Nike Air Force 1 Low “Grey Crinkled Patent”

Nike Air Force 1

Crinkled leather is a material sneakerheads are too familiar with. The flashy and highly praised material has recently been seen on the Nike Air Force 1 Hi Premium Black/Black. Today, we have spotted a similar design on the beloved Nike Air Force 1 Low. This pair is completely grey with a translucent grey outsole highlighted by a unique multi-shaped design on the bottom of the outsole. Check out more images below.

Nike Air Force 1 Low

Nike Air Force 1 Low "Grey Crinkled Patent"

Nike Air Force 1 Low "Grey Crinkled Patent"

Nike Air Force 1 Low "Grey Crinkled Patent"

Nike Air Force 1 Low "Grey Crinkled Patent"

Source: Atmos


  1. Reminds me of an elephant.

  2. Robert P?rez says:

    They actually look decent. I know what color jeans to go with em’.

  3. ThePeoplesChamp says:

    who the fuck still rocks uptowns?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Me. Coming from a proud AF1 owner.

  4. Big says:

    Ohhhh bruh bruh dem dem cool wolf grey jawns right dur. Supa auto robbo cop!

  5. JumpMan3 says:

    wow. me likes these fasho

  6. Phillyzjdot says:

    I’m from Philly & I think I speak for everybody here….. Please stop making AF1′s

    1. Jedimindtrikz says:

      Who cares if you’re from Philly. ?I rock my AF1′s and I got some DS Forces you wish you can get your hands on.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You don’t speak for me..these AF1′s go hard as fuck. I got the perfect pair of 501′s to sag on these

  8. ThePeoplesChamp says:

    AF1s dont be swag….whut is all u on? I be swaggin on em in J’s, Foamz n SBz errything else can hit the gawbage bin, esse doubleyou aye gee!

  9. Glidehoyas says:

    Will go great with my Hoyas gear!

  10. Cheapsoles08 says:

    Seriously people, the AF1 thing is over for now. If Nike was smart they would only drop all-whites and all-black colorways for about 3 years then start dropping colors again. Maybe then they would actually sell instead of sitting on the shelf and going on sale for 59.99 3 weeks after they drop. Can’t remember the last time I paid full price for a pair of AF1′s. Think it was about 4 or 5 years ago. Only people I know who still buy AF1′s are folks in small country towns and they only buy bootlegs.