In Those Jeans: The 15 Best Denim Sneakers

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In Those Jeans: The 15 Best Denim Sneakers

Yesterday’s Denim/Bronze Nike Air Force 1 release had the sneaker community buzzing. Whether you?re a fan of denim from head to toe or just like it in small doses, many brands have dressed some of their best silos in the familiar fabric. Today we take a look at fifteen of the best. Which pair is your favorite? Tell us by voting on the last page.

Nike Air Max 1

Nike Air Max 1

Nike Air Max 1

Ahead of its time? Perhaps. This Air Max 1 release placed washed denim on the running classic.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    those halfcabs are horrible

  2. fresh prince says:

    lol the demin on most of these look extra sloppy. Both of the af1 crush this whole list.

    1. Anonymous says:

      you are crazy the reese forbes take the #1 spot every time. the born in the usa dunk is nicer than those af1 joints also and the jordan is just a grail

      1. Anonymous says:

        To each his own, but I’m not so sure if I agree about the usa dunks like that now. To me the denim/bronze AF1s are just a whole lot cleaner in my opinion.

      2. fresh prince says:

        The forbes are nice no doubt. But like the person below oyu said they not as clean. Denim all hanging out on the edges smh nobody want to see that. Same thing with usa’s. As for the levi’s lol the denim aint even the best part of the shoe so idk how it beats out the af1′s. ??

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Pattas are one of my favorite sneakers and I wish I had another pair to break out once I kill mine. To be fair the other releases from that 5th anniversary collection were nice too.

  4. cookie monsta says:

    HOW COULD YOU FOGET THE OG GUCCI SBs!!!!!!!!!!!! come on nice kicks. step ur sneaker knowledge up.?

    1. Erosion says:

      I bet you eat cookies 4 meals a day j/k. Yea nicekicks what about all of our Black denims from sneakertime’s past?

  5. Vulgalyric says:

    # 1 Patta x Nike Air Max 1 Premium

  6. WZA says:

    Born in the USAs are my fav but damn I slept on those Pattas

  7. Erosion says:

    resn actually trump the Gucci sample imo. Reese Forbes # 1 of all time

  8. Tclark2118 says:

    Medicom SB Denim Dunk Lows

  9. The In4mation x Vans OTW Bedford won for me and the Patta x Nike Air Max 1 Premium were a close second.

  10. Guest says:

    what about those wnms denim trainer max 91s?

    1. Anonymous says:

      good question. those were verrrry nice.

  11. Dirty Mike says:

    did some sort of monkey stitch those low dunks?

  12. R E E says:

    Where the hell are the ADIDAS ITALIA DENIMS from 2002? BOTH COLORS? They kill half of these! They could at LEAST take the spot of those garbage HALF CABS. smh at those.

  13. Pages 3, 11 and 15 are the best ones imo

  14. Feets Malone says:

    Although I understand these are predominantly denim shoes the denim swoosh Air Force One low is a classic and should not go unmentioned!! Simple. Classic. But the Foundation!!

  15. Vegasmoney89 says:

    Sb dunk is so sick Owns the denim ish

  16. Metmanaman says:

    Not even an honorable mention of the Queens Vans pack? ?Them shits is cleaner than half the shoes on this list.

  17. chokuchou says:

    man, you chose the wrong Patta release. this corduroy shoe is hideous compared to the first Purple Denim release, or the cleanliness of the Chlorophyll Denim QS?

  18. ReemStone says:

    Yeahh.. I would’ve been mad if the Independence Dunk SBs didn’t make the list. Red laces… #Copped

  19. Guest says:

    What about the Cons Blue by converse

  20. Chrisgonzalez760 says:

    What happened to the gucci dunk??