Swizz Beatz x Reebok Kamikaze

We are only four days away from the first public release of the Swizz Beatz x Reebok Kamikaze. Today, additional images, as well as official release locations, have surfaced for those eager to cop a pair. The grey, white, charcoal and red based high top will drop on May 13, 2011 at seven locations across the U.S. In addition, only 84 individually numbered pairs will be available for the public at $100.

Swizz Beatz x Reebok Limited Edition Kamikaze retailers
Footaction, Greenspoint Mall, 12300 North Freeway, Houston, TX 77060
Sportsland/TAF UP, 5401 Wentworth, Chicago, IL 60609
Underground Station, Underground Atlanta, 50 Lower Alabama St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303
Sneakervilla, 4 S 52nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139
Sportie LA, 7753 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046
Jimmy Jazz, 442 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Dr Jays, 256 W 125th Street, NY, NY 10027

Swizz Beatz x Reebok Kamikaze

Swizz Beatz x Reebok Kamikaze

Swizz Beatz x Reebok Kamikaze

Swizz Beatz x Reebok Kamikaze

Swizz Beatz x Reebok Kamikaze

Swizz Beatz x Reebok Kamikaze

  • freeballer

    These are as wack as his music

  • Falk

    Is there even 84 people in the world that think these are nice?

  • r@f

    If these were released by an NBA Player and a legit HipHop star, maybe these will click.

  • Sneakerhead2023

    These is fire son!! Talk about limited.. I’ll be having my boy down at Footlocker working the phone for these!!!

  • Frankie_2x’s

    Damn….alot of people here don’t like Swizz …. this guy made the Riff Ryders alongside DMX….Personally these are dope…people just hate on the guy and on the brand….

    • Frankie_2x’s

      Ruff Ryders*****

  • http://twitter.com/AudiSummers Marquis ?

    Aren’t these the new versions of The Shawn Kemps??

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Baiyewu/100001228237058 Nate Baiyewu

      I wish

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Baiyewu/100001228237058 Nate Baiyewu

    Im not feelin these as much as when I first saw them.

    • pmony

      dats weird me neither. they kinda looked like crazy 8s wen i first saw them.

  • Anonymous

    Not crazy bout this colorway but dope kick. Y Miami ain’t get no love.

  • WZA

    Man these are HOT! I like those Hexalite triangles & nice to see an affordable price of $100 insteada like Nike hyping up a shoe to $215 for the Yeezys.

    • http://twitter.com/AustinTaughtYou Austin Harris

      i like these too but i call these the “poorman yeezys” but i like this shoe a lot

      • Nino

        They have nothing to do with yeezys… Let’s not

  • Metmang

    So are there only 84 pairs, or just 84 individually numbered pairs? Cuz if it’s the former, that’s just retarded. No mind to what you think of Swizz, Reebok doesn’t have the clout to release a shoe like this in such a small amount. I’ve always been down with these, but the name…and release? SMDH…

  • http://twitter.com/FatShawnKemp Fat Shawn Kemp

    A disgrace to the name “Reebok Kamikaze”

  • From Japan

    Awesome looking shoe and sweet colourway.

  • Ltrale

    I Dont understand tje point of telling me a shoe is coming Out if there will only be 84 pairs. This isnt an air jordan i hink they need to build up the shoes resume before coming with such a limited amount. You dont drop a greatest hits album as your 1st LP

    • Ltrale

      The* think* my b iphone

  • Logan Santos

    Fuck a hater, these are fresshhhh

  • Anonymous

    I’m thwoing tomatoes at whoever I see wearing these….boooo!!!

  • Royalblu121

    They are dope but they reeboks, who the fucc wants a reebox box n they closet
    Stop it…

    • Crazystub

      shit nigga?I wear reez all day everyday louisiana nigga them hoes right there straight I dont no about the other colorways thoe?