Celebrity Rewind: Denzel Buys Air Jordan 13 in “He Got Game”

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Spike Lee’s sneaker game doesn’t stop at the sideline. The award winning director brings his love of kicks to the big screen, inserting the shoes that define the time. Case in point, He Got Game. While tons of heat is rocked through out the flick, the most iconic moment is when poppa Shuttlesworth cops the Air Jordan 13. Denzel wears the Jordan 13 throughout the flick and his son, played by Ray Allen, is seen sporting the same pair near film’s end. Do yourself and a favor and watch the whole movie.

Movie: He Got Game
Actor: Denzel Washington
Kicks: Air Jordan 13
Year: 1998

Air Jordan 13

Air Jordan 13 White/True Red-Black

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60 Comments on "Celebrity Rewind: Denzel Buys Air Jordan 13 in “He Got Game”"

    • Sdot

      deez kix we always b a classic 2 pick’d up a fresh pair last week

      wen i was downtown my 2nd time buyn dis particular CW

    • Gotnikemoney

      You people forgot about ray allen(wackass) foamposite(dope) he had on the pearl joint NK could have highlight those as well


      • Gotnikemoney

        and for the 13’s UGLY only Flint 13’s and White/Red 13’s the rest are ugly colorways


        • Gotnikemoney

          LMAO get your johnny Drama ass outta here LOL, but yeah I hate the celtics anybody that play for them or have played for them I say they are WACK my fav player is jameer Nelson and i been a fan since his St.Joesph days so if he went there I would even call him wack and stop rooting for him thats how much I hate boston I dont even capitalized the b in boston or c in cetlics I HATE THEM


  1. Ted Shelton

    I still want them till this day. i wish they wouldve released instead of the altitudes the only pair of 13’s that i didnt get from last year

  2. Marcus

    fuck a re release, you bums shoulda been on that cdp, i fuckin lucked out and my buddy ran into some financial problems and got them brand new, half box, for 150(with tax) 8-)

  3. sneaker_head90

    lmao man somebody stole my pair when i was a kid, when i got in the jumper at my friends birthday party, i came out and they was gone…smh

  4. glove 2

    I copped these like 13 years ago and gave em away like 2 years laterstill in box really regret it now but dude still has til now…..

  5. TheRealDuggie

    Dang Did You See In The Background The Nike Pippens That Say Air On Them White And Sky Blue Them Thangs Go Hard

  6. Muskaa5

    There is some heat in this movie ray rocks foams in the next part of the movie when they have there big talk by the playground

  7. PhillyJune

    I just got my playoff 13 Yesterday as a gift!!! Great feeling to have these back in the collection. Best J’s

  8. Sully561

    He got game is one of my favorite movies of all time!!!

    Next time u see the movie notice the heat throughout….
    For example:
    The Lincoln HS practice shoes are Uptempo IIIs
    Jesus sports the pearls as an everyday day shoe.
    He wears flight ???s as a kid
    And my all-time favorite… Flight Hawks when he’s playing Denzel in the last scene.
    (lil booger rocks heat too)

  9. These were my first pair of J’s ever!! Got these in the 5th grade. If only I knew then what i know now I would have kept them. I want them to re-release these!

  10. DtroitRED

    I liked this scene…..even though we know DAAAAMN WELL those would’ve been sold out in real life! Lol! Gotta love the Spike hook-up :) But I’m sure when he saw the FLINT GREYS come out, he was SICK!!!

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