Bad Meets Evil x Converse Chuck Taylor

Bad Meets Evil x Converse Chuck Taylor

From online cover stories to festival stages, Bad Meets Evil has been on everything lately. Slim Shady and Royce link up again on this limited Converse Chuck Taylor. We reckon you?re familiar with the Chuck Taylor, as the two allies see their group and label-branding take on the old favorite. Look for these to release tomorrow in Boston and New York to the tune of 100 pairs.

Source: @Converse


  1. Will these be available only in Boston and NYC? I want ‘em! :) )

    1. le'ajaa goodwin says:

      they’re available at the new york converse outlet

  2. Ely0222 says:

    these are cold as hell

  3. <3femalepoopshoots says:

    These are lame

  4. that hurted my eyes.?

  5. Metmanaman says:

    Not terrible, but it’s obvious shady isn’t trying to outdo himself lol

  6. JahiSalaam says:

    aaaw only in ny? and boston???? laaame

  7. WZA says:

    Good album but did U really have to make shoes for it

  8. KC says:

    It benefits his charity people. WTF is wrong with you? They’re tight and y’all should support. I agree, should sell more places than NY and Boston, but if you call early enough, they can ship em to ya.

  9. Nelsonacevedo27 says:

    how much do they cost about??

  10. Mike99 says:

    2 rappers from
    Detroit sellin shoes in ny and boston ? Wtf

  11. Mangerfelmar says:

    no body can afford it in detroit