Air Jordan 2011 Quick "Fuse" First Look

Today we see the newest evolution of the Air Jordan franchise. The Air Jordan 2011 Quick “Fuse” is a slimmed down version of the already sleek Air Jordan 2011 using Hyperfuse technology on the upper. Rather than offering interchangeable midsoles, the Quick model relies on separated Zoom Air for light, responsive cushioning. No word yet as to who will wear these in the playoffs, but expect more pictures in the near future. As of now these are set to drop in July for $120. Are you feeling this new model? Tell us in the comment section.

Air Jordan 2011 Quick “Fuse”

Source: Kicks-lab

  • Anonymous

    the fvck is that

  • truth

    not good

  • jeremyho

    These aren’t the sexiest shoes ever, but if Jordan would cut all that C-series and BCT shit and release these instead, that would be understandable.

  • Usedbrain4sale

    trying to say something positive about this shoe….ummmm at least they don’t have that burnt skin look like the Air Jordan 2011. lol

    • SdByasee

      Says the hypebeast

      • DCast

        says the hypebeast trying to not be a hypebeast

        • Usedbrain4sale

          Thanks DCast

  • dj decks

    they look great for ball, but i wouldn’t rock casually. maybe in another cw?

  • Lacosteduke

    No no come on man I don’t understand the direction of these you can’t say its for those who can’t afford retros because they want $120? Combining the technology wtf ALL TRUE HEADS ATTENTION! we need to write a letter to jb these shoes and those like it are a waist of time and materials can’t say money cause if you buy these…..I won’t judge but seriously come on man!

  • Fresh prince

    Them j’s are turrible, turrible

    *charles barkely voice*

  • Anonymous

    Not really sinking in for me style-wise, but i’m sure these will still be some great ball sneaks.

  • Talented

    Why it feel like JB bitin off other models right now? These look like hyperfuse 2011, they had a pair that look like lebrons..innovate man damn

  • (216)Cleveland

    these suck as far as looks but if they kept any of the comfrt and made them lighter with the fues i would ball in these but nothing else

  • Anonymous

    If they’re supposed to be for hooping y not include the interchangeable insoles?

  • Evan Anderson

    these have removed essentially the only good feature of the original 2011’s. tired of having 4 versions of every signature shoe. give me a hightop and a lowtop. we don’t need a leather version, flywire version, hyperfuse version, and all these. it’s just a big gimmick

  • Anonymous

    Easy pass.

  • NotTheCoon

    mintberry crunch!

  • Altxxiv

    really? What is JB thinking they have been coming up with some lame designs. They are Quickly loosing their customers JB get your heads out of your asses. come up with better designs and quit charging out these crazy prices for ugly shoes

  • swizzboults

    actually quite like these kind of like the 16.5 with fuse. and 120 is a good price. i bet by the time we see real pics there will be a lot of converts, its the same with 8s, and 2011s

  • Jsfireftr

    Jb lives on innovation I loved the hyperfuse as far as I’m concerned these r fire saw 3 other colors already I’m coppin for sure all the haters need to remember before there was retros there was originals 20 years from now the 2011 might b that retro every1 chasin

    • AAUEO

      not just that, but jb can’t go on just with retros.

  • Pjm

    no way! i saw a kid on my college basketball team wearing these and i had no clue what they were

    • JakeW

      No you didn’t. You’re full of shit.

  • Marq15clark

    U people r stupid….Jordan shoes r made for performance not for looks….theyre prolly a really good shoe but bcuz they don’t compare to Space Jams or 3s theyre ugly in ur eyes….and Jordan doesnt care what u think

  • JakeW

    I’m not a fan of white shoes, but if (when) they come out with some other colorways, I might buy ’em.

  • zonbi

    i don’t get why ppl are complaining about not liking them for casual wear, hey douches, JB doesn’t make these shoes for casual wear, its only you ppl that are stuck in the early 2000’s and still rock Ball shoes for casual wear. step up.they make casual shoes for a reason. ive seen ppl rock LBJ8s and ZKB6’s with jeans looking ridiculous.

  • Bobb

    IDK if they good for casual wear, but any bball shoe used for bball is fine by me. that and whats up with labeling people as hypebeasts or not? #justsayin

  • theMann

    I’ll cop these to play in ’em… It’s a good thing JB will release a cheaper version…

  • Anonymous

    i mean they aren’t absolutely terrible but they ain’t good either. so-so i guess. would not rock them.

  • Jessi Sraow

    i don’t get all the hate, these are probably easiest one of the comfiest shoes you could ball in, believe it or not, not everyone is a hypebeast who wants to rock the newest j’s with their coogi sweats

    • TheMann

      Yeah, man. A lot of people did say that the 2010s, and ’11s are super comfy. But i couldn’t get a chance to see for myseIf cuz i’m broke, and won’t spend $160 on shoes since I’m still in college. haha.

  • rafi215

    Some people,SMH…..look the FACT is that the vast MAJORITY of athletic footwear sold is bought for casual wear. At any given time you walk into your neighborhood footlocker or finishline, 9 times out of 10 you’re not going to be surrounded by a bunch of athletes. You’re going to be surrounded by a bunch of kids, baby mamas with little kids, supposedly cool teenagers, people just there to look,etc,etc,etc. It’s real stupid to say how ugly a shoe is, and you wouldn’t want to wear them casually, but you’ll still spend the money to ball in them and tear them up on the court. You’re worst than the person who’ll wear them casually, because the person who is wearing them casually actually likes them and appreciates them for what they are. Whether I’m on the court, in the field, or in my jeans, the shoes have to look good to me. That’s like saying ” You shouldn’t wear Griffeys unless you’re cross training, WTF?!!” If you’re going to spend the money, spend it on something you actually love. Just my opinion. Do not be offended…and personally I don’t like the shoe. I wouldn’t ball in it or wear it casually, but somewhere, someone is going to buy these and rock it with some jeans and maybe even on the court, because their going to think they’re the sh!t, and that’s alright with me.

    • donPerrion

      so using shoes to hoop in is worse than wearing them casually???? ur an idiot and u typed too much

      • rafi215

        No dumbass, learn how to read. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: What I’m trying to say is why would you wear the shoe period if you don’t like it. HOW STUPID IS IT TO PAY YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY FOR SOMETHING YOU DON’T LIKE. Now idiot read the paragraph again. I hope this is short enough for ya’.

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