Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

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Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

Lil Wayne in the Converse Chuck Taylor Low Black/White

Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

Polow Da Don in the Air Jordan 6 Black/Red

Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

Juelz Santana in the Air Jordan 3 White/Cement

Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

Meek Mill in the Nike Air Max 2011 White/Navy, Pill in the Nike Air 1/2 Cent Black/Silver, and Rick Ross in the Air Jordan 6 DMP

Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

Big K.R.I.T. in the Air Jordan 7 "Olympic"

Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

Wale with the Air Jordan 11 DMP

Celebrity Sneaker Stalker

Curren$y in the Air Jordan 3 White/Cement

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104 Comments on "Celebrity Sneaker Stalker"

  1. Jfang1993

    DAMN! Amare gets the little kids some heat too! Little girl in Space Jams and little boy in Cool Greys wish my dad rolled like that

  2. Stiffy

    I hate This shit , yall do know all these ppl here don’t pay not one cent nor wait in lines for sneakers thts why I hVe no love for there shoe game

    • Chad

      dude, sum of these rappers are like u n me, not everyone has a stylist, what guy with money dressed shitty, unless they wanted to? ?Nobody, sum ppl got ppl dressin them but a few I can tell just got a pair of shoes they wanted b4 they had money

    • BlackipinoLee

      Wale is one of the biggest sneakerheads I know, he’s been in tha game since before he went to college. He even worked at DTLR. In my book Wale’s earned his right to have these kicks and get kicks months ahead of release date. J.cole too

  3. Frankie_2x's

    Ima say the 15 yrs old looking Fabo with the VII YOTR…..by the way, I wish we could’ve gone another week without blondie (chris brown)…at least theophililous london isn’t in here

  4. Anonymous

    Those are definitely the Raptor VII’s. You can tell by the tongue. Tongue on the Bordeaux’s are mainly yellow. And it may just be me, but I’ve always loved those Olive IX’s that Chris Brown had on.

  5. Big K.R.I.T and Curren$y = certified jordan heads
    cool sb’s but i have the same pair does that make me a celeb ?since k fed made the list and all,
    adam pally killed it with the 4’s too
    btw if i can get it at footlocker ,aint really worth it ,they are celebs they could do better
    adam pally killed it with the 4’s too

    • C Aa West

      ?Lmao this dude said “population contest”. ?The word is “popularity”. ?Say it with me. ?”Popularity”. ?Public schools DUN GOOFED.

  6. Youngsmash19

    Cant even belive im sayin this but k fed wins. Chris brown n that weird ads fit he had on fucked his chances off. N wale didn’t wow me too much. Crazy yo.

  7. Metmang

    ?I gotta say, I like Chris Brown’s variety. ?He isn’t humping any brand. ?Not commenting on how he dresses sometimes though lmao.

  8. Kareja

    why you keep postin that sucker chris brown, he wears nice shoes sometimes but usually he rocks regular chucks or vans, nothing special

  9. word is bond

    ?I don’t really fuck with Taylor Gang musically, but I love those Nomos.Shame we couldn’t see what Stalley was wearin

  10. WZA

    ?Breezy dresses like a douche but he wins wit the Olive 9s & LOLs a KFed sighting wit his baggy ass Dickie shorts & Pink tall tee wit DunklesWho da chick wit Polow & Ciara <3

    • Anonymous

      “Her name is Keri, she’s so very… fly oh my it’s a lil bit scary”?i hate that fucking song, but she aint lying….

  11. ?I personally think Wale won this.?

    I rocked those DMP 11’s nicely. And i guess NiceKicks couldn’t tell. But wale was rockin the Space Jam sb’s. Wale is the biggest sneakerhead on the CSS.?

    Fab killed with those YOTR 7’s though.?

    Chris shouldnt have wore those olive 9’s with that umm…questionable outfit.?

    And K-fed looks like a gay gangbanger with heated kicks. Those Sb’s are fire! Im sure he doesn’t know that though?

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