Air Jordan 5 “Wolf Grey” Official Photos

Air Jordan 5

We have shown photo after photo of the highly-anticipated “Wolf Grey” Air Jordan 5. With only four days separating us from this release, Jordan Brand has supplied us with official photos of this retro. Although the spring/summer is full of vivid colors, the “Wolf Grey” Air Jordan 5 is sure to be a bright spot even if its color scheme is simple. Wolf Grey, along with Light Graphite, make up the majority of this upper, while white contrast stitching and a blue tinted sole add nice color compliments. Is this a definite purchase for you Saturday?

Air Jordan 5
Light Graphite/White-Wolf Grey
May 14, 2011

?Air Jordan 5

Air Jordan 5


  1. Gink says:

    Should have them in my hands on Thursday or Friday. thank the lord.

    1. Ely0222 says:

      These are clean as hell, they got alot of heat droppin this year, these the true blues, and they also have some retro 14′s droppin later this year with the Concords droppin around Xmas, get ur money right

      1. A_TrueKing says:

        @98d4d10d2cd19a542a1ebe5ac9c160d9:disqus Yo you lucky!!

    2. the kid says:

      i had mine since last thursday they are the sickest shoe to wear with jeans hands down

      1. loybarker says:

        ay if you wear blue jeans with it will the denim bleed on the grey? i seen ppl with their cool greys discolored cause they’re denim bled on it.

        1. True Blue says:

          You shouldn’t have that problem if you pre-wash your jeans before you wear them to get the excess ink out of the fabric. Plus , you never know who tried them on before you; herpes and crabs….too gross to even comprehend.

    3. Nreese says:

      so excited, i didnt even think of getting the rabbit 7s when i knew these were coming out. got mine preordered, just waitin till saturday to go and pickem up!

      1. Gary says:

        Whats the Y.O.T.R 7′s have to do with the Wolf Grey 5′s ??? People say dumb stuff on here all the time. Rabbit 7′s and Wolf Grey 5′s are both dope. Say whats really going on you just didn’t have the money to get both !!! I ordered my Rabbit 7′s because they weren’t released in my area and I also got the Wolf Grey 5′s !!

  2. wait don’t these release may 14? and you said “4 days away” but if it’s the 14th it’s 5, and if it’s the 21st it’s 12. NK you really need an editor.

    1. actually thinking back they might not have included today…so the 4 days is correct. but still it comes out the 14th not 21st

      1. Drfatsole says:

        esus christ ur an idiot

      2. Gary says:

        Who the F cares how many days away !!!!!! They give a date and thats all that matters !!!

  3. Andrewnguyen5o4 says:

    may 21sst?

  4. dj kornbred says:

    wait a minute…thought these were droppin on Saturday, May, 14th…what’s up with the May 21st date? and then the question; “will you be picking these up on Monday (5/16)? Nice Kicks, you’re playing with my emotions; I was already to go pick these up on Saturday…What the deal? Did something change, or is whoever wrote this at NK drunk?

  5. Jaleelchain says:

    Ayo r dey gona b n stores?

    1. APimpNamedSlickback says:

      nah only in pictures. especially since these pics are from the jordan site. killl yaself.

  6. SidVntg says:

    def cop, getting my pair on the 14th. NK stop with these dates man, u have two different dates on the same article ? WHAT ?

  7. Cincinnati_SOLE says:

    general release?

    1. DGx says:

      I dont believe so to be honest, but I could be wrong. Your best bet is to fond your nearest shoe boutique or preorder them from an authentic Jordan site

    2. Shotty254 says:

      yea bro its going to be a general release kids sizes all the way up!!

    3. Nreese says:

      yes they r gr

    4. True Blue says:

      Its a general release, but a limited run…sort of like the cool grey’s and bordeaux; where as the Orion 7 & Cement 3 and a full run.

      1. Bajanfete_2000 says:

        Cool Greys and Bordeaux were not limited run and nor are these. Smh do some of your make this stuff up to sound credible?
        Any shoe that one company has 30k plus pairs

  8. Mr. T says:

    Well it’s obviously Beer:30 where NK editors are. Thanks for the official pics and eff’d up dates. 4 days away from Monday May 21st??!? Only one is right…

    I’ll have what y’all r drinkin! That must be the Good shiz!

  9. Feroze05 says:

    I already got mines I don’t like the wolf grey material thou!

  10. Jjorgers619 says:

    ill get it for sure! fo’sho!

  11. WZA says:

    I saw these in person last Saturday & I must say these are by far some of the best quality Js in a while other than the Playoff 13s

  12. BirD says:

    Already have My pair since saturday! they’re dope!

  13. These will make me feel a little better about not coppin the rabbits. Well these, the True Blues & The Cardinals.

  14. LOVE!! Wearing them right now. gonna cop another pair.

  15. A_TrueKing says:

    dam how yall got yall’s early please help a brutha out

    1. loybarker says:

      you can get early release online but those go pretty fast. also depends where you live, i work at shoe store here in chicago and there’s a ton of stores that sell early but you gotta pay a little more. for the wolf grey’s the typical early release price stores were asking for was like around $200. dont try it at a franchise store like foot locker/finish line though. and if you find a mom and pops store make sure you go in person to ask if they release early cause alot of stores are sketchy about telling people over the phone.

      1. Stackinsneakers says:

        What store you work at? I’m from Chicago too n wanna cop these early

  16. Evan Anderson says:

    consider these copped. hottest jordans in a while

  17. Carlos 9317 says:

    fresh jays son

  18. Will be roboCOPPING only one pair , I only double up on the classics.

  19. Genesee says:

    These are one of the hottest drops of the year…and one of my favorite Jay’s ever. From that butter-soft feeling to the always appreciated translucent bottom, I had to cop as soon as I seen em. Well executed. Shouts to Shoe Mountain lettin’ them early releases on the REGULAR!

  20. jman says:

    these are limited my stores only got 9 to 15 pairs and that’s it but i have mine already

    1. ua says:

      false, GR