bottom, though this year’s is far darker than the original. Naturally, the upper pins black patent leather to a white mesh and leather base. Expect this one to drop in just under five months at the height of the holiday season.

Air Jordan 11 “Concord”
White/Black-Dark Concord
Holiday 2011

First Look: Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

First Look: Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

First Look: Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

First Look: Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

First Look: Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

First Look: Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

First Look: Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

First Look: Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Source: VMV


  1. C.FBarnett says:

    The hype officially begins!!!!

    1. tyga_style says:

      It’s not hype. This shoe & colorway are already proven.

      1. Sdot says:

        i kno wut i’ll b getn come xmas

        1. Matt Barron says:

          then columbia’s next year!! i seen them in person a couple years back, i thought they were “white space jams” smh, still dope ass kicks boii !

          1. Connor N. says:

            lol…..white kids these days…….smh

          2. Pcthomas30 says:

            lol black kids these days

          3. Marquise2317 says:

            What about them?

  2. Jthrillz728 says:

    I thought it wuz gon have the 45 on the back

    1. those were sum player additions

      1. Webster. says:


      2. Qnzhooligan04 says:

        they werent player editions… the concords with the 45 are very OG. one of the rarest jordans ever made. look em up..

        1. sparks says:

          jordan never wore the white?concords when he was #45! foo!!

          1. Jakeg70 says:

            yea he did dumbfuck

          2. Carlossanchez1624 says:

            Do Your research buddy, after he came out of retirement he went back with the bulls and he wore number 45, look the picture up on google

    2. freeballer says:

      thank god it wont

      1. Terenceh32 says:

        That’s the whole point of collecting Jordans…. Having the pair nobody can get genius smh

        1. freeballer says:

          WTF are you talking about? If they were going to release with the 45 then STILL everyone and their gramps would have it. Nice logic, bro.

    3. Timmy912 says:

      would of been more exclusive if it did tho

      1. qwertyu says:

        so what? exclusive doesnt mean anything

        1. Eagle_fan5 says:

          it MEANS everything ratard

          1. Guest says:

            haha this guy, exclusive is nothing? its EVERYTHING!

          2. Jhjbu says:

            This just shows how many hype beast visit the site exclusive is everything-_- herbs

  3. Poppa says:


    1. LULZ says:

      troll ya mum

    2. rant and whine says:


  4. YoungPhenom3 says:

    Cannot wait. Just got my Cool Greys and I will be in line for these .

    1. Qball197580 says:

      Wher u get your cool grays?

      1. YoungPhenom3 says:

        I got em at RIF.LA size 11 260$ . I think they’re sold out in that size now tho. But RIF is 100% legit and they came brand new in box w/ inserts even the new shoe smell .

        1. Issaycnewton says:

          fuck rif

        2. Qball197580 says:

          Thnx for da reply imma chek on em now.

          1. MikeJack says:

            what size you need Q?

        3. Kdub Ka says:

          260 for cool grys, dey were 175 cuz,u got dicked real talk

    2. Anonymous says:

      i hear ya. i just scooped some Cool Greys on eBay last month finally since i slept on them when they came out. i will not be making that mistake with the Concords.

  5. @kingmike09 says:

    These are a must cop

  6. Gabe says:

    I think I’m gonna intentionally yellow the soles?

    1. HowhoodMusic says:

      I purposely yellow all my foamposite soles. I feel ya bruh.

      1. Rillmatic says:

        How do u yellow the entire sole?

      2. Anonymous says:

        yellow soles are the shiznit

    2. Fkddfjk says:


      1. Shoogeek says:

        Why would u purposely yellow them

        1. Wreckless Sole says:

          Because it’s in my opinion the FIRST time I’ve HATED the addition of rhe icy blue bottoms on a pair of kicks… It absolutely kills the shoe, they shouda gone clear gum sole!

        2. ADBarnes says:

          If you look at a pair with yellow soles, or even the clear soles, they look 10 times better than these. As far as foams go I kept my pearls, my blues as clear as possible, tried to keep the eggplants that way, but I ended up selling them.

    3. Guest says:

      LMAO! first time yellowing might be an upgrade!

  7. Paulixcastle says:

    Fresh aaa yea!!

  8. PHILLYJUNE says:

    Im on it!!!!! Cant wait for these!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Love 11s . . . 11s were actually the first a pair of jordans I saw…. the BRED 11s back in the day original release, rocked by this sexy ass female next to my cousin…. STill to this day my FAV even though I missed out on the Countdown Pack :-( ?. . . I’ll be getting these definitely?

    1. Lightfoot1990 says:

      U sure she’s not one of u other cousins?

  10. Jas662 says:


  11. Bill says:

    Better get in line now

  12. Mader1icp says:

    all u young hypebeasts ….. the blue soles kill this shoe … looks like hot shit … bet the quallity is crap too …DMP’S bitch

    1. lmnl_p says:

      i’m 32… you’re a fag

    2. I’m 31… you’re an?imbecile!?

  13. nardo says:

    you can get them now, why wait in line stfu and spend that cheese vmv baby

    1. Joe Daniel says:

      vmv sells b grades, didnt know if u knew that already but ur spending “cheese” on low budget pieces of shit.?

      1. freeballer says:

        Yeah I was gonna buy Space Jams from them, but thankfully I heard about all the people who disappointed because they were given b grades

        1. Joe Daniel says:

          yeah unfortunately i spent like $260 on the cement 3s. i knew something was up because i got em like a week after i ordered them, they didnt come in a cement retro box and when i put them on they were loose in the toe box area (which is the biggest sign for b grades). needless to say lesson learned and i was lucky enough to find the real ones in store

          1. freeballer says:

            I ended up ordering my space jams from sneaker authority, the guys from long island. There was a stitching problem on the heel, where “23″ is. Not enough for me to second guess my purchase though, Space Jams are maybe my grails.

      2. nardo says:

        Hey Joe, who the hell are you to certify a shoe as “B” grade. I really don’t believe that your blind ass is the one making the triple “A” grade. Get a life and go read a fucking book and let the people who got that cheese and not that change go for theirs. ?Real talk dumbass!!!!!

  14. DonaldBWjr says:

    I can’t wait! Hopefully the black and red j 11s drop next year.

    1. Russxmann says:

      the all white 11s come next winter, i forget what theyre called thoguh.

      1. P-Money says:

        Theyre called columbia’s… hope they release the bred instead i just got some og columbia’s

        1. Usedbrain4sale says:

          I heard they were releasing the white 11′s in the next ?CDP pack with the 12′s

          1. “Who told you that?” – King Jaffe Joffer

          2. Crisco_4203 says:

            lmfao “Coming to America”

  15. Emmanuel says:

    I just want to know how many people are laying their life on the line for these?

    1. not me my connect is a manager at Champs Sport no line for me

  16. Gluna617 says:

    wow they f#ck it up again! how does JB f#ck up a classic like this? i’m beyond pissed with the blue ice sole. wtf why?! if it’s not broke dont fix it wow!..

    1. GLUNA BOOHOO says:

      Dont u realize all the Icy soles are comign with a blue tint from here on out? So dont buy em & stop crying boohooo

      1. Mr. Barber W.A. says:

        Amen…If enough of you folk that cry on blogs about changes in these sneakers actually decide to do something about it instead of “copping em anyway” maybe JB would go back to the all clear sole and say, “forget about the blue tint that prolongs this nasty yellowing process of the sole…even tho the blue tint will eventually fade away, let’s do away with it now cause these people don’t understand what goes into making a sneaker”. I don’t mind the blue cause one, I know it’ll fade away and two, My sneaker will look brand new a lot longer. Still a beautiful shoe, Stop acting like you wont cop.?
        Have a great day.

        1. Well put these cats bitching bout every reeasing but stillbe in line to cop smh

      2. zapp says:

        so they raised the price 5 more freaking dollars and the blk and cement 3′s will be 160.00 jordan is tripping but i will have both smh

    2. the og had an icy sole smh dumbass

      1. guest says:

        The clear soles oxidize over time whether they’re worn or not. In turn the clear sole turns an ugly yellowish color too and looks used or old. The ice blue might prevent that look.

    3. but ur still gonna get em

  17. Jaesun Kim says:

    WACK the color of the sole is way off. WTF this actually make me angry

      1. Anonymous says:

        The sole might not be far off but the shape certainly is

        1. That’s with any retro/re-retro after a particular year (and as of late), so that’s a given..

  18. nardo says:

    if you don’t like them, don’t buy them! Save the drama for your mama. Everybody that’s hatin on them will be waiting in line tryin to get them this Christmas

  19. #ImJustSayin says:

    I’m Tryna Get 2 Pairs..

  20. Bigphunk says:

    That blue is trash! Sell em to one of you for a plus 500+

    1. Gelitaj says:

      stfu bitch!!!1