Air Jordan 2011 Oak Hill Academy PE

Air Jordan 2011 Oak Hill Academy PE

Much like Rice High School in New York and Fairfax High School in California, Oak Hill Academy is known for producing future NBA players. Likewise, these schools are known for owning some of the best player exclusives. Take a look at the recently revealed Air Jordan 2011 Oak Hill Academy PE. It is very similar to the Varsity Red/White Air Jordan 2011 that released in February; yet, the red sections are contrasted nicely by a gold coloration on the patina leather areas. The rest of the upper is comprised of white leather and features Oak Hill Academy associated logos on the tongue. The Oak Hill Academy players rocked this shoe in the NHSI national championship against the Kevin Durant’s alma mater Montrose Christian school this past Saturday.

Air Jordan 2011 Oak Hill Academy PE

Air Jordan 2011 Oak Hill Academy PE

Source: PaulBiancardi


  1. Gink says:

    they look nice in terms of quality but not really feelin these. the pockmark contrast throws it off. imo.

    1. Ely0222 says:

      love the colors they pop out at ya, i would of loved to get some exclusive shit like this from JB and the team

    2. MRhoops2u says:

      Nicekicks seemed to forget to mention Westchester HS for producing alot of league talent
      #just saying

  2. Usedbrain4sale says:


  3. those r ugly as shit tbh

    dolphin is carrying this thread tbh

  4. Aim says:

    they already look shit , yall just made them worst

  5. Nick Reese says:

    ehhh i dont like the yellow on the buffed leather, the whole point of preparing the leather the way they do is to let its color vary naturaly, not paint it in

  6. Marco says:

    Look like vomit

  7. Anonymous says:

    i saw these the other night on that high school national championship game on ESPN. the ones Monstrose Christian wore where better. they were white/pine green with none of that extra paint on the side.

  8. Winse says:

    so tacky!!

  9. Guest says:

    these look a burning asscrack . cue the preparation H

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