Jordan Fly Wade “Neon Green”

Jordan Fly Wade "Neon Green"

When we showed you the “Infrared” colorway of the Jordan Fly Wade, many of you expressed great interest in this new model. Sure, the Air Jordan 2011 has definitely garnered a lot of positive feedback, but the newly-designed Fly Wade can potentially receive just as much interest. Photos of a “Neon Green” Jordan Fly Wade have surfaced on the web. We’re sure Wade’s teammate LeBron James will take a liking to this particular pair seeing that it possesses a Dunkman-esque color scheme. Two tones of grey smother the majority of the upper, along with various panels of white and black on the side panels and collar, respectively. Yet, it is the neon green hints, seen on the shoelaces, inner lining, Jumpman branding and other places, that set this pair apart from the others. To finish it off, JB incorporated a translucent, neon green outsole as well. View detailed photos below.

Jordan Fly Wade "Neon Green"

Jordan Fly Wade "Neon Green"

Jordan Fly Wade "Neon Green"

Jordan Fly Wade "Neon Green"

Jordan Fly Wade "Neon Green"

Jordan Fly Wade "Neon Green"

Jordan Fly Wade "Neon Green"

Jordan Fly Wade "Neon Green"

Jordan Fly Wade "Neon Green"

Jordan Fly Wade "Neon Green"

Jordan Fly Wade "Neon Green"

Jordan Fly Wade "Neon Green"

Jordan Fly Wade "Neon Green"

Jordan Fly Wade "Neon Green"

Source: Marquee Sole


  1. Anonymous says:

    the translucent outsole’s are dope but something isn’t right with these

    1. freeballer says:

      I know, I get a generic feel from these.

      1. Anonymous says:


    2. Phuchistar says:

      yeup, exactly how i feel. i would still cop tho if they compfy, i mean, its D. Wade LOL

  2. Anonymous says:

    not a bad look…but nike basketball > jordan brand. those new lebron v2 lows are SERIOUS.

  3. Anonymous says:

    seriously nicekicks? deleting my comments about jordan brand?

  4. Yup says:

    Call me crazy…..but im feeling these fly wade colorways

    1. Scoop says:

      Crazy!! LOL

    2. Ldlisturb3d says:


  5. Kaleb says:

    These kind of look like a Protege shoe from K-Mart

    1. Anonymous says:

      Some one buys kicks at kmart…?

  6. shawndoh says:

    other than the very first shoe with converse, wade has never had a good looking shoe. with that kind of track record maybe he just likes whack looking shoes?

    1. jsallday says:

      im sure he played a big part in its design, i think JB gives its players creative input so if wade likes it thats all that he cares about. how many of you would like your own pair of completely custom kicks and wouldnt care if everybody else didnt like it, it was how you wanted them. I know i’ve dreamt of having my own pair of one off J’s straight from nike aka PE’s. Plus im sure heads will still cop( this is a nice cw, much better than the infareds imo) as long as he plays well

  7. Nick Reese says:

    ehhh, not the worst thng ive ever seen. they feel generic, i think its because of the wacky way they did the airbag in the back.

  8. Wayne Ward says:

    I am glad to see that I am not the only person who feels like this. They should at least change the logo if nothing else. JB’s past logos have also been better than this.

  9. drewman209 says:

    they can pass off as an original jordan look without pulling looks from other retros. over all thouh, they’re aight. the red black and gray ones look better in my opinion

    1. Bishopp3000 says:

      ^ agreed

  10. Conor says:

    The panels on these just don’t make for good color-blocking. They’re too blobby or something.

  11. Nate Baiyewu says:

    that top view is pretty nice, but this shoe isnt anything great.

  12. Steve2da_izzO says:

    Look cheap…perfect example of good concept bbut bad execution…like the Colorway though…agree that converse waydes were better…not good look for JB..

  13. jsallday says:

    i like them but wont fully commit until i see the actual product and see how the materials feel might not be as cheap looking in person

  14. LonnyYT says:

    I just got off chat with a Nike rep..these Jordan Fly Wades are going to be on NIKEiD. I forget what date, but they’re gonna be there.

  15. Lem says:

    I like them. The colorway is off for a Wade shoe but it’s still decent. If you know how to put an outfit together you can pull of any shoe.

  16. 747GT says:

    Good Lord these are ugly. Thank God the 2011s dropped before these.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Like this colorway better than the other but the shoe looks like it’s made outa plastic.

  18. Let us all express how ugly & disappointing that this shoe is. SMH

  19. DugLast says:

    I actually like this colorway better than the infareds (and I don’t fool with neon shoes). JB is trying to work that color gradient angle like the Air Max 95 (notice the fade from black, to smoke, to silver). Replace the D3 logo with a jumpman, for now, and it would help fight that generic feel.

  20. Chico Dusty says:

    JB fucked DWade over with these >_<