Nike Air Max 95 "Bright Mandarin"

Following a lengthy run of releases in 2010, the Nike Air Max 95 is available in a colorway that’s perfect for the summer of 2011. Highlighting the standard Neutral Grey, Medium Grey, black and white upper are numerous Bright Mandarin accents. The Max Air supports, laces hoops and various branding bits are all the unique orange hue. A perfect way to heat up your collection while the temperature also rises, this Nike is available now at Nice Kicks and via

Nike Air Max 95
White/Bright Mandarin-Neutral Grey-Medium Grey

Nice Kicks
2815 Guadalupe
Austin, TX 78705

Nike Air Max 95 "Bright Mandarin"

Nike Air Max 95 "Bright Mandarin"

Nike Air Max 95 "Bright Mandarin"

Nike Air Max 95 "Bright Mandarin"

Nike Air Max 95 "Bright Mandarin"

Nike Air Max 95 "Bright Mandarin"

  • Sam Jackson


  • Bob

    Is this any different from the team orange colorway released around June 2010?

  • Thizzzle878

    These look almost identical to the 24-7’s I have. Same colorway, different shoe. Still gonna cop a pair just to say I have them

    • Aj

      “just to say I have them” You sir are a hypebeast.

  • Df

    Eff these I need a new pair of the Yellow Neons

  • Serg_fon

    i never got a chance to get these so this is great newzzzz. wait what is the difference with these and the 2010 ones?

  • Saywha

    bengals jersey will set these off.

  • Morpheusjones

    How lame releasing the same
    Orange sneaker calling it Mandarin man cut da games!!

  • Winse

    WTF these look like the exact same Orange ones that came out recently!

  • Nick Reese

    yeah i think imma pass, unless they gottem instock during a time of few releases.

  • Ertyuiop

    These iS Hella Uqly iWould Never, A Day iN My Life Wear AnyThinqq As Pathetic As These Shoes… Every Where iGo iSee These Shoes On SomeBody’s Feet. WTF! U G L Y!