Air Jordan 5 GS Black/Alarming Red New Images

Air Jordan 5

We have already learned of multiple Air Jordan 5 colorways releasing this year such as the “Wolf Grey”, the “Tokyo23″ and the Black/Metallic Silver. This new Black/Alarming Red pair is also set to release; yet, it will be available exclusively in GS sizes. It features an all black nubuck upper with hits of alarming red on the inner liner, midsole and branding. In addition, it carries on the Air Jordan 5 traditions of a translucent “icy” outsole, reflective 3M tongue and clear lace locks. Check out more photos below.
Air Jordan 5 GS
Black/Alarming Red
May 7, 2011

Air Jordan 5 GS - Black/Alarming Red

Air Jordan 5 GS - Black/Alarming Red

Air Jordan 5 GS - Black/Alarming Red

Air Jordan 5 GS - Black/Alarming Red

Air Jordan 5 GS - Black/Alarming Red

Air Jordan 5 GS - Black/Alarming Red

Air Jordan 5 GS - Black/Alarming Red

Air Jordan 5 GS - Black/Alarming Red

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  1. Soundwave787 says:

    I wish I had small feet… Theses are HOT Son!!

  2. Mjones12469 says:

    pissed they dont come out in mens!!!

  3. Shadowcon says:

    These suck

    1. Sandra Sasal says:

      Adjust your monitor?

  4. freeballer says:

    Kinda wish we got these instead of the white/navy 5s…patent leather on 5s is a no no for me.

  5. These will be Hot on the Wife at the Gym. Why has JB been doing the total clear sole on these and the “Wolf” Vs?

    1. I think only the Wolfs have the full clear soles. These have a little pink on the sole (as you can see from the sides) so it may actually be colored in the middle.

  6. Someones mom says:

    All you small feet dudes cant wait to get your feet in these huh?!!?! CURSE YOU DAMMIT!!!!

  7. Proby92 says:

    What the EFFFF they should sell these in men sizes these would be an easy classic shoe

  8. MJSIII says:

    What is the point of releasing these for kids? Their heroes are Lebron, Kobe and Wade. Few probably even know who Jordan is.

    1. Inluvwitkicks says:

      Hold on dude. I’m a female & I wear a 6 & the lebrons.are trash. So don’t be mad its shoes that come out that I can’t fit.

  9. And the peanut gallery responds: “Looks pink to me, sir!”

    1. Edugator says:

      You and the folks naming the colors must’ve had the 216 box of Crayolas. Some of us had to make do with the 8 pack and to us, that IS pink.

      That said, I know what my daughter can slide into when she outgrows her black pink 13s, uhh I mean black “cherry” 13s.

  10. Billy B says:

    i hate my friends that have lil feet, cheaper prices, easier to find and sick exclusive colorways …

  11. MegatronKix says:

    datz Pink!

  12. Jeh188 says:

    is that the right release date im not seeing them online

    1. Max says:

      Serious. My friend is tried to get them at HoH last Saturday when I was buying my YOTRs, but the manager said they’re not out til the 21st. Yet online, every site is saying it dropped on the 7th.

  13. brayan says:

    on other sneaker forums they say girls (GS) :( (((( but ill still wear them lol

  14. Mkfzf says:

    Please Jordan make men sizes damnnnnn these are soo hot I would soo cop smh omg

  15. WZA says:

    My chick would look so fly rockin’ these!

  16. Kareja says:

    alarmin red my ass that shit is pink

  17. Oiheanacho86 says:

    My niece is gonna be killing em in these.