A Look Inside of LeBron James’ Sneaker Closet

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LeBron James has more colorways of his shoes than any other signature basketball athlete; but, is that the only thing in his sneaker closet? Not at all. A video of LeBron James’ sneaker closet has surfaced on the web, showing the wide array of sneakers in his closet. Specifically, the video sees James’ stylist showing viewers one of his tailored suits, but in the background you can see many of James’s sneakers. Midway through the video James walks into his closet with a pair of “True Blue” Air Jordan 3s, and there is also a shot at what seems to be a “Black History Month” colored Nike LeBron 8 right underneath the “Entourage” Nike LeBron 8 V2. View the video to see these shoes plus others in King James’ closet.

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  1. B-Max Jetsons

    Seen the south beachs in the backround. wore mine today and someone stepped on them i was so tight..

    • J.

      Haha… . yeah I know most of these celebrities, are the real hypebeast, they dont understand? & appreciate the realness that comes with being a sneakerhead. They dont understand the history of the kicks that they’re rocking. if anything, I got more respect for their stylist and fashion guru’s who dress them.

      • DAT DUDE

        I’m sure LEBRON and other athletes know just as well if not more so the history and or significance of the kicks they wear u dumbass most of grew up idolizing the players the ONLY dif between me u and LEBRON it’s his crazy athletic ability.I’m sure he says dam everybody TALKIN bout these blue true iii or true blue iii dam there hot I need them OF COURSE HE KNOWS THE SIG IN THEM AND IM SURE THE CARMINES AND CONCORDS AND PLAYOFF VIII AND FINAL SHOTS ETC.and dude dresses him self but plenty of people have stylists for big moments Grammys oscars finals interviews etc

  2. Artgdf

    Who the hell is this hoodrat!?!?! Yap yap yap…can’t stop talking about the suit, it’s just a suit. So annoying. I want to see Lebron James and his shoes :thumbsdown:

      • guest

        At some point people grow up and where grown up clothes. Baggy jeans and snapbacks look pretty stupid past your 20s.

          • HAHAHA

            You got it completely wrong. Baggy jeans and snapbacks look pretty stupid past your 30’s. In your 20’s you are still very very young and have a lot of growing up to do in your life. I’m 22 and I wear fitted hats and non baggy but fitted jeans, so what’s the problem lol ? I’m a full time college student and would be damned if i walk out of a dorm room everyday wearing a suit with a tie lol. Now once you hit 30 that’s when you should start dressing casual and formal while getting your grown man on.

  3. ian

    some people can’t get over this kind of sh**. OK WE GET IT, you have a better collection, you’re a true sneakerhead, you have more “swag”, you don’t need a stylist etc. etc. FYI not all celebrities who have sneakers know everything about the sneaker universe like you. appreciate the kicks.

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