Air Jordan 11 White/Orange Unreleased Sample

Can the Air Jordan 11 do no wrong? An unreleased sample asks the question. Seen in detail is a White/Orange makeup of the Jordan 11. Color blocking is similar to the ?Concords?, with white mesh dressing the upper and orange taking the place of black on the branding and mudguard. Lining, heel, and herringbone pads don black while the outsole is clear. Would you cop a loud colorway of the Air Jordan 11 if released? Tell us in the comment section.

Air Jordan 11
White/Orange Unreleased Sample

Air Jordan 11 White/Orange Unreleased Sample

Air Jordan 11 White/Orange Unreleased Sample

Air Jordan 11 White/Orange Unreleased Sample

Air Jordan 11 White/Orange Unreleased Sample

Air Jordan 11 White/Orange Unreleased Sample

Air Jordan 11 White/Orange Unreleased Sample

Air Jordan 11 White/Orange Unreleased Sample

Air Jordan 11 White/Orange Unreleased Sample

Air Jordan 11 White/Orange Unreleased Sample

Air Jordan 11 White/Orange Unreleased Sample

Air Jordan 11 White/Orange Unreleased Sample

Air Jordan 11 White/Orange Unreleased Sample

Air Jordan 11 White/Orange Unreleased Sample

Air Jordan 11 White/Orange Unreleased Sample

Source: Carter1023 of Kenlu

  • DR.J


    • D!z

      Yo they should’ve called these the vanilla sherbet, for real.

    • Alexcoachman

      them 11 sick jordan better realese them!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kiko36583

      Right the pimples look crazy; those are hard though you better drop those i know you can make a better quality shoe, why would you show those…

  • Kaleb

    On Fire!

  • Nick05fury


    • Sdot

      co-sign 1 of da few CW 4 a pair of XI dat i havent liked

  • Eman

    yeah probably but only if it was quality stuff. I dont want to see glue or “pimples” on my shoes!!!!!

    • P-Money

      Pimples lol… sample is another word for fake

      • Dfgdbvfdv

        why is nieckicks just putting these up … we have been throught these already these popped up about a year ago and someone was selling them on ebay

      • donPerrion

        smh.. sample is another word for rare, dummy

  • Standingintheshower

    They look nice to me, but I love orange.

  • Based

    Smh JB

  • T O Fridie

    Put simply, No!! This looks like the first step to classic Js becoming team Js. Next thing you know they’ll start bringing out ridiculous colorways like the foamposites. Beginning of the end??

  • MartyyMcFlyy

    Look like flea Market j’s

    • MD

      the locals dope boyz in my hood sell these from their car, with weed in them, these shitt, sucks!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I was about to say the same thing!! I remember once upon a time when people woulda thought that JB would have never considered anything like this…smh


    Na, ill black and white all day

  • Quentinmoreno18

    Hell Yeahhhh, Do It’!!

  • Bignique06

    They look fake

  • Luke CoupeDe

    unless playing ball for a squad that has orange in its colors…we didnt miss much

  • PBS the Photographer

    People would only buy these if they missed the boat on all other XIs. They’re like the people who buy all these weak Foamposite cws because they weren’t up on Foamposites pre 2007

    • Anonymous

      Foamposites are ugly no matter what year they came out. they ugly shoes

  • Anonymous

    GTFOH!! Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mikedasuper

    I would like to see it in a colorway and have the jumpman sign in the front toe area all the time!!!

  • Jalili

    Not bad they would look good even after the yellowing started.

  • rant and whine

    AJ11 starburst

  • Henry Akinniyi

    I honestly can’t see myself walking around with these joints. Maybe if it was red instead of orange. But that just me.

  • Reedestep

    for sure. i hope you they make these. i like the color choice, they will stand out for sure.

  • LMAO

    Some things are better left unsaid…

  • Jtcollin

    i go to syracuse univeristy i would def cop these! #orangemen

  • Shiesty_27

    This reminds me of when JB lost their mind and released gawdawful colorways of the XI back in 01-03 (white/pnk ….white/car blue white/SNAKESKIN?) .. Please dont make this a reoccurring event

    • Anonymous

      But not as bad as the color schemes they cooked up for all the Js in 06 & up. The ones from 01-03 are goldmines compared to the years I mentioned.

  • (216)Cleveland

    i would rock

    • Real718

      I’m sure that wack ass store NEXT will cook up a pair for you!

  • frank s

    I would def cop

  • Joshua D. Mosley

    they look like they would be released as a low

  • Gonzo4of9

    Look like some D.Miles PEs

  • K.Born

    I’m inbetween. Kinda bootleggish. Kinda hot. What do ya do?

    • CptFoolio

      the right thing, and dont buy these weak kicks lls.

  • Al_B_Pure

    these are fakes…i bought a pair of these back in 2003 from some websites for $80 looked perfect unitl i put em on… after that tramatizing exerience i got educated fell in love with the authentics (SAY NO TO FAKES!!!!)

  • Real McCoy Sports

    No lie, this guy tried to sell this colorway to me at a gas station in Alabama before! LOL! Not my cup of tea (too much), but I guess it could go with a Charlotte Bobcats alternate jersey.

  • Rello

    jus broke my heart

  • Bris8249


  • Levi Villalta

    WTF is this?

  • Mr Steviet

    definitely not.. LookS Better.. But definitely Reminds me When the Factory Variants where on the scene tough .. wouldn’t buy these wit yo money..

  • South2063

    If not bootleg,yes i would!

  • The Chad

    mmm…. Creamsicle

  • Kencan3232


  • Guest

    if these were to drop i would need a loan for the amount i would buy of these

  • Reharvey3

    SWAGG????? Man hell no

  • Quentinbastian

    please dont disgrace the 11’s like that smh at those…

  • King

    Actually, I saw this colorway sitting behind gentry in an interview. So back to the question… I would cop for sure if these released.

  • Anonymous

    How many creamsicle shirts do I have in my closet? NONE!

  • @jaredbikes

    IDE deff cop

  • Shoegamedumb

    These are nice. Had the white/citrus 11’s that came out in ’01 & wouldn’t mind rocking these

  • Kpnelson2

    hell yea!

  • joe

    these are wack

  • Penasalinas

    Heck Yeah!!! Any color of 11’s I Buy It…

  • Phdrywall

    these j’s remind me of the Nike Air Pippen white / dark grey / total orange, and they look iight, but dont seem like they will be wanted that much.

  • James Pritchett

    honestly if your a true #sneakerhead , any new 11’s that dropp you have to copp them, but yeah these joints tough!

    • PBS the Photographer

      Actually you just described any true #hypebeast

  • 11’S UGLY

    11’s are OVER RATED these are ugly as well

    • PBS the Photographer

      They are way overrated, especially in recent years


    put melo in deez right now

  • Jaszzile

    I love how people say hell yea theyll cop just because… i hate orange itd be a pass

  • Tez_getdamoney

    These are a definite keeper. Imma call em the cremecicles lol

  • Anonymous

    A perfect shoe for the summer ! 😀

  • Trojansteel

    Stay as a sample…..don’t fuck up the iconic 11 with orange as the color

  • Doughboi112

    If it was black and citrus like the 9s, then on. White and Orange…I can’t see it. MAJOR MINUS!!!!!

  • Mlbowens

    i want these

    • christopher johnson

      i want these let me know how two get these email jrhgerty2345? number336-273-7289


    I love how Jordan heads say “I hate fake kicks”, “I’ll never wear fake Jays” but calls the fakest looking Jodan’s fire and hott….White/Orange 11’s is screaming out “BUY ME FOR $50 AT YOUR LOCAL FLEA MARKET”

  • WZA


  • Wathorney

    mello suld rock these next season

  • Pardoc20

    Need to be released this year!

  • jeff z.

    if it’s a 1/1 from an unknown dude in china, how do you verify the authenticity of the shoe?

    although, it isn’t impossible that he just knew someone who MADE it for him up to authentic standards…

  • Rvalcoriza

    should release different colorways soon!

  • Peter

    Are all the people who are suggesting bright colours are “the beginning of the end” for Jordan Brand aware that back in 2001 the XIs were available in white/pink, white/blue, white/red, etc as lows? And the Citrus XI lows (orange!) are one of the best XI lows ever produced…

    • Shoegamedumb

      Cosign on the white/citrus lows. Those shoes were TOUGH

  • DUCATI1245


  • jays era

    Y’all sound like some fuckin goons off jordans dick. Now jordan wtf are you thinking??? This crap looks like some dumb shit id find at a smoke shop. That being said in other words for az that means these mutha fuckin shoes look so fuckin fake it pisses me off. Seriously??

  • jays era

    This shoe looks so fuckin fake. Fuck this shoe. Fuck jordan. And all you dumbass niggas for saying y’all like this shoe. Wtf! He needs to hire new designers fuck this bullshit



  • Dscalzo10

    Please release those!

  • Lavodrickwallace

    Yea I would coup them but I dont want my shoes lookin fake at all. But in the long run yes I would get them if he ever were to release them.

  • Mr Steviet

    They talking bout if u a true sneakerhead tthen u gotta buy them,, True sneakerheads know when and how to overlook … These are a no go.. MUHAMMED WHERE THEY SOLD THAT>>.. Team Jordan would lose so bad with these seeing that they have been floating around as Variants for so long.. This would make true sneaker freaks who pay the dollar .. Stop spending due to colorways thats have already been flea market … n that pic sucks the sole is yellowing and the patent is creased…

  • Sebbio

    these r siiick….id rock em anyday

  • ? Verified STEEZE

    ?All white, orange sole, orange jumpman, orange tongue tag, would be better imo.

  • m00ney{sneakrrhead}

    ?fxckin further words

  • Hungryhiepo

    I would not hesitate to get these.

  • Anonymous

    a lot nicer than the white/orange griffey max 2’s out right now lol

  • MyOpinion

    ?Maybe if they had a few modifications but NO these look horrible as of now

  • Emaildhggghgxg

    yes tired of red and black Jordan’s I lover new color ways

  • brandon

    these are nasty. they should deffinetly release them.?

  • Thajordanrocker


  • Ironboard

    Str8 Fire.. Already Got My Money 4 These Soon As It Drops Ima b Jay Walkin