adidas Crazy Light

Today, April 14, 2011, adidas Basketball will unveil the adidas adiZero Crazy Light, the lightest shoe in basketball. How light is this shoe you ask? At 9.8 ounces, the newly-designed, revolutionary adiZero Crazy Light surpasses the Nike Zoom Kobe V and Nike Zoom Kobe VI for the lightest basketball shoe ever created. Specifically, the Crazy Light is more than 15 percent lighter than the nearest competitor, and it now gives adidas the lightest footwear in three sports including football (adiZero 5-Star cleat) and soccer (F50 adiZero cleat).

“No other basketball shoe compares to the new adiZero Crazy Light and it’s a shoe that will revolutionize the game,” said Lawrence Norman, adidas Vice President of Global Basketball. “The ultra lightweight design is built for players who want to be faster, jump higher and perform better on the court. From the NBA’s best to pick-up games across the world, players are asking for light footwear to help them become one step quicker – and the adiZero Crazy Light delivers this in a way like no shoe in history.”

The adidas Innovation Team has been developing the adiZero Crazy Light (for over two years) from the canvas of a bare foot to ensure every part of the shoe serves a vital performance function. The Crazy Light possesses a revolutionary new SPRINTWEB exoskeleton upper which is less than 1mm thick. It is bonded to a nylon textile base to shed weight and provide increased support and strength. In addition, the fusion between the SPRINTFRAME external heel counter and the TORSION SYSTEM help reduce weight and increase motion control. Each lace eyelet is load bearing and has a corresponding web spar to support players during hard cuts. As for the the upper as a whole, it is constructed of translucent nylon to further decrease weight and give players nearly 360 degrees of ventilated comfort. The adiZero Crazy Light’s traction system is thicker in high wear areas to ensure maximum grip, and less thickness in low perimeter zones like the midfoot.

Derrick Rose and other adidas brand members will debut this shoe in the 2011 NBA Playoffs.

“Lighter footwear makes you faster and speed dominates on the basketball court,” said Derrick Rose, two-time NBA All-Star of the top-seeded Chicago Bulls. “The adiZero Crazy Light is the lightest basketball shoe I’ve ever worn and it will no doubt make me faster on the court for our playoff run.”

adidas will release the adiZero Crazy Light on June 3, 2011, in four colorways for $130. Colorways include sharp blue/white, black/red/white, grey/white/neon green and red/white. Following that, adidas will release this shoe in six additional team colorways through September.

What are your thoughts on the adidas Crazy Light?

adidas adiZero Crazy Light

adidas adiZero Crazy Light "Sharp Blue"

adidas adiZero Crazy Light

adidas adiZero Crazy Light "Sharp Blue"

adidas adiZero Crazy Light

adidas adiZero Crazy Light "Sharp Blue"

adidas adiZero Crazy Light

adidas adiZero Crazy Light Black/White-Red

adidas adiZero Crazy Light

adidas adiZero Crazy Light Black/White-Red

adidas adiZero Crazy Light

adidas adiZero Crazy Light Sketch

adidas adiZero Crazy Light

adidas adiZero Crazy Light Sketch

adidas adiZero Crazy Light

adidas adiZero Crazy Light Sketch

adidas adiZero Crazy Light

adidas adiZero Crazy Light Sketch

adidas adiZero Crazy Light

adidas adiZero Crazy Light Sketch

adidas adiZero Crazy Light

adidas adiZero Crazy Light Sketch

adidas adiZero Crazy Light

adidas adiZero Crazy Light Sketch

adidas adiZero Crazy Light

adidas adiZero Crazy Light Sketch

adidas adiZero Crazy Light

adidas adiZero Crazy Light Sketch

adidas adiZero Crazy Light

adidas adiZero Crazy Light Sketch

adidas adiZero Crazy Light

adidas adiZero Crazy Light Renderings

adidas adiZero Crazy Light

adidas adiZero Crazy Light Renderings

  • ThePeoplesChamp

    These jawms cheddah cheesy, ill prolly cop a few pair tho… strickly for ballin out from pohpoh!

    • basogoreng

      good shoes to ngentot and makan memek cw

  • freeballer

    Too bad they’re ugly. Id cop for ballin only.

  • 1121

    honestly i can’t dun really care about the few ounces on my feet…

  • Phillyzjdot

    Ugly as dog shit

  • JeffGonzales

    this doesn’t mean nothing nike will always be number 1

  • Falk

    Ugly looks like a wrestling shoe on crack

  • Jabz215

    nice drawings…but they stiiiiiiiilll ugly..

  • Ant

    they ugly as hell..they look like boxing shoes..

  • Guest

    You Nike fanboys are hysterical… it’s just a brand. Almost all of my kicks and athletic clothes are Nike, because they generally make the best and best looking gear, but I’m not about to get offended because adidas is being innovative. Lately adidas has clearly focused on performance over street style, and its paid off (adiZero Roses are dope). These look real intriguing… An aggressive looking HIGH-TOP shoe lighter than the kobes? If these perform like the Roses while being even lighter, they’ll be my next ballin shoes… props to adidas stealing my money away from the Swoosh.

    • Kelos

      Pshhhhhh…adi innovating? Looks like an ugly version of the hyperfuse if you ask me.

      • adam

        pshhhh??? it looks nothing like the hyperfuse. get glasses.

        • Lightfoot1990

          Tru dat my nig

      • dersz

        except lighter….

  • Evan Anderson

    not fair to judge from these pictures. no one will really be able to give a true opinion on these until derrick rose rocks a pair in the playoffs.


    these to me say: TROUBLE lol i feel like sumbdy gon get they ankles broke..i mean theyre lite but are they safe? usually u want a basketball shoe thats the lebrons or even drose’s shoe is built pretty well..only person i know keep askin for “lite” shoes is kobe bryant and thats cuz he thinks hes a rocket science when it comes to basketball..kobe: ‘SEE..TO TRUELY ENITRELY COMPLETE MY PERFECTION AS A BASKETBALL STUDENT OF THE GAME..AND MY IQ IS ALREADY SHARP..BUT TO TRUELY IMPROVE AS A PLAYER I NEED THE SHOE TO FEEL LIKE A FEATHER U SEE..SO I CAN FLY..ALMOST THE SHOE NEEDS TO ACT AS A FLYING MECHANISM..’dont get me wrong i want my ballin shoes to be lite but i want them to hold my feet when im crossing over witout breakin my shits

    • D-Critter

      learn to spell.
      and im pretty sure they were designed to be durable. im sure they wouldnt pass up that detail during 2 years of development.

  • word is bond

    Wow – I’m really impressed that Mr. Dasler managed to make a hi-top that light, but you’ve gotta wonder about stability and support.
    These look like they’d be right at home on the Wrestling Mat or in the Ring.

  • handl3

    Rose 1.5 definitely looks better, but if these new ones perform better then that’s all there is to it. Rose wears what’s the best – not what’s more stylish. It’s an interesting strategy, having his shoe evolve 3 times during the season like LeBron does. I’m sticking to the 1.5 for now, the expected gained performance of these aren’t enough to justify me changing just yet especially when you know they’re going to come out with another version in the coming months anyway.

  • Metmang

    They’re ugly as sin, but the facts are the facts: they’re the lightest shoe. Will they perform well? We’ll see, but if they do then they ARE better than any other shoe aiming for lightness. Doesn’t matter if they’re ugly, doesn’t matter if you’re deep throating the swoosh.

  • Joe Mar

    the funniest part to me is that this has been in development for 2 years, all they did was make an anorexic version of the adirose .. i doubt that theyll be that great of performance shoes

  • Symba17

    Fresh. I can honestly say that I see people rocking these as the new fashions statement. Although they’re for athletic purposes, these will be the definition of swag when the colors get brought out. I’m almost positive D. Rose will bring more attention to the shoe during his playoff run. I’ll be copping these asap.

  • lwel2

    I guess if you had banana feet, they look alright…so much for proportion?

    • spark55

      Lebron 8s are out of proportion too, but people don’t seem to care about that.

  • rant and whine

    ok…let’s say that this is really the lightest shoe ever..question is: HOW SAFE IS THIS SHOE?! guess they didn’t guarantee that..this is why the 3 stripes always comes next to the swoosh

  • Erroll Stacks

    These are not at all whats up

  • NuNu

    I’m interested. if they can be comfy, hot summer games fur sure.

  • Anonymous

    Sure it’s light, but will it have the support? Will it have reasonable enough cushioning? Will it last a few games before it just disintegrates? I’m on board for this idea, takes a lot of balls to do this. But they would still have a few more question marks to clear up.

    • Opio

      did anyone watch the press conference?
      bobbito garcia asked these same questions

  • Horst

    These look like da mn wrestlers shoes

  • R E E

    I HOOP. So I’m going to the store and trying these HOES on. If they feel like they’re worthy of stepping on the hardwood with me…I’M COPPIN.

  • snow

    ya they’re light, but can they PERFORM? the kobes are in my opinion, the greatest performing bball shoes right now,

  • Ryan Conrad

    I think these are a pair that we need to see on someone. They’re so thin and flexible, it’s easy to get funky proportions in studio shots like these, especially as extreme as the drawings look.

  • WZA

    Rasslin’ shoes

  • efbc

    I just wonder if they’ll release a low top version. It would be lighter and it wouldn’t have that ugly ankle area. And with the right CW’s, it could also be a great summer shoe for chillin and impromptu ball games.

  • JakeW

    Not bad. As always, I only ball in lows (I don’t lie to myself by thinking that high tops prevent ankle sprains).

  • Bobb

    Strictly for ballin’.

  • Danny Fantom

    Good thats ugly I think i’ll go head an take the extra weight

  • Weirdo 432

    looks like a thinned-down supra with stripes

  • TF

    man, the kobe’s got more ankle support then these…

    • Ben E. Meneses

      So you’ve worn them already?

  • xsoleprophetx

    I give Adidas props in innovating the lightest basketball shoe. However, judging by the exoskeleton, I’m skeptical on how structurally supportive and comfortable are the shoe. Regardless of what type of player you are, you definitely need support and comfort. I rather not make a quick, sharp cut to the hoop then next thing you know I’m rolling my ankle because the shoe can’t support my laterals.

  • Drosemvp

    if it had cushoning then yes
    but other than that sorry


    rose will probably be advertising adidas’ speedwraps with these kicks like he has been forever with his other shoes. they might as well stop fronting and call em the rose ankle braces or something. one things for sure, if right around the time rose gets named the regular season mvp hes wearing these, they are gonna fly off those shelves.

  • Billytread

    I tried to play in my Kobe IV’s the other day, and had to switch to my adizero Rose 1.5’s. If these perform as well as the 1.5s they are a must cop. They look pretty decent on court in the playoffs.

  • Ben E. Meneses

    Daing, I think these will replace my hyperdunk 2010’s when they’re toast. June is a good time for a replacement…I’ma rock these hard. Never thought I’d ever consider something not Nike or Jordan for hoopin, guess I was wrong. These are hard.

  • Gary

    If you are listening Adidas – please make a low-cut version of this as well!

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