Footwear Flashback: Kobe Bryant for adidas EQT Elevation Commercial

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Kobe Bryant owned a different set of titles in 1996. He was a rookie. He was a sub. He was an adidas athlete. Few knew what was in store for Joe “Jelly Bean” Bryant’s son, but both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Brand with Three Stripes took a chance on the 18 year old kid from Philly. With unknown expectations, adidas took a risk and made Kobe the spokesman for their EQT Elevation sneaker. While the Feet You Wear based sneaker would only see minimal time on court it would get air time on TV. This ad spot shows a young Kobe pushing one the most underrated and forgotten sneakers from his long kick legacy.

Who: Kobe Bryant
Shoe: adidas EQT Elevation
Event: Commercial
Date: 1996-97 Season

Adidas EQT Elevation

Adidas EQT Elevation

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  1. Anonymous

    Never was a fan of these at all, even back then, but i heard they were some great ball sneaks. Especially with the Feet You Wear technology.

  2. Phillyzjdot

    Lmao they are trash & I’m old enough….. Crazy 8 was the best non Nike shoe Kobe had the rest was trash truck juice … Just think if Nike would have singed Kobe yrs ago his kicks would have at least been up there with Barkley & Penny buy now

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