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My 5: The Cool Kids' Sneaker Rotation

Life after Js? It?s a scary thought for some but not The Cool Kids. Having rocked retros for years on years on years, Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks continue to stay ahead of the curve. While the Midwest MCs aren?t ?off? sneakers they are ?on? to some new things, mixing up staple shoes with obscure classics. What are Chuck and Mikey rocking in the days leading up to their debut album? Find out in this dual-disc release of My 5.

Sir Michael Rocks

Air Jordan 6 Black/Infrared

Air Jordan 6 Black/Infrared

Sir Michael Rocks: “I?ve got Jordans in the rotation, but these are the most recent wear. They go with classic Bulls apparel, and they?re the 6s, one of the hardest pairs ever. I?m really only messing with the original color Jordans. Those are like Jordan 1s to me. The 6s go with a lot of different stuff. They?re orginal, classic Jordans. The Jordan game?s a little congested right now so I?m gonna let it breathe for a little. I?m gonna always be on the Mikes though because Chicago?s where it?s from and we did it the hardest. I?m kinda feelin? a couple different things shoe wise.”

Ralph Lauren Boat Shoes

Ralph Lauren Boat Shoes

Sir Michael Rocks: “I?ve got an affinity towards ?em. They go with a lot more of the stuff I?m wearing now. They?re casual but they?re still comfortable. It?s not like I?m about to go hoop in ?em, but they?re still comfy. I?ve got a couple pairs of Ralph Lauren joints, some yellow ones with a white sole and some brown ones with gold eyelets.”

Keds Champion Lo-Rise

Keds Champion Lo-Rise

Sir Michael Rocks: “They kinda look like Vans but it?s a thinner sole. It?s more of a walking sole than a skateboard sole. They?ve got the cool leather laces, they come in solid colors that I can throw on with a couple different things and get a couple different looks out of ?em.”

Clarks Jink

Clarks Jink Brown Suede

Sir Michael Rocks: “Low, suede, with a thinner sole than the Wallabees. They?re super comfy. I like a nice cool brown suede so I can throw ?em on with some cool stuff and set it off. I?m kinda on that old dad swag right now. I can do me in ?em with out trying to do too much.”

Vans Authentic

Vans Authentic

Sir Michael Rocks: “I like the original Vans, low top joints with the laces in ?em. I like them for the same reason as the Keds but those are a little more sporty. If I?m throwing on a jersey I can throw on some Vans to hit it with the off color without doing too much. I wanted to give the Jordan game a little breather for a second and reflect on some other stuff; give it another look for a while.”

Click next to see Chuck Inglish’s rotation.

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  • Soundwave787

    6 and 11s are the only ones I would rock. I gotta give love to ol boy for those Wallabees though, classic east coast gear but I cant pull them hoz off.

    • Phillyzjdot

      CTFU yea I’m wit u on that 1

    • Hoopfiend

      Thats because youre a fucking hypebeast…

      • P-Money

        Str8 up… if u really got swag u can rock anything and make it fye not just jordans that get alot of hype

        • lil b

          stfu,,, lets see u wear some jordan fusions and make it “fye”, it aint possible

          • THE REAL LIL B

            There were a couple of dope fusions, like the firepits. ?People love to hate on fusions, but true sneaker heads can cut the wheat from the chaff.

      • Gomavs

        Why he gotta be a hypebeast cuz he don’t like your boyfriend’s choice of sneakers. He said the only 1’s that he likes on “THIS LIST” is the 6’s & 11’s. Maybe he likes other shoes that aren’t on this list??? Now he would be a hypebeast if he said he liked all their sneakers just cuz they like them … Hypebeasts are so quick to call other ppl hypebeast smh

        • Vsjfs

          Where the fuck does it say THIS LIST hypebeast bitch nigga

          • Soundwave787

            “6s and 11s are the only ones I would rock that are on this list” <<< here it is lil mommas. Im gonna start calling everyone on here running their mouth lil mommas cuz yall act like some bitches. I rock more than Js and pull off a lot of shit but my wardrobe doesnt go well with wallabees. I repspect a lot of shoes but that doesnt mean that I personally wear them, which is the case with most people on here Im sure.

          • Steve De Veno

            Actually.. He DIDNT say this list, but if people were smart enough to use like not even 3rd grade reading? comprehension, it was obvious that THIS LIST was implied and that the dude really didnt mean all that he would rock is 6s and 11s….I dont even understand how its logical to think the dude meant the only kicks he would ever rock are 6s and 11s

      • Scott Lesley

        and ur a dickrider

  • Anteezy

    It’s true that the Jordan game is congested right now, but still man I rock what I like. I won’t wear different stuff that I’m not really in to, just to be different.

  • Zareh

    TOMS, Vans, and Top Siders are where it’s at

  • Zareh

    TOMS, Vans, and Top Siders are where it’s at

  • Zareh

    TOMS, Vans, and Top Siders are where it’s at

  • Zareh

    TOMS, Vans, and Top Siders are where it’s at

    • sneakerfittedguy

      I hope you’re female if you’re rockin’ TOMS …

  • Timmmaaaaay!!!

    How you calling dude a hypebeast cause he’d rather wear tennis shoes than boat shoes? I wouldn’t be caught dead in Toms, Sperry’s or Vans. They look gay as fuck! Why would any man want his ankles exposed? Y’all a bunch of fucking queers yo.?

  • WZA

    Their new album is dope as fuck! When Fish Ride Bicycles

    • kells

      well you should’ve bought it then asshole instead of downloading it

  • lil b

    these niggas selection are straight trash!!!..
    i wouldnt be caught dead wearing most of these, and if i am, kill me again!!!

    • Lolsmh

      Fuckin hypebeast there more shoes out there than just jordans

    • Fuck em all

      that’s probably cuz you’re an eleven year old faggot with no shoe game

    • I..DO..ME

      thats because you have no true swagg. if you have actual style you can rock what ever you want, not whats hype.

  • Coolbeats

    877-872-9594 TOOK CARE OF ALL DAT IN 3 MONTHS FOR 45buccks. YOU JUST

  • Caz Yellum

    I like the cool kids but every shoe is played out to the max


    I know people wouldn’t camp out for boat shoes…I know Hypebeast, Hypebeast, Hypebeast…If you aint copping J’s then what the Fux you coppin!!!!!!?

    • SC

      Shoes that actually look nice

  • loso

    cool kids arent cool. chuck makes some alright beats every now and then. and if i see anyone in wallabees im talkin shit.

    • tyga_style

      I guarantee you won’t say shit to Raekwon, Ghost or Rakim. Don’t say stupid shit, cuz you won’t say shit. Only way you’d talk shit in under your breath.

      • loso

        just tell me the retirement home theyre at and i’d be glad too.

        • Windsor


        • Windsor


        • Windsor


    • Roscoe J Bahramirad

      That’s the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. If you don’t fuck with The Cool Kids music you got no flavor. When Fish Ride Bicycles is already said to be Hip Hop album of the year.

  • Third2009

    Toms are girl shoes Not for men

  • Jett

    all that pay and he still had to trade them! -_ –

    • Mkroyale

      He Said He Sold Them & It Ain’t Known If He’s “All That Paid”

  • I<3Haters

    all talkin about toms bein girl shoes but yet, werent Js originally men shoes, but look now. sooo just stfu and realize its THEIR list, their style its what they want.

    • Windsor

      They aren’t girls shoes but they don’t look right when men rock them.?
      I’d only buy them because they are for a good cause.?

  • Bradley Supab

    i was cool with all they selections except for the TOMS….i cant co-sign that one. look like you belong on a rice paddy in mainland china with those…

  • Bware113

    Mike: 3/5
    Chuck: 3/5
    I?love rockin my boat shoes. Gotta get a couple different flavors tho.?All I run is top siders currently.

  • Yungslidaz08

    Luv tha swag hea doesn’t ride jordans d*ck lyk erbodi else