Air Jordan 5 White/Midnight Navy-Varsity Red New Photos

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Air Jordan 5

Fresh off of the “Wolf Grey” Air Jordan 5’s mid-May release, we now have detailed images of the upcoming Air Jordan 5 White/Midnight Navy-Varsity Red. This shoe will definitely make for a nice Independence Day sneaker considering its red, white and blue color scheme. Specifically, the predominance of the upper is constructed of white leather, while multiple hints of Midnight Navy and Varsity Red show up on the sole, inner lining, tongue among other places. Lastly, Jordan Brand incorporated the ever-so-popular blue tinted sole.

Air Jordan 5

Air Jordan 5 White/Midnight Navy-Varsity Red

Air Jordan 5

Air Jordan 5 White/Midnight Navy-Varsity Red

Air Jordan 5

Air Jordan 5 White/Midnight Navy-Varsity Red

Air Jordan 5

Air Jordan 5 White/Midnight Navy-Varsity Red

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81 Comments on "Air Jordan 5 White/Midnight Navy-Varsity Red New Photos"

    • I dont know where you live but in my area these will not sit on the shelf at ALL ! Not even the Orion 7’s sat on the shelf. There will be a line for these for sure !!

        • Im from Miami with the 2 superstars with below average jumpshots. These 5’s will sell out fast. Yea if you buy them now from flightclub its and early release but Wolf Greys are better and selling for less. These 5’s are actually selling for more than the August release of the Black and Metallic 5’s. To say these will sit on the shelves is CRAZY !!!

          • Gorize

            I don’t know about that. I’m in Phoenix, and there’s STILL Bordeaux’s, Orions, True Blues AND Wolf Greys on the shelves! I know, because I just left from picking up the Warrior Pack (still in, in every size…) They won’t sell out everywhere, I can assure you.

          • Onlyjays4days

            no shoe game were you at abviously, the only thing I seen on shelves are those orions……..only chris brown copped them

          • Gorize

            Nah, there’s still lines at 6am at HOH and the boutiques just like everywhere else in the country, the point is, not all of the J’s sell out. As a matter of fact, my bro in CHICAGO just picked up a pair of true blues size 13 today! Ain’t no kick game in the CHI? Exactly.

          • Well Miami got serious sneakerheads !!! Just say F**K it if you wake up late or forget to set your alarm clock. If you rock clown shoe sizes like 15 thats the only way your good you could be coma for weeks wake up and cop a size 15.

          • Nicholas_burch

            I’m in Jacksonville and we the same ppl still fighting at the malls at 0600 about Js…don’t set ur alarm clock, over sleep? They sleep at the mall…if you don’t get them you will b waiting until they come out again! lol

          • Gorize

            There were two stores in Arizona Mills with 11’s and 13’s just two days ago… And I saw the Wolf Greys at Shiekh in Scottsdale, I think HOH had some as well…

  1. UptopGeneral

    although patent leather on Vs are disgusting… i will cop later on guarantee these will be in the outlets in no time

  2. Anonymous

    These r really nice idk about y u guys cat relate to these
    White and blue go with everything so that’s it’s a nice CW on such an iconic shoe

  3. Anonymous

    These are clean, but I don’t like patent on anything but XI’s.
    To me, it kills the simplicity of it’s silo.
    The whole shoe ain’t patent (thank g_d), just on the toe and heel?
    Just waiting for the black Vs to drop in August.

  4. Anonymous

    I like them and? I would get them because i love red white and blue colorways like the Olympic 1s,6s, and 7s but I just bought the True Blue 3’s so my funds are looking kind of low. Plus the Blk-Mettallic 5’s come out in August i think and maybe just maybe the Grape/Laney Pack will be released.

  5. Anonymous

    man JB is seriously trying to kill my wallet. True Blue 3, Cardinal 7, and now these all in a month and a half? seriously, i feel like one pair every month and a half is plenty but i know i’ll end up buying them anyway just like all the rest…..

  6. Soundwave787

    Patent is not working for me on theses. That is the only reason Im going to pass, the CW is real nice and it has the 23 on the back but not good enough to compensate for the patent.

  7. sneakerhead4life

    i think im gonna pass. i?just got the true blues and the wolf greys plus im def coppin the black met/silver 5’s so my wallet could use a little break untill august. still a tight looking shoe for a jordan/sneakerhead.

  8. LastKing

    wolf greys are better no doubt. but these are clean..that tounge is fresh fosure…and idk why everybody hate on them orions just cause they overstocked they go hard.



  10. Nate9008


  11. Rc23legend

    These are weak sauce! I think all the fake Js inspired this one. You youngsters are hype about a swapmeet colorway. Wtf..

  12. anthony preyear

    Now I will say that the five’s are my least favorite “J” but cuz……. these jointz is sick these will 4sho get copped when they come out!

  13. Dudes in NC are on Foams hard as hell, but I will be getting these, and those Orion 7’s are still on the shelves where I am. My boy just bought his Orion 7’s like 2 weeks ago.??

  14. K_y742

    Pre-ordered these in order to free up money for the foams! Sorry guys i got to say the foams are better though!

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