Air Jordan 12 Low “Taxi” Release Date

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Can you say quickstrike? Well if you can’t Jordan Brand can as they get set to drop the mysterious Air Jordan 12 Low “Taxi”. Despite early rumors that they would be involved in a package, we find today that the “Taxi” Lows will return on April 9th as a QS release. This means they will be limited and only select JB accounts will receive them. Does this type of release add to the intrigue or make them not worth the hassle? Tell us in the comment section.

Air Jordan 12 Low

Info via Sole Collector

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62 Comments on "Air Jordan 12 Low “Taxi” Release Date"

    • DAntheMan67

      right bordeaux 7s wolf grey 5s true blue 3s cardinal 7s 4 my brother’s birthday and i might get the lebron sprites…….dang too overwhelming

  1. sneakerlove

    i guess jordan brand new these wouldnt sell well so they decided to throw quickstrike release on these for the hypebeast.

  2. Divinemaster48

    damn I thought I was the only one that felt that way…i agree with three comments above me….if the griffey were to drop later then yes but ill pass

  3. Ant

    I’ll pass forget that….especially if theyre quickstrikes…Im good….someone point me to the Lebron 8 “Sprites”…..

  4. christoff

    Was going to get a 2nd pair in case my long-held rarely-worn first pair ever needs replacing but this sounds like a lot of effort

  5. Guest

    they can keep them….Obsidian XII’s would’ve made a a worthy cop, and would’ve been worth the production costs not this crap that sat on shelves way back when

  6. Its so much heat coming out in April!! D*mn you Nike and JB lol..I feel like If I have the money after a few other purchases I will get them its a decent shoe to keep in your collection.

  7. Anonymous

    Some people are never happy. Personally, I love the 12 lows. The shape of the 12s makes them fit enough to do a low-top version. At least to me they look a helluva lot better than some of the other Jordan lows.

    But hey, to each their own! More pairs for me!

  8. Anonymous

    Deez were a go until JB decided to drop deez da week b4 da bordeaux…nd i be DAMNED if deez get copped ova da bordeaux….NO COPPO!!!!!!!!!

  9. Topchef3630

    man jordan brand is giving me a fucking head ache tryna crunch the number with all these drop bordeauxs, cardinals, wolf greys, and the rumored laney pack

  10. ha

    i never again will mess with quickstricks last time was the XX last year just to find out the shoe was sold out since 2005

    • Fresh2Death

      That’s what I’m wondering… I’m assuming Foot Action and NikeTown like the typical QS but lastly I’ve seen QS kicks at FinishLine etc… I was hoping to cop these joints online too! So these are definitely April 9th hmmm… Now it’s either XII Lows Taxi X2 and Bordeauxs X2 but how hard are these going to be to cop? Does any one have more info on these?

    • Houstonm49

      Manning now JB be bringing out some bulls&?@ They need to relese some of those PE exclusive joints that Ray Allen got in his closet and give us normal people a chance to get our. Collection right …… I” ll take some white and Celtic green high top XII’s

  11. GARZADOM2000


  12. J roc

    Had them in 2005 and they was fly as hell on feet. So they are a must have for me. You other guys need to get yo paper up.

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