22 Sneakers to Look Forward to for the Rest of 2011

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We have witnessed a ton of intriguing sneaker releases so far this year. Releases such as the “White Cement” Air Jordan 3, the “Sport Red” Nike Air Griffey Max 1 and the “Dark Neon Royal” Nike Air Foamposite One have undoubtedly forced many sneaker aficionados to get out and hunt for their favorite kicks. We are now midway through 2011. What’s next?

We have compiled a list of 22 sneakers (plus two bonuses) to look forward to for the rest of 2011. Sneakers such as the “Emerald Green” Griffey Max 1, the Air Jordan 5 Black/Metallic Silver and the “Concord” Air Jordan 5 and many more make appearances on this list. Which upcoming release is at the top of your list? View our 22 Sneakers to Look Forward to for the Rest of 2011.

Air Jordan 7 “Cardinal”

Air Jordan 7 Cardinal Air Jordan 7 Cardinal Air Jordan 7 Cardinal

Original Debut: November 1992
Expected Release: June 18, 2011

We kick off our “22 Sneakers to Look Forward to for the Rest of 2011″ list with the “Cardinal” Air Jordan 7. This shoe barely made the list considering its release date is only three days away. Although Jordan Brand has released multiple Air Jordan 7 colorways this year, the return of the “Cardinal” colorway may be the most anticipated with the exception of the “Bordeaux” AJ7.

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    Yeezy II’s >? Concords > Black Cement III > Last Shot > Bred XI lows

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      You haven’t even seen final production of yeezy 2s lol

    2. Guest says:

      fuk no u hypebeast 11s dis yaer aint all dat the concords need more purple like da jumpman or sumtin

      1. shoebacca says:

        you need sumtin more like eyes or a brain smh concords all day

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    concord pg 22

  4. shit i cant choose!!!! yeezy blk cements concords last shots bred low 11?s ronnie fiegs!!! shits insane 2012 is only going to be crazier!!!

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      hell ya man

  5. ?my list is almost the same!

  6. even the adidas coming out (crazy 8?s and the panda?s) are hype!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I really dont know why those Jeremy Scott pandas are even on this list. Not really great at all in my opinion, and I really can’t see a grown man wearing those Unless he’s gay. But alas, to each their own.

    No offense and I hope none is taken.

    1. Anonymous says:

      All offense! Not on my list at all!!

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  9. freeballer says:

    So I guess we see Columbia XIs in 2012?

    1. Yeah, I’ve been hearing 2012 for those. There’s no “Laney/Grape Pack” nor a “Columbia/Concord Pack.”

      2012 is gonna be HUGE though, just off the White/Cement IV’s, Chicago X’s, Columbia XI’s…

    2. Guest says:

      yep itz in da pattern like da doernbecher 4s watever retro dats goin to hot in the beginning of 2013 is goin b da doernbecher of the end of 2012

  10. anthony says:

    hardest to cop is gonna be the yeezy’s

  11. Marcus says:

    how do you mistake a fuckin high top air force one for a lowtop air max 90…

  12. Kingpharmc says:

    These are dope; I freaking love pandas. Now I don’t have to kill one and make shoes out of it. They did it for me…

  13. Rich Britton says:

    Don’t worry Cords. Daddy’s comin to getcha!

  14. 2-A-Those says:

    i just clicked on 24 to see the whole list…ill be damned if? click ‘next” 22 damn times!!! anyway…..
    where is the grape laney pack?!?!?

    1. Ehfox17 says:

      there is no fucking pack, that was like decembers rumor

  15. Tianli Jia says:

    Damn! 2 pairs?Concords?and 2 pairs LastShots first?for sure! Then I need look at my pocket…. One Black/silver?V or Black 3….maybe.

  16. Jesse says:

    stefan jan however u spell his name and the 11′s are a must have for me. the rest well c how my wallet feels.

  17. Justinknight says:

    you guys are dumb where is the quai 54 5s

    1. Williamsrob10 says:

      Hell yea bra….they slippin on them Quai 54′s and the color way is too nice and they slippin on them grapes too…..but they give them stealth 3s a spot on the list…I already kno some people probably goin disagree wit me sayin that but them stealth’s are jus ugly as Fukk it jus seem like the c/w doesnt belong on the 3′s….I feel they could’ve slap that color on them 6′s that probably out a lot better….#imjussayin

    2. Guest says:

      hell ya i mean i am upset dat da grapes & lanelys rnt droppin but da quais r fire dat watever da most anticapated sb dat will drop step ya game up NK

  18. Stevebcentral says:

    i knw most ppl most anticipated shoe is the Air Jordan 11 “Concord” but out off all I got my eyes on the Air Jordan 3 “Black Cement”

    1. Guest says:

      1. blk cements
      2. air total max foams
      3. concords
      4. retro foams
      5.?drnbchr 4s/yeezy 2s

  19. Pjc708 says:

    Honestly who is actually looking forward to a neon green hyperfuse af1 high top

  20. Pjc708 says:

    Honestly who is actually looking forward to a neon green hyperfuse af1 high top