Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Retro” Release Date

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Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Retro"

Much like the Nike Air Foamposite One Black/Electric Green, the release date for another highly-anticipated, upcoming Foamposite has popped up out of the nowhere. In detail, we have learned the Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Retro” will release on July 1, 2011 at select retailers. This shoe, which was publicly debuted by DC rapper Wale on 106th and Park, features a vibrant Retro colored Foamposite shell combined with black hints, namely the Swoosh, the midfoot and the laces. Will this be one of the hottest sneaker releases of the summer?

"Retro" Nike Air Foamposite Pro

"Retro" Nike Air Foamposite Pro

"Retro" Nike Air Foamposite Pro

"Retro" Nike Air Foamposite Pro

"Retro" Nike Air Foamposite Pro

"Retro" Nike Air Foamposite Pro

"Retro" Nike Air Foamposite Pro

"Retro" Nike Air Foamposite Pro

"Retro" Nike Air Foamposite Pro

"Retro" Nike Air Foamposite Pro

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158 Comments on "Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Retro” Release Date"

  1. Gee

    Damm more fomas more money after this the Pine Green this really a Foam and MJ year nike is running to the bank lol

  2. these are cold. i need to get me my first pair of foams. yea.. i no. so late. u dont see alot of people wearing them in detroit. unless they hoopin

  3. Mr Steviet

    Them are dumb sexci and I’m not even the biggest fan of the Foam Pro…? Much Worth The Sneaker Hunt.. I’m on em.. follow me on Twiter @ashes_malone.. Sneaker Blogger

  4. pUp

    stupid dude in the pic dirtied up the fuckin shoe already. Gotta skip these though, spent my money pre ordering the pine foams and a few other kicks.

  5. Realtalk223

    Bunch Of bitches in here thinking they know everything or they better than the next man STFU and cop u know the date bring bread

  6. Anonymous

    True blues will keep me warm at night without these! Can’t come to grips with spending $200+ on some shoes I barely like! Nice though

  7. Crisco_4203

    Im not feelin da Swoosh on da Pros at all…colorway nice but foams and pros done had it for another 10 years or so got damn lol

    • Astronaut Shoe Rocker

      Get a late pass yo. Just feeling myself. Used to ball in the the white on black joints back in ’96 with my coworkers after work. The VP of my company used to look at them as if they were space shoes. Them joints is all yellow now. Wish I had taken better care of them.

  8. alotta yal nigggaaa is grown ass men nd dnt kno watchall talkn boutt,,,im only 16 nd i kno that all Foamposite pro’s are 190,plus tax 200….alll Foamposite ones are 200 plus tax 210,,,,ive copped everylast pair of foam nd they all came up to that pricee,and to the new comers u makna good choicce#steppn Ya Game up…

  9. Marcjerome

    shoutout to my nigga dev aka baltimore for putting me on wit the foams where can i get these in chicago

  10. sales tax varies in different cities…come on yall why debate over foolishness? everyone wanna act like they know more than the next man…. if u gonna get em do it and stfu

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  12. Anonymous

    Every foamposite that’s not the OG Royals is a shitty, second rate, hypebeast only, cash grab, wannabe drop.

  13. Mdnaps

    yoooo anyone know where theywill have these at in Vegas? Anyone know if they will have them at Footlocker in Miracle Mile mall?underneath Planet Hollywood…im gonna be in Vegas when they drop…any help would be dope!

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