In Retrospect: Air Jordan 6 “Detroit Pistons”

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Air Jordan 6 Detroit Pistons

Over the years, Jordan Brand has drawn inspiration from special, memorable moments in Michael Jordan’s career. One of the more recent JB-to-MJ nods is the various packs inspired by his 60+ point performances. Last year, Jordan Brand released a couple of Air Jordan 6 colorways inspired by the teams MJ scored 60 points or more on such as this Air Jordan 6 ?Detroit Pistons?. Specifically, MJ once scored 61 points to help the Bulls defeat the Pistons in the 1991 NBA Eastern Conference Finals. While this colorway of the Air Jordan 6 did not receive as much attention as the “Infrared” Air Jordan 6 Pack and the “Motorsports” Air Jordan 6, it was still well-received by many. It features a two-textured, black/patent leather base with a blue/red Pistons color scheme throughout the sole.

Did you purchase the Air Jordan 6 “Detroit Pistons”, and was it worth $150? If not, are you wishing you would have snagged them last April? How does this colorway rank amongst the other Air Jordan 6s that released last year (?Lakers?, “Motorsports”, “Infrared”)? Lastly, was this one of your favorite Air Jordan Retro releases of 2010? Let us know your thoughts on the Air Jordan 6 “Detroit Pistons” in the comment section below!

Air Jordan 6 "Detroit Pistons" Detailed Photos

Air Jordan 6 "Detroit Pistons" Detailed Photos

Air Jordan 6 "Detroit Pistons" Detailed Photos

Air Jordan 6 "Detroit Pistons" Detailed Photos

Air Jordan 6 "Detroit Pistons" Detailed Photos

Air Jordan 6 "Detroit Pistons" Detailed Photos

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64 Comments on "In Retrospect: Air Jordan 6 “Detroit Pistons”"

    • Ely0222

      diffently better than the lakers, wish i would of waited to cop, but its all good there still a clean shoe, i’m still waitin to bring these out of the closet, the motorsports killed it last year hands down then the infrared pack, only reason i copped is cause of love of Detroit

    • Anonymous

      Sorry bro, but personally i disagree. That’s cool if you like these, but the Motorsports were far superior to these in my opinion. These Pistons and the Lakers colorway kinda got that “just thrown together” look.

        • Anonymous

          I’m talking about the use of all the materials too, not just the colors. All that patent leather mixed with that suede was a little OD for me. And the white sticthcing on the Lakers were just horrible in my opinion. As for the colors, I didn’t mind because of the team inspiration, and, you know, the way they were put together did look like they were just thrown together.

    • Ely0222

      you are smokin rocks dude, motorsports was grails and JB released them to the public, the kill the lakes joints all day

  1. @llSeeingEye82

    they should have been leather instead of nubuck, gray was too dark, dull blue, and red should have been infrared. overall i give them a C+

  2. Evan Anderson

    only made that i missed these because i’m from michigan and i gotta rep my pistons. i’ve seen them for retail or below on some of these sites, haven’t checked the outlets though

      • Evan Anderson

        thanks for the tip bro. i’ll check it out. and yeah, tough year, but we’re one trade and a lottery pick this year from being decent again

  3. Jodymackin

    Fresh as fuck ..I copped a month after they released and are one of my favorite to wear out of all 6’s that droped in 2010..solid color and good quality

  4. Anonymous

    For some reason, whenever I see these, I think “flea market”, I’m just saying. I couldn’t get past the cw & the patent leather- & I LOVE 6s but not these…smh

  5. Anteezy

    I got these like 6months after the release, they look better in person, one of the better 6s to drop last year behind the infrareds of course.

  6. Trocky2k9

    i sold mine for 130 good ridings …, there super super WACK …, good thing i used my brothers discount to cop them for 115 lol i made a come up on these UGLY pieces of shyt …, lmao

  7. C_roge24

    This shoe was ugly then and still is, the shoe would have been better if the base was white still woulda been ugly but at least bearable

  8. nun.hyer

    yea these came in last amongst the 6’s to me and prolly last overall amongst the numeral jordans overall. I see cats walkin’ round campus in them and think “you had to have just cop’d them because they jordans” smh.

  9. Themayormikejax

    Lots of people passed on these and they were super easy to get, even on sale. If you are a true fan and like quality you like these like I do :)

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