Confirmed: Air Jordan 4 White/Cement Grey-Black Returning in February 2012

Air Jordan 4 "White Cement"

We have, and will obtain our fair share of cement Air Jordans this year (January?s ?White Cement? Air Jordan 3 & the ?Black Cement? Air Jordan 3 later this year). However, we can also fix our eyes on another classic cement printed Air Jordan at the top of 2012. We have now learned that the Air Jordan 4 White/Black-Cement Grey will return in February of 2012. This release makes perfect sense seeing that next year marks the 23rd anniversary of MJ?s fourth signature model. Originally released in 1989, the Air Jordan 4 White/Black Cement Grey has only retroed once (1999), just one year after MJ?s retirement. Besides this retro, expect to see other Air Jordan 4 colorways in 2012. Will this be a definite purchase for you next year?

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  1. Ehh…ofcourse im glad but…there juss gonna be how the bordeauxs were…u see them EVERYWHERE nd feel like, damn…….

    • of course they will have nike air on the back, just like every other recent retro…not. they don’t that anymore dumbass..

      • Well…the pic isn’t official, but the one above has the classic nike air on the back.
        I guess we can keep our fingers crossed until more pics..then more pics…then official pics…then weekly reminders confirm one way or the other.

  2. these are going to drop a couple of months after the concords, so we all will cop both pairs and have 2 white and black sneakers. I wish jordan could space out their releases a little better. How many pairs of 3’s and 7’s are we going to see this year? these should have dropped this year. Needless to say im going to cop, but i just wonder how nike plans out their jordan releases.

    • wow, i knew they couldnt keep these hid away to long, already cnt wait for these, be on the look out for a few Retro 4’s, and i wouldnt be suprised to see a pack drop

    • wow, i knew they couldnt keep these hid away to long, already cnt wait for these, be on the look out for a few Retro 4’s, and i wouldnt be suprised to see a pack drop

  3. I wonder if they’re gonna have the OG Nike on the back or the Jumpman… Who am I kidding, the Jumpman will be on there. Nike would be nice though

    • Dats bs on the real ,not possible for ” discounts” for people not managing a wack ass champs smh Lmfao

    • Bruh I feel you on tht discount part. I’m not a manager at champs but I got a connect who is and they always show me love when it comes to the Jordan releases..

  4. release these in a pack along with the black/cement 4’s. they should release the concords with the colombias.

  5. After the black 5’s this August, these will definitely be copped next. Agree with the comment above, though. This year could have used these instead of so many damn 3’s.


  6. Easy cope. Dam too much heat dropin from now on till the next century. Dam luckily I worked at Lowes where I’m gettin paid $11.44/hr so I’m good cope everything.

    • damn you’re ballin’ son. ?11.44 that’s a precise amount. ?you’re?definitely?at the top of the food chain when it comes to a job that requires no college education and you get paid by the hour. ?i mean, as oppose to someone who gets paid a salary and shit.

  7. Pass. My military blue/white 4’s are still fresh.??Gonna wait for the black cement 4’s.?Its like me gettin the true blue’s when I already copped the w/cement 3’s.? Damn near same shoe.

  8. Damn, depressing. This is ganna suck so bad when these come out. When they do release, I will officially be done with JB. SMFH!

  9. thank you mj. these were the first j’s i ever owned. got these at 9 way back when for bringing home a good report card. rock them to school and all friends were like do they make you jump higher and i was like hell yeah and run faster. i didn’t even have too go to a major shoe retailer and get’em. moms took me right over to the local mom and pop shoe store to get these. must have for me.

    • This was my second pair of Js and i also got them for good grades. Missed them last time and have been waiting since. Cant wait to get these for me and my son (if his grades are right)

      • I hope lil’man can come correct like we did. I thought mighty hard about getting the all white ones that came out last year and the all greys a few years before but in my heart I really wanted these so I passed.

    • This was my second pair of Js and i also got them for good grades. Missed them last time and have been waiting since. Cant wait to get these for me and my son (if his grades are right)

  10. Grails!! I cant wait for these boys to drop. Its going to be hard to pass on any 4 CW next year. Ive been waiting years to see this article, bless your heat Nice Kicks!!

  11. It brings a tear to?eye to see these drop. I was too young to get dese in 1999 since i was only 5 years old. These are really one of my favorite Jordans. I love the retro 4 model. Plus these come out on my birthday month so i gotta get dese.

    • same here!!!! one of my top 5 all time!!!! not in this order

      aqua VIII
      grape V
      OG V
      cement IV
      Space Jam/Bred XI

    • wow so what you were born in 1994? man MJ retired once before your young hypebeast ass was even born. dont even get these, stick with your generation, get some Lebrons or better yet some Derrick Roses you young ass boy

      • So anyone who wears Jordans and isn’t over the age of 17 is automatically a hypebeast? Get the fuck outta here with that. Just because people weren’t alive during MJ’s reign doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate and understand what he did and how much of an impact he had on basketball/shoes. Not to mention you don’t have to have lived during MJ’s time to think these shoes look clean as hell (isn’t that the main reason most of us get Jordans?).

        Does that make people under the age of 70 stupid for collecting stuff from World War II? Are people dumbasses for having old baseball cards from players who played before their time?

        You’re the one acting like a “young ass boy” by getting all butthurt over other people liking a shoe. Since when do adults care about shit like that? Shouldn’t you have a job and family to worry about, rather than a 17 year old who wants to get a pair of Jordans?

  12. i’m excited but must see what the 2012 material is gonna look like compared to 1999, which makes me nervous due to the fact that recent retro’s didn’t live up to the hype material wise.

  13. 4 pairs minimum. no way Im not gettin 4 pairs of these. my whole checks for feb will be dedicated to this shoe. I had em in 1999 and I didnt know the value. I rocked those kicks every fucking day. Ive been hoping JB would retro and throw us a bone. Thanks JB. Im so not playing with this release. SUPER ROBO COPPED. With all release these will be out early probably end of Jan so Ima be on the hunt for those early. LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  14. its bitter sweet like…they would look soooo much better with Nike Air on the back, but whatever i guess..these are classic so you kno im coppin…but who wana sell me they 99 joints for the low haha!

  15. dream come true. when i was young i never had the money to get jordans on my own. this is dropping during my birthday month, i hope i can get two pairs. i really wanna cop before the resellers overprice these straight to hell. thank you jordan, you got a hit here. just at least TRY to give us your best quality on this one

  16. Hell, yeah! Still have my org 89 and 99 cement fours they also came out with the all leather blue and white four that year. Damn , my wife has been a mgr at foot action a long time. Anyway, I know I’m gonna have mine..;-D

  17. I’d rather put out the money for an OG pair in good condition, and no I don’t care if can’t wear them as much as these. Have fun listening to the kids who don’t know shit about kicks saying “yo dawg I got dem grey and white jawns the 4’s dese fire! Ma collection is crazy dawg!” I remember when searching for kicks was fun. But hey if you want to cop more power to you I won’t hate, but this is just the way i feel. Sick of seeing shit dudes would have killed for being made so easily available

    • I feel ya.. I have been collecting since 86, and have every pair I or my parents and grandparents ever bought. I’m 36 now and my son is living the dream of having shit other kids can only dream about, their parents to for that fact. My son wears the same size shoe I wear now, I have kick his ass when he tries to wear my bins , or Doernbecher to school and show out . Kids say man those r fake , and my son replies look them up so u can c what u can’t have! Chip off the old block! But if he so much get a scuff on my shoes , I’m gonna knock his block off. He has his on, stay outta mines if u reading @shoesteelo98

      • That’s awesome man.? I think it’s cool to have a son who shares your passion and can wear your kicks.? Don’t hurt him to badly though if he scuffs though!? LOL!? I’m sure he’s a good kid.? I’m 33 but my little girl is 2.? I’m getting her started though.?

  18. WOW!!!, is about time these came out again.. I remember when the O.G’s dropped back in 89′.. I was in?middle school rockin the best kicks on the block, muthafukas were hating when I took these to school… bring back so many great memories!!, a def cop.. 2 pairs for me, and 1 pair for my soon to be born son!! can’t wait to explain to him the greatness Michael Jordan is. 1 love.

  19. SUPER ROBO COP!!!!!!!

    These drop the same month of my birthday!!!!!!!! Got the 99s but having these to rock is gonna be sick :P

  20. OH MAN !!!!!? Finally my Holy Grails are back. these are my #1 j’s of all time. my parents would not dare buy me these in 89 and i missed them in 99 so 2012 will be my time. it would be sooooo sweet if they put the cement nike air heel tab back(PLEASE DO IT NIKE)?although i’d probably?have to sleep outside the mall for the first time ever.but i’m still gonna straight robocop these.the jumpman heel tab is cool enough.i cant wait GOTT DAMMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. top 5 all-time
    1. cool grey XI’s
    2. true blue III’s
    3. obsidan/white XII’s never retored (only in low top)
    4. olympic VI’s
    5. aqua VIII’s
    5.5 space jams

  23. You fucking kids act like you have never owned a pair of shoes before. “OMG DESE IS A DEF COP YO YO 45 PAIRZZ MINIMUM YO GOTZ TO HAVE DESE” and to ol’ dude down there saying he is spending his whole month worth of checks from work has to be a 24 year old mamas boy who has no car and still has no vagina. Go slit your face open queer. If you hype over shoes like this I guarantee when you pussyless virgins cream all over yourselves when you watch anime porn on your computers. And to all the bitches who keep crying over the Nike Air on the back, get the fuck over it. Not going to happen.

  24. I never copped 2 pair of the same shoe before but this shoe will be the first… I’m not coppin 2 pairs of the concords! I hope they drop the black/cements too

  25. FINALLY. Crazy way to start off 2012 and can’t wait to see what else JB has coming. Gonna be broke as hell though from the black cement 3’s and 11 concord’s but it’s well worth it


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