Celebrity Rewind: Denzel Buys Air Jordan 13 in “He Got Game”

Spike Lee’s sneaker game doesn’t stop at the sideline. The award winning director brings his love of kicks to the big screen, inserting the shoes that define the time. Case in point, He Got Game. While tons of heat is rocked through out the flick, the most iconic moment is when poppa Shuttlesworth cops the Air Jordan 13. Denzel wears the Jordan 13 throughout the flick and his son, played by Ray Allen, is seen sporting the same pair near film’s end. Do yourself and a favor and watch the whole movie.

Movie: He Got Game
Actor: Denzel Washington
Kicks: Air Jordan 13
Year: 1998

Air Jordan 13

Air Jordan 13 White/True Red-Black


  1. Please..Re-release.!

    1. Sdot says:

      deez kix we always b a classic 2 pick’d up a fresh pair last week

      wen i was downtown my 2nd time buyn dis particular CW

      1. unreal says:

        Does purposely typing like a moron give you more street cred points? Or are you just trying to let us know how cool you speak in person?

    2. Gotnikemoney says:

      You people forgot about ray allen(wackass) foamposite(dope) he had on the pearl joint NK could have highlight those as well


      1. Gotnikemoney says:

        and for the 13′s UGLY only Flint 13′s and White/Red 13′s the rest are ugly colorways


      2. Sammyevers says:

        I know you didnt just refer to suger ray as “wack”…

        1. l24nico says:

          im a laker fan but i still have to respect ray allen, nothing whack about him.

      3. Evan says:

        you cant call ray allen wackass hes the greatest 3 point shooter of all time (except for maybe reggie)

        1. Sdot says:

          no he’s d greatest he has already surpassed wut reggie had accomplished fact

      4. Swaggy4 says:

        ur trippin theres no way ray allen is a “wackass”. hes one of the greatest. an i want his calves. no homo.

        1. Lee516 says:

          theres no way that wouldnt be homo

        2. Gotnikemoney says:

          LMAO get your johnny Drama ass outta here LOL, but yeah I hate the celtics anybody that play for them or have played for them I say they are WACK my fav player is jameer Nelson and i been a fan since his St.Joesph days so if he went there I would even call him wack and stop rooting for him thats how much I hate boston I dont even capitalized the b in boston or c in cetlics I HATE THEM


    3. donPerrion says:

      Denzel : i got arthritis
      store employee: yea my cousin has da same arthritic condition

      CLASSIC !!! lmao

  2. Ted Shelton says:

    I still want them till this day. i wish they wouldve released instead of the altitudes the only pair of 13′s that i didnt get from last year

  3. They should have run with it. I liked the next scene where Denzel’s like The ankle braclettes for arthritis and dudes like yeah my cousin got the same condition. lol

  4. I really love the 13s. Pure art.

  5. Live-42day says:

    Agggghhhh da good Ol’days when employees would put those new kicks on 4 u!!!!

  6. Marcus says:

    fuck a re release, you bums shoulda been on that cdp, i fuckin lucked out and my buddy ran into some financial problems and got them brand new, half box, for 150(with tax) 8-)

    1. Anonymous says:

      so youre saying your buddies a bum for getting rid of them then?

      1. Gink says:

        No, he’s saying that his ‘buddy’ hit some hard times and quickly he took advantage of him.

    2. Orlandorbonilla says:

      So what nigga!! Re release, i hate niggas that think they better cause they got older kicks! If i had em from back then they would be my gym kicks now!! Like my all white 13′s n grape spizikes r now!!

    3. Oakland's Finest says:

      you want a cookie?

      1. Sdv17985 says:

        With milk please.

    4. evers says:


    5. Soundwave787 says:

      Same story here, got that half box and picked mine up for $100, took off $10 for everytime he wore them…. Call me Mr. Hit that lick!!

  7. The Best says:

    $130 tho?! I wish….

  8. WZA says:

    damn I need these from the CDP pack

  9. These were the first Jordans I financed myself. I got a lot of love for that shoe. Still have them somewhere.

  10. Kelvinmo44 says:

    I want these to re-release these, i remember having these in the 1st grade.. lol

    1. swizzcheese says:

      me too kid i got my “first day of school” pciture with these kicks on

  11. sneaker_head90 says:

    lmao man somebody stole my pair when i was a kid, when i got in the jumper at my friends birthday party, i came out and they was gone…smh

    1. Ajohnston says:

      You shoulda whoop some ass………….even at dat age

  12. Eric_cota77 says:

    Beautiful sexy shoe!!!

  13. Just4Kicks says:

    Bring em back JB!

  14. Kaleb says:

    I still own the OG pair from my senior year. Still play ball in them, most comfortable J’s I own.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Xiii’s are the hottest!

  16. Mik3xSupreme says:

    I rocked mine the other day.. Bamas was salty!

  17. dutchmaster says:

    nobody remembers these as the maxi-pad jordan’s?
    not my favorites

    1. lolz…yo, i thought i was the only one who thought that shit…i still do, but the flints are the only 13s i care aboot.

  18. glove 2 says:

    I copped these like 13 years ago and gave em away like 2 years laterstill in box really regret it now but dude still has til now…..

  19. saw the movie cuz of yallz . thx

    1. plz tell me you dont mean you JUST saw the movie now for the first time ever…13 years after it was released????

  20. NEED CDP PACK lol. I was broke all through 08

    1. BigTimeHatin says:

      Broke bi#%h! Shoulda stepped your game up in 08 and maybe you woulda had a pair….

      1. Aj says:

        Don’t be a fucking dick

      2. devin says:

        smh internet thugs

    2. unreal says:

      I’m willing to bet you’re just as broke today…