Air Jordan 2011 Grey/Red

Air Jordan 2011 Grey/Red
Many of you are impatiently anticipating the “Blackout” Air Jordan 2011 release this Saturday and rightfully so. It is definitely one of the better colorways we have seen on this shoe. You can now add this Air Jordan 2011 Grey/Red to the list of great Air Jordan 2011 colorways. This particular pair is similar to Ray Allen’s Air Jordan 2011 “All-Star” PE in that it possesses a primarily grey patina leather upper. Red covers most of the other areas such as the midsole, midfoot area, collar and tongue. Lastly, white hints appear in the form of Jumpman tongue/heel branding, shoelaces and the outsole. No word on when, or if, this shoe will release, but stay tuned. Is this one of the better Air Jordan 2011 colorways to date?

Air Jordan 2011 Grey/Red

Air Jordan 2011 Grey/Red

Air Jordan 2011 Grey/Red

Air Jordan 2011 Grey/Red

Air Jordan 2011 Grey/Red

Air Jordan 2011 Grey/Red

Air Jordan 2011 Grey/Red

Air Jordan 2011 Grey/Red

Source: Marquee Sole


  1. Ilovejeanshorts says:

    gonna be fresh with some jorts and a phillies jersey

    1. Sdot says:

      dis da best colorway i seen 4 deez so far nice!!!

      1. ScootersAreCoolToo says:

        Finally a good looking pair of 2011′s

    2. Roy Rodriguez3 says:

      Fuck the phillies

    3. Zareh says:

      lol @ jorts

    4. Fuck the Phillies and NO to that anyway! These seem more fit for the Luckeyes, I mean, Buckeyes of Ohio State.

      1. Ilovejeanshorts says:

        fuck what yall say im rocking dez bitches with some boss jorts and a xxxl phillies jersey, with the matching snapback and some goofy ass glasses… fucks wit me and my amsterdam kush nuggets bruh bruh

  2. G-Phi 2K6 says:

    Pretty nice…but I want to see a bred colorway.

    1. since88 says:


  3. (216)Cleveland says:

    ohio state

  4. size12 says:

    o my jesus,these are nice

  5. 23thabeast says:

    Man wasnt a fan of the 2011s but man these are fire!These are a def copp for me and my son

  6. Tstizz says:

    Wow I feel like most people wasnt a fan of them but this colorway is sick even though it is a osu sukguys color

  7. coffda8 says:

    These are hard JB is making me come around on the 2011s

  8. Daniel g says:

    man first 2011 that i want

  9. swizzboults says:


  10. Tyga_style says:

    I like that the use of the white sole. Makes the shoe stand out more than the icy sole.

  11. Bishopp3000 says:

    nice hope they are a general release other than the YOTR’s this the only colorway i like. still want to see a bred colorway.

  12. Nick Reese says:

    pretty good colorway not as good as the Y.o.t.r and blackouts tho

  13. theshoehunter says:

    Definitely the best c.w hadn’t thought about copping a pair of 2011′s till NOW!

  14. Dirk says:

    Finally a 2011 I can rock with. These are fiyah!

  15. albxny says:

    fresh!! i hope they drop them next in jordans traditional black and red.

  16. yhea this a nice look! this color way is good mix

  17. Anonymous says:

    Very good look.

  18. Evertonallen says:

    the 2011 will be a great retro 10 years from now. you heard it here first

    1. Yeah right! Just like how those dummies proclaimed Harrison Barnes to be an AP First Team Preseason All-American?

      Good luck with that bogus prediction. We will have forgotten about the 2011 by the end of the summer. After the Jordan Brand Classic is over, so will the mediocrity of the 2011.

      1. Yourahater says:

        get of harrison nut sac hater!

  19. Rumpels says:

    I had to pick my jaw up from the floor after I saw this post.

  20. Yup says:

    These will be my first 2011