Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

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Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

Kevin Federline in the Nike SB Dunk High "Unkle"

Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

Amar'e Stoudemire in the Air Jordan 13 "Playoff" and Ciara in the Air Jordan 3 White/Cement

Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

Adam Pally in the Air Jordan 4 Black/Grey

Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

Big Boi in the Air Jordan 7 "Bordeaux" with Miss Info

Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

Mike Posner in the Air Jordan 7 "Orion Blue"

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  1. Chadhallett says:


    1. CJ says:


      1. NickatNite says:

        ya fuck white people for no reason!! good job CockJob

      2. YouMadasFuck says:

        and they will both have more money than you ever will…stay mad faggot?

  2. Joe Morris says:

    Chris Brown looks like he should be wearing some Chanclas, not those IX’s

    1. dj decks says:

      ?he looks like he needs to learn how to dress.

  3. dunkle says:

    lol @ k-fed

  4. Jfang1993 says:

    DAMN! Amare gets the little kids some heat too! Little girl in Space Jams and little boy in Cool Greys wish my dad rolled like that

  5. Vnash2 says:

    im probably having trouble seeing but it looks like lebron is wearing the raptor vii’s not the bordeauxs

    1. more like the DMP 7′s

      1. J$oFreshhh214 says:

        DMP 7′s are the Raptor &’s

  6. sneakerlove says:

    lebron is wearing jordan 7 raptors not bordeaux and the amare family wearing heat

    1. Flyy says:

      Dmp 7s you mean?

    2. Colorblind says:

      u guys are color blind raptors doesnt have black n gray theme!!!

      1. Upsilon says:

        the dmp 7s do

      2. the original “raptor” 7s had a grey theme…

      3. J$oFreshhh'214 says:

        Ummmm…yeah the do. look at the DMP Raptors

  7. ad9esr says:

    i bet big boi’s 7′s are fake, if wale was wearin his 11, he wins, but once again K.R.I.T. wins

  8. Stiffy says:

    I hate This shit , yall do know all these ppl here don’t pay not one cent nor wait in lines for sneakers thts why I hVe no love for there shoe game

    1. Chad says:

      dude, sum of these rappers are like u n me, not everyone has a stylist, what guy with money dressed shitty, unless they wanted to? ?Nobody, sum ppl got ppl dressin them but a few I can tell just got a pair of shoes they wanted b4 they had money

    2. kid vic says:

      yes i know that MOST?dont pay or wait in line but thats not a prob; as long as its fresh, its fresh.

    3. BlackipinoLee says:

      Wale is one of the biggest sneakerheads I know, he’s been in tha game since before he went to college. He even worked at DTLR. In my book Wale’s earned his right to have these kicks and get kicks months ahead of release date. J.cole too

  9. Vnash2 says:

    i take that back cuz the raptors would have red accents on the bottoms

  10. Lilcjwilliams says:

    Mike posner looks like a manican

  11. Theone says:

    Smh mike posner really????!! Nigga don’t even match wack

    1. word is bond says:

      fuck matching?

      1. Trey Dub says:

        ?eff matching, maybe. but those camo shorts young as hell, g. get out the children’s section at the very least.

  12. Frankie_2x's says:

    Ima say the 15 yrs old looking Fabo with the VII YOTR…..by the way, I wish we could’ve gone another week without blondie (chris brown)…at least theophililous london isn’t in here

  13. Anonymous says:

    Those are definitely the Raptor VII’s. You can tell by the tongue. Tongue on the Bordeaux’s are mainly yellow. And it may just be me, but I’ve always loved those Olive IX’s that Chris Brown had on.

    1. earl fox says:

      DMP 7′s actually

      1. wat says:

        Still Raptors smarty.

      2. Anonymous says:

        You’re right. My bad. The DMP Raptor VII’s.

        1. Jonhrobinson1121 says:

          naw yall tweakn, the dmp’s are the BORDEAUX RAPTORS! fuck wrong wit yall?

          1. Tsktsk says:

            Those are two different FREAKING shoes, man!! SMFH!!!?

          2. kid vic says:

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA respect! show em what its bout!!?

    2. Bukaigwe says:

      The tongue on all the Bordeaux’s are different…they are indeed dmp 7′s

  14. Anonymous says:

    amare’s kid got swag in them cool grey’s

  15. D.A.N. says:

    Im mad at how K-Fed disrespected my grails

    1. kidkickarus says:

      those are your grails?!? haha you have no heat at all

  16. Slick. G says:

    Honestly, K-Fed. Fuck the outfit, the sneakers are cold. Everyone (Minus wale’s unyellowed XI’s, and a few others) are wearing retros.

    1. Bware113 says:

      I agree?his style is wack, but you cant deny the UNKLEs tho.?Those are tough?

  17. Mitchdon9 says:

    They need to retro those black and olive air jordan 9s for real I love those kicks

  18. earl fox says:

    lebron is not wearing raptors. DMP’s. smh get your facts straight lol

    1. TheRealOG says:

      ?Same Shit. Meathead . What Kind Of SneakerHead Are You? Just Never visit This Site Again

    2. Soledoutsb says:

      dummy dmp 7s are retro raptors..

    3. SAWHIL says:

      that nigga look said he probly saying these shit is fly let me create one like this

    4. nickatnite says:

      wut makes more sense, that brob bron would practice in some expensive raptors or in some general release bordeauxs that just came out?

  19. HogWartsHighPG says:

    “celebrity” sneaker stalker

  20. Gwriter83 says:

    Gosh I’m soooo sick of seeing jordans! There are way better shoes than these