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Low Top

For some, low top Jordans are inferior and for others, they’re a must have. Doubters and believers are all entitled to their preference, but there’s no denying some of the classic AJs that have dropped below the ankle. In the spirit of this weekend’s Air Jordan 12 Low “Taxi” re-retro, we recount the best low top Air Jordans. Originals, retros, and retros inspired by originals are all on display on this best of list. Which pair took the top spot? Read on to find out.

30. Air Jordan 13 Low White/Metallic Silver/Varsity Red-Black

Low Top Air Jordan

Original Release: 2005

The Lowdown: What better way to debut the Air Jordan 13 Low model than to grace it with an original color scheme? These were one of two mens colorways that released in April of 2005.

29. Air Jordan 2 Low White/Black-Red

Low Top Air Jordan

Original Release: 2004

The Lowdown: The long-awaited The Air Jordan II Low made a return in 2004; this time, in low-top fashion. Jordan Brand released this low top colorway first, and though it features a very similar colorway to the original Air Jordan 2, it is slightly different specifically on the piping.

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  • Paul Stanford

    They really need to come out with those white and red low 11’s. I was dirt, dirt, dirt poor when they first came out. Now that I have some money, I would buy them with no questions ask and without a program.leggooo. HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND SUCKAS:-)

    • Mj

      what happened to the wht and red xvi low ???????? missed a lot of great low top kicks!!!! and some of these pics dont have their original laces lol.

      the ranking system is all out of wack too

  • freeballer

    Snakeskin 11s need to come back. They NEED to.

  • pUp

    I used to rock the hell out of those black and blue 13’s. I would love to get those again.


    “The Lowdown” that was so cheesy lol

  • Jcraig

    Wwhere’s the varsity royal/black/white XIV!!??!?!?!

    • Anonymous

      And they chutney/Ginger XIV

  • Anonymous

    I remember my older brother had bought the blue & black 13 lows from a friend, brand-spanking new. The thing is, my bro sold them just as soon as he got them. Yeah he got paid, but that still sucked.

    On a side note: where’s the Ginger 14 lows? People hated them but i still loved them.

    • DoYourHomework

      smh … I agree. An incomplete list that only gets you to click through 15 pages of crap. $$$

  • Metmang

    Those Chutney 13s are a must re-retro!

  • t williams

    come on yo. half the Jordan half the style. never liked low top J’s thought they looked funny period

    • swizzcheese

      especially the twelves and the taxis commin out tomorow are mad ugly

  • DMellow77

    I prefer low top kicks – and since I haven’t met anyone that actually plays ball in the “classic” or retro Jordans, it’s not like anyone really needs the ankle support!

  • AVB

    Need to re release the AJ 13 black/blue low had these when I was I kid and are still one of my favorites.

  • Dannyfactz

    Smh…they looked like mashed up high tops. Like shoes that got ran over or something.

  • Norcal27

    i have never liekd low tops. just too ugly for me

  • Druck

    I used to rock those Black/Chutney 13s back 8th grade….Jordan brand need to go ahead retro them lows…

  • JustSmile

    I’m so glad I kept my SnakeSkins in good condition. To this day, I Love pulling them out on a nice summer day. They really were a rarity for the Jordan Brand! If you still have a pair in good or decent condition… Kudos!

  • Winse

    Why do ppl hate on Lows, some of these colorways are actually really nice!

  • Sandra Sasal

    Lows rock my world.

  • Corey BigPokey Taylor

    they trippin for not puttin the baby blue low top 17s on here

  • Delun Pan

    The Jordan II IE’s deserve to move up a lot higher than 12. Atleaset top 5.

  • Timmy Mcmaster

    low tops might b da worst thing invented but if thy came out jus make hightop retros instead

    • Timmy Mcmaster

      come reason the 13s in the low top colorway r pretty vicious

  • Usedbrain4sale

    Jordan 5 Lows need to hit this summer like right NOW!

    • Usedbrain4sale

      I need em in my life lol

  • Mineisbigger

    the 19 lows in black are the bomb

  • Anonymous

    I hope they make a low of the current jordan. There’s definitely potential there

    • Anonymous

      That’s a pretty good idea. I really hope the 2011s do and not change them too much from the mids.

  • Anonymous

    I still have my black and navy 13’s in vvvnds condition. Those are sick to me. I really want the chutneys tho. I like lowtops but don’t like them in 5’s and 8’s. 6’s are ehh.. The lowtop 2’s are the cleanest of all tho. IMO

  • Just4Kicks

    Passing on these.

  • Bostonmenace

    those low top XIXs are hot garbage.

  • Titusjg24

    navy/white 9’s r probably d cleanest lows ever

  • Pbynarowicz

    the air jordan 1 phat lows are the hottest low jordans ever, dont know how it didnt get a shout out on this list. especially the new wolf grey with the elphant print… so sick.

    • Will

      holy shit you clearly like men and or are a 12 year old that knows jack shit about Jordans. Baby Phat 1’s are possibly the most hoot low top ever. so please, think before saying something absolutely ridiculous next time

  • AirJordanFan4567

    the only lowtops i used to have were the black chrome 6’s and the low top playoff 8’s i do like those navy blue 13’s i wouldn’t mind getting those

  • Mac

    Snakeskins & white/metallic blue 1s pure crack!! all are dope tho I would love 2 have each & every 1 of them

  • Archie4927

    Where’s the Laney XIV lows?

  • Noradon Dixon

    Nah not feeling the order I dont know how the black and grey ie’s was not number 1 and 2 with the 13 red and white lows number 3 black 6’s and the 17’s rounding out my top Five.

  • Jaylenandbrylen

    The baby blue and white 11s need to come back out ASAP

  • Anonymous

    Blue Pearl IX are one of my grails…Snakeskin XIs are dope too…hey look at my picture



  • Livefromthe513

    Air Jordan 11 Low IE White/Cobalt-Light Grey – Were not originally released in 2003. I had them my freshman year in high school and I graduated in 2006. SMDH

  • Xkaedoggx

    Gotta keep it real… there are a few fugly shoes in this list.