Air Jordan 3 “Stealth” First Look

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Air Jordan 3 "Stealth" First Look

2011 is clearly an Air Jordan 3 year, with all sorts of colorways slated to drop from January through the holiday season. The White/Cement and “Black History Month” kicks have already released, but it will be a few months before this “Stealth” shoe comes to stores. This is the first time we’re seeing this AJ3 in men’s sizes. Multiple hues of grey can be seen on the lower mudguard, Elephant Print and majority of the upper, with a bit of black leather helping out. A glossy black midsole contrasts the white outsole, laces and stitching, and Varsity Red accents appear throughout.

Air Jordan 3 “Stealth”
Stealth/Varsity Red-Black-White
September 2011

Air Jordan 3 "Stealth" First Look

Air Jordan 3 "Stealth" First Look

Air Jordan 3 "Stealth" First Look

Air Jordan 3 "Stealth" First Look

Air Jordan 3 "Stealth" First Look

Air Jordan 3 "Stealth" First Look

Air Jordan 3 "Stealth" First Look

Air Jordan 3 "Stealth" First Look

Air Jordan 3 "Stealth" First Look

Air Jordan 3 "Stealth" First Look

Air Jordan 3 "Stealth" First Look

Air Jordan 3 "Stealth" First Look

Air Jordan 3 "Stealth" First Look

Air Jordan 3 "Stealth" First Look

Air Jordan 3 "Stealth" First Look

Air Jordan 3 "Stealth" First Look

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      • Jmcn200

        ayo u dudes need to stop frontin throw some red laces on these and they are fire im coppin. its always the same with some people it has to be on someone elses feet for u to buy em. ya’ll all need to stop frontin

        • Pyrojf

          yes exactly what he said “stop frontin” these are 3’s not 2.5’s and the color scheme is hot I only own one pair of odd ball J’s (flight 45) nothing beats the original designs even in different colorways

    • Brando1190

      this is why i find it hard to rock 3s now kuz of the dam 2.5s wrost team js ever couldt get the cemet 3s looks dam near the same T-T

  1. CrupZilla

    wow, these look aight, but they do look like the 2.5 colorway, and like a bootleggers dream. I might cop if i find them on the low….have black cements been confirmed? or are they still a rumor?

  2. Peoples

    I mean the potential is there maybe tey should have been a dark grey and i clear bottom grey or black laces they way they look now easy pass for me i already have black cements ill get another pair jus to have cuss i love them but these are weak

  3. JzeusTx

    I’ll cop these just to have an everyday wear shoe to keep my other heat fresh, know what I mean? Not gonna kill myself if I dont get em.

  4. if these were the only 3’s released this year, they would be getting a lot more support. but with the white and black cements, these don’t cut it. if they wanted to do another 3 they should have avoided gray, black and red. I love gray, but JB is flooding the market with gray shoes in the past year.

  5. MD

    coppin 1 pair of these and 2 pair of blk cement, and anothe rpair of true blue becuz my OG are still mint…lol!!! i love the 3’s coming out this year!!

  6. Hiphopobama

    Def needs black laces and a black sole. These look like flea market jawns…not diggin em at all. Maybe I hafta see them in person to re-elavuate but one first look i’m cool.

    Bring the black 3s back asap!

  7. Joshuamoll

    Everybody bitching about how these are trash and I’m just going to cop, if you don’t like them, don’t get them. Don’t follow the hype. Just because you like them and somebody don’t, don’t mean you ain’t getting them, I am fasho!

  8. Anonymous

    I read through a lot of hate on these but I actually like them. Guaranteed, people are going to change their minds when these officially drop.

    • Mistras

      you are the biggest faggot i’ve ever seen on this website. literally every comment you make is retarded. you called somebody a hyper beast on some other page and that facebook picture you took looks like you’re one ugly ass mother fucker.. or autistic.. or both..

  9. ironmanonthemoon

    Im so glad a lot of people are passing…we’ll see how that changes once jb sais its ganna be limited lol. Im coppin 2 pairs. Stackin up my 3’s this year!!!

  10. Henryakins

    I actually like these. They just need a lace change. But if the sole was black these would get a lot of love.

  11. Anonymous

    The color blocking on these is horrible!!! Dam I love 3’s but JB sure found a way to fuck um up! The black midsole shoulda been grey or something I don’t know but I ain’t feeling at all!!

  12. Marcus

    I have every 3 but the fuckin mochas(no womens 3s neither since im a mens 14 and no shaq bitch size runs) and im seriously debating not coppin these… like previously said, color blocking is horrible, the colors used arent terrible but the midsole and outsole need some type of switch, that fuckin side panel whatever patently lizard print material it is needs changing asap and as for the tongue, that shit looks like a knockoff fire red fabric 5 tongue, lastly, i love 3s, so to make me think this much, you know you fucked something up, and people need to quit with that anti-hype beast shit, lovin what everyone else hates and shit, shits fuckin corny, these are obviously trash, then again, get what you like…

  13. Kc_boss_thug


  14. kike

    if id cop these(which i wont)…id make sure to play ball in them…
    they’ll be my beaters, thats all these are probably good for

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