Orioles Pitcher Jeremy Guthrie Displays Shoe Vault (Literally)

Orioles Pitcher Jeremy Guthrie's Shoe Vault (Literally)

A lot of sneakerheads refer to their collection of kicks as their figurative “vault.” Jeremy Guthrie can refer to his in a literal sense. The Baltimore Orioles pitcher just tweeted a picture of his collection, which he stores in an actual bank style vault. As you can see, his paranoia is for good reason. Easily visible are two shoes that would send many shoe junkies into a frenzy in the “Concord” Air Jordan 11 and “McFly” Nike Hyperdunk. Look close enough and you can also see a pair of “Cool Grey” Air Jordan 11 cleats intended for use on the diamond. Could you use this kind of protection for your collection?


  1. Vahdndbd says:

    Holy shit!!!!

    1. Roy Rodriguez3 says:

      Exactly what I was thinking

    2. Sdot says:

      i like da vault (def get cred 4 takin it literal)

      but i dont see n e thing n his stash datz crack tho which is a let down i xpected 2 see sumthin worth keepn n a safe

      1. timmytim86 says:

        talking like an ignorant nigga must make your parents really proud :)

        1. Johnaandrews15 says:

          Why do you care? It’s a shoe website!! Why worry about someone else’s grammar?

        2. Sdot says:

          lol lemme get her since wen i s dis talkn O_o?? & yes my parents luv wen i do dis & encourage me 2 do so

          jus 2 fux wit lil cunts like yaself but how did u kno lil mama ??

          1. Gabriel says:

            Stupid ghetto shit. :hahaha

          2. Sdot says:

            dick suckn fag: tah ha

        3. WallohzCumfy says:

          Why are you visiting a site for black people then? Or are you just one of them white boyz who collects sneaks to be like us

          1. BGKicks says:

            Oh, now sneakers are only for blacks, huh?! What should white people wear then, flip-flops only?! The great thing about kicks is that they can tounch the soul of absolutely anybody on this planet, regardless of color, religion, or any shit like that, you ignorat racist fuck…

          2. Bob says:

            LMFAO ignorance at its finest

          3. Real718 says:

            For black people? The owner is white shithead!!! Yes he made it just for your dymbass!!! LMFAO!!!!!

      2. Sdfsdfgsg says:

        yea i feel you on that level …. i dont even see any ogs just those retro threes a the top and the fire red 5s on the bottom

      3. Sdfsdfgsg says:

        yea i feel you on that level …. i dont even see any ogs just those retro threes a the top and the fire red 5s on the bottom

      4. Illmatic_25/8 says:

        Do you not see the Concord XI’s ???
        The Mettalic V’s ???
        The True Blue III’s ???

        1. Sdot says:

          i seen dem but i already hav da concords so dat dont impress me

          those 5s r weak 2 me only 5s he wud get cred from us 4 r Laney’s, Grapes, Fire Redz
          (gotta b FRESH tho NO yellowin) if it aint 1 of those den itz eh!!

          only 3′s he get cred 4 r blk cement joints n e thing else is jus eh!!

      5. Mkicks says:

        Nothing in his stash worth keeping in a safe? How about those og and dmp 11′s?… and not the mention the Marty McFly Hyperdunks which go for over 1,000 and are extremely LIMITED.

    3. Sdv17985 says:

      Oh yes, and some shit. But did he have to rub the McFlys in our face?? That just makes me sad about myself.

  2. krukz says:


  3. junkyard_-- says:

    dope, so many fake snekaerheads on nicekicks

  4. Nunnn says:

    Quite a few cleats there too! I wonder why I never noticed…

  5. Drjay45 says:

    hypebeast. but liking the dmp 11s

    1. ironmanonthemoon says:

      Your the hypebeast for calling someone who just has a love for sneakers and has money a “hypebeast.” Im so tired of seeing that word on here. I know everyone has there own opionion, but keep the negitive ish to yourself. I love the vault idea. And if i was a ball player i would get every retro in a cleat (if jb let me). Lol

      1. J. says:

        THANK YOU! Not to instigate or anything but a large percentage of people on here don’t even know the real definition of a HYPEBEAST, and most the people who use the term use it out of context or just to fit in on Nicekicks or anywhere in the sneaker culture! I recently made a comment on the last wolf-grey V’s discussion forum and this wannabe sneakerhead (who I ignored, because grownmen don’t deal with playground B.S.!) had the nerve to call me a hypebeast! Now first of all, I have a sneaker collection of jordans, air force ones, air max 95′s, Dunks and other sneaker’s that would make any collector proud (exclusive’s, Limited Edition’s, a couple of regular sneakers, O.G.’s, and so on etc.. .). I was born in the 80′s, grew up watching Michacl Jordan in the 90′s up til he retired and I’m still a fan of the bulls and MJ himself to this day! AND I’M THE HYPEBEAST! Man please I’m just a normal guy who grew up with a passionate love for sneakers, basketball, art and REAL HIP-HOP; Who didn’t grow up with much and had to work for every cent & sneaker I’ve ever gotten! WOW! so if I’m a hypebeast than I guess every person who’s ever had the same love for sneaker’s in the world is one too! ;-) SMH!!!

      2. Wallohhbeeclark says:

        Shut up.. YOU DA hYpEbEAST!

        1. I.O.I says:

          How is he a hypebeast???

  6. Marvinanderson4 says:

    One word: MOTIVATION!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Damn!!! Mean ass collection! I’m from B-more. Always went for the orioles. Never knew they had a monster sneaker head on the team!!

    1. Omar Powell says:

      same here bruh. i aint kno the orioles had it like that lol!

  8. tru says:

    Those Concords are turf cleats

    1. mr. yeah says:

      wow! didn’t even notice that. but yeah i guess you can tell from the outsole.

    2. ha says:

      no they arent that is the regular version look closer

      1. jsallday says:

        no its not look closer at the soles….there are no “peaks” where the sole meets the midsole except for the back on normal 11′s

  9. BIGNOBE says:


  10. those are dmp’s not concord. and he got true blues inside the vault.

  11. Now you know you have a shoe collection when you store em in a vault!

  12. Teemoneysign says:

    Imma have to borrow this idea!!!

  13. I’d kill myself if I ever forgot the combination/key.

    1. Vegasmoney89 says:

      Thats what locksmiths are for

  14. Phillyzjdot says:

    He’s a fuckin millionair his collection should look like that!!!!

  15. shoebacca says:

    SWAG !!! sneakerheads dream

  16. Vega_emanuel says:

    Those arent true blues they are the og white and black colorway

    1. ha says:

      it isnt white and black its navy blue look closer

  17. Roy Broswalt says:

    much respect to guthrie great collection

  18. Mxracer33a says:

    He got tha true blues in there too soo clean

  19. Anonymous says:

    with one picture, this dude just shitted on every sneakerhead in the game.

    1. Anonymous says:

      True that.

  20. Amistadmcaries says:

    MMayn I want those Marty mcflys