First Look: Air Jordan 4 White/Cement 2012 Sample

First Look: Air Jordan 4 White/Cement 2012 Sample

What a day for sneakers. We get our first look at the upcoming Air Jordan 4 White/Cement retro. This sample pair slated for 2012 keeps OG and ?99 retro detail more in less in tact with a white leather upper set over a grey and black midsole. Speckling is faint compared to the previous releases with changes still possible.

Air Jordan 4
February 2012

Source: @YoteCity


  1. Reggie says:

    firts !

    1. Nick Reese says:

      Those better have black specs when they release or im goin to the Nike HQ and stabbin some people

      1. Thenickfather7 says:

        Hahahahahahhajajajajajajajjajhahahahahahhaahah I feel the same way! And why the white midsole on the chi 10′s and the nubuck 3′s?

  2. Sole Theorist says:

    Looks like it could use some more black specs on the cement

  3. justdfacts says:

    can’t wait to get these…?

    1. Baby_0023 says:

      Can’t wait to get these I wear jordans since I was 1 n my name Is jordan

  4. Rrss89 says:

    They look fake

    1. Bknocker says:

      i agree

    2. Baby_0023 says:

      How it look fake u fucktard

  5. Andrew Le says:

    my fav colorway of the 4′s hands down

  6. Rrss89 says:

    The fake one look better which is just sad

    1. Marcus says:

      ?it really fuckin does…

    2. Nate9008 says:


  7. Young Chico says:

    please?darken?the speckles JB!!!!!

    how bout some pics of that back?tongue?too ;)

  8. Gerry says:

    One of my favorite Thy look way off

  9. Ramirezerick24 says:

    Hot fire

  10. Jonezy1301 says:

    I want?military?blue

    1. MikesAndNikes says:

      ^worst 4 colorway

  11. I Hope These Really Drop Next Year, Imma Keep My Fingers Crossed Lol

    1. Soysouces says:

      its confirmed you fucking dumb shit . they will drop?

      1. ^DUMB^ says:

        you’re the dumb shit mo’fugga

        1. Ur baby homosexual daddy says:

          He ain’t no dumb shit mo’fugga u punkass bitch

          1. Taco eater says:

            He ain’t no punkass bitch u fudgepacker

          2. Checking1 says:

            Guys like seriously, you are just so rude. Stop it now before I come over there and sort you out with some spanky spanky time.

          3. Aj says:

            Punkass bitch muthatfucka ya I’m so cool acting like a thug on the internet when im really some fat old guy

  12. Kiccs says:

    They look plastic -___-

  13. sneakerhead4life says:

    the none?cement jumpman heel tab?is enough?change already?at least?add the black specs?with the jumpman.?JB?PLEASE?TRY?TO?GET?THESE?AS?CLOSE?TO?THE?OG?OR 99?RETROS?AS?YOU?POSSIBLY?CAN?PLEASE!!!!!!?i think alot of sneakerhead/jordan fans would be very very happy and forever grateful. this photo is?NOT I REPEAT NOT?easy on the eyes?AT ALL.??ive been waiting for these forever(my holy grails)?dont let us down?jb. REAL TALK !!!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yo seriously. They should be identical to the 99′s since theyre gonna have the
      Jumpman on the back. That’s more than enough change. Cuz this pic fucking sucks! The damn leather looks shinny as if it’s patent leather and the cement is crap. Even the fusion versions had the cement on point. Please JB keep this shoe a classic. Don’t ruin it for us! My 99s can’t be worn anymore so hook it up!

    2. Marcus says:

      wtf are you fuckin talking about, the no cement jumpman heel tab was on a confirmed april fools day joke fake, why would you imply that the actual retro would be anything like the fake we seen monthes ago??? lastly, thats obviously a rhetorical question, quit flamin this bitch up with your dumb ass misinformation…

      1. Anonymous says:

        Wtf are u reading?? I’m talking about the cement on THIS PICTURE you fucking moron.

        1. Marcus says:

          ?i didnt even reply to you, you dumb ass bitch, and the fact you agreed with dude means your fuckin stupid as he is… hes refering to a fake that popped on april fools day, which you clearly were too fuckin dumb to see…

  14. Manila_has_a_Fresh_Ccret says:

    PREMIUM STITCHING! ?nuff said!

  15. Tsktsk says:

    Even, tho, I know it’s not gonna happen, I wish these would have ‘NIKE AIR’ on the back.

    1. Bctalastas says:

      why people bitch about that.
      if you wanted it that bad buy the fuckin OG’s, damn.
      or paste nike air on it

      1. Anonymous says:

        You’re an idiot.

      2. Tsktsk says:

        Dude take a damn chill pill, and for the record I’m not “bitching”, retard. Paste “NIKE AIR” on the back, dude STFU, who the hell would do some stupid bullshit like that.?

    2. D3rrrtydarun says:

      I agree with you on this bro please put the Nike air on back but again not gonna happen.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I swear if the final product looks like this I’m gonna pass. That’ll be an insult. Robbing ppl for 150 for total crap. Idc if ppl respond shit to me. I’m just saying we are loyal customers that buy for the quality and history that these Used to shoes bring. Sometimes it feels that JB is just milking the sneaker culture and not caring about the moral behind it and just focusing on profits. Smh

    1. Marcus says:

      i think you and i both know jb/nike can give a fuck about morals and obviously all they care about is profit, i second that shit though, if this bullshit comes out like this i will most definitely pass…

  17. Anonymous says:

    Better have Nike Air on the back! But that’s just some lofty expectations, so much for wishful thinking….

    1. lil b says:

      its def not gonna have nike air on the back

  18. Iceysolez87 says:

    It’s a fuckin sample ppl

  19. J. says:

    LMAO!!! … . .. not enough black specs, shiny white leather, bad picture quality, etc. .. . …! WOW, lets see, hmm.. . Its a SAMPLE!!! Its not posed to have good picture quality, because they might’ve had to take the pic quick (probley not even supposed to have it) and as far as materials on it.. …psshh!! As a person who has a graphic arts & design degree and works for a marketing & advertising company. I know for one and have enough common sense not to complain about a sample like a woman going through hot flashes. Samples are not supposed to have good quality materials, until the final presentation before the board of exec’s and Jordan team. They used just enough to make the shoe for a introduction and where there trying to go with the shoe. So until Nicekicks gets some final pic’s right before the release, (like all major jordan release’s) get some tapon’s for your period, PERIOD.

    1. 423 says:

      Going by JB history in the last few years (and more recently, the Cement and TB III’s), the final product will be just as bad as the samples. But they don’t really care because a legion of people will still go and throw money at them to get them.

      By the way, why exactly do they need to show where they’re going with the shoe when it’s supposed to be a re-release of a shoe that has been released twice before?

    2. Marcus says:

      “LMAO!!!”??? nothing is funny you dumb bitch, its clear that people just want the shoe the way its suppose to look, and like the dude responding on the shit before me, jb track record lately is straight shit and this could possibly be the fucking final retail 150+ product, so take your fucking graphic arts, design, marketing, and advertsing degrees and go suck a dick.. at this point, half the 99s arent even probably wearable so if they fuck this shit up acting like they are doing collectors a favor, they are sadly fuckin mistaken…

  20. Dookie says:

    This shoe needs to be in Tumbled leather

    1. cookie monsta says:

      r u fucking retarted???? gotta stay true to the OG!!!!