Jordan TC

Jordan TC

Jordan Brand continues to move forward while taking inspiration from the past. The Jordan TC is a new silo in a long line of retro inspired performance models. Utility is unknown with a basketball build and lines reminiscent of the original Air Jordan Trainer. A circled Jumpman alludes to the late 90s while the midsole points to the Air Jordan 4. Look for two colorways to drop this July.

Jordan TC
Stealth/White-Light Graphite-Black
July 2011

Jordan TC
White/Varsity Red-Stealth
July 2011

Jordan TC

Jordan TC White/Varsity Red-Stealth


  1. wat says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    what are they thinking?

  3. Drjay45 says:


  4. DJ Stunt Double says:

    “Jordan Brand?continues to move forward…”


  5. hashslngnslasha says:

    ?if they stopped cranking out this trash and started retroing shoes at twice the rate they are now, JB would be doing just fine

  6. Effyourmomma says:

    yall do kno most of these new jordans yall be hatin on are for PLAYING BASKETBALL right? id ball my ass off in these

  7. WZA says:

    ?Scion TC FAIL

  8. StEEz1282 says:

    Y are you guys hating on these so much?? yeah the midsole is a mash up of the 4 and the 6 but it looks clean and the upper is nice, this is a good model, and yeah ppl these are for basketball just like all the nikes that always keep cumming out every year jordan brand is doing the same, jordan brand is not just retros but a shoe company that is putting out new products in a variety of different sports just like any other brand, wen are ppl going to ever c that? and of course there are the retros and those are always great and always will b but understand that these are new products from a company just like all other shoe companys do.?

  9. Shooz44 says:

    These aren’t even really built for hoopin in. It’s got old tech, and clunky features. DEFINITELY NOT a shoe for today’s baller. Strictly casual wear in my opinion.

  10. Uralame says:

    ?4 6 10 fuck up

  11. rant and whine says:

    well, this is better than Li ning, peak and all those chinese brand crap

  12. Jay Aych says:

    It seems like it’s the?’in’? thing to hate on every Jordan shoe that is not a retro. Some are trash, but not all of them. JB is trying to be progressive. How far from a business standpoint could they grow if they stayed stuck on retro’s? With that said, I’m all for new models, but I would like to see them in OG colorways. I think that would help a little. #sendthemtonikeID.

  13. Tz33099 says:

    This is a remodeled Jordan rare air better look but jb should lower it’s prices outta the gate???

  14. 2323 says:

    i love reading peoples stupid comments…?

  15. Anonymous says:

    these really ain’t awful. i wouldn’t cop but there is certainly something interesting about them at least. can’t put my finger on it but it’s there.

  16. Anonymous says:

    It’s called growth people. Retros is guaranteed money, they are grabbing new customers. so just like some people like Souljah Boy wack ass, some cornball will like these ugly ass kicks.. It’s? all about the sell.?

  17. Darius_Simon says:

    They’re mainly shoes to play basketball in. On the other hand, the Retros, I don’t hoop in them at all.?I kinda like them as basketball shoes only.?

  18. Cliffordburney says:

    ?ya”ll niggas crazy these shit’s fresh as a fuck……. you niggas the type to wear those ugly ass swizz shoes before these

  19. Dmacdai_dai says:

    wat is everyone’s fuckin problem, these shoes look nice especially the Stealth/White-Light Graphite-Black, those are fresh as hell, the best out of the 3 known colorways. I don’t know what you guys problem is