Jordan Fly Wade “Infrared” New Images

Jordan Fly Wade "Infrared"

More photos of the Jordan Fly Wade “Infrared” have surfaced on the web. Although this will supposedly be Wade’s 2011 NBA Playoff shoe, many of you would rather see him rock new Air Jordan 2011 colorways such as the one we saw in today’s Kicks On Court. The infrared hints, such as the laces, outsole and inner lining, undoubtedly give this shoe a very extravagant, eye-popping look. The overall construction of this shoe uses grey, white and black panels with Dwyane Wade logo on the tongue, along with Max Air heel cushioning unit. What are your thoughts on the Jordan Fly Wade “Infrared”? View detailed photos below.

Jordan Fly Wade "Infrared"

Jordan Fly Wade "Infrared"

Jordan Fly Wade "Infrared"

Jordan Fly Wade "Infrared"

Jordan Fly Wade "Infrared"

Jordan Fly Wade "Infrared"

Jordan Fly Wade "Infrared"

Jordan Fly Wade "Infrared"

Jordan Fly Wade "Infrared"

Jordan Fly Wade "Infrared"

Jordan Fly Wade "Infrared"

Jordan Fly Wade "Infrared"

Jordan Fly Wade "Infrared"

Jordan Fly Wade "Infrared"

Jordan Fly Wade "Infrared"

Jordan Fly Wade "Infrared"

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  1. sold sole says:

    soooo is this his signature line of shoes? like cpaul and melo?

  2. Anonymous says:

    need to change the logo. D.Wade isnt exactly a “sharpshooter” or a “sniper”. He’s more of a “Highflyer”

    1. Anonymous says:

      thank you. glad i’m not the only one that thinks this logo is weak. the D3 part is an ok concept but the rest of it is garbage. the basketball shouldn’t be so literal and the crosshairs are redundant since he’s more of a slasher/highflyer than a sharpshooter. nothing i hate more than a bad logo as a graphic designer.

  3. Nick Reese says:

    The back heel kills the shoe.

  4. since88 says:

    Weak! DWade old converse sigs look better than these. smh

  5. Carolinamic says:

    I think a couple of different color ways and this shoe will really get some shine.

  6. ha says:

    i will not buy these i will be good with the 2011 when they go on sale because i just got the and1 tai chi and tai chi tgr

  7. Dannyfactz says:

    Lol..can u say And 1 rejects? JB did him dirty with these…his Converse kicks actually looked better.

  8. Satan says:

    i like that they’re kinda thinkin outside the box, but half the shoe looks like it was made by Jordan and the other half, especially the “3″ logo, looks like it was made by K-Mart.

  9. Nick Reilly says:

    Instead of the dual-tone upper, make it one color and I’m in.

  10. I guess this is better than the AJ ’10 & AJ ’11…
    Love the silhouette, looks like OG’s Air Jordan Pride….

  11. DoU says:

    Gotta get rid of that grey

  12. Winse says:

    just stick wit the 2011s why put ur name on this garbage!

  13. Wryet says:

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  14. K.R.E.A.M. says:

    They’re actually pretty nice in my opinion! Except for the logo. They could’ve done a way better job with it!

  15. Biggroscoe says:

    looks like some kicks i can get at Big 5 for $19.99

  16. Dscott1126 says:

    Lose the D3 logo, the Grey Panel, and the air Max Heel, and you got a better looking shoe.
    They should have went with the Zoom air, or the same Mid-Sole swap as the 2011′s.
    BLK/INFR/WHT would’ve been a better color-way, or a solid Varsity/BLK/WHT/Citrus or even
    a BLK/CITRUS/WHT/Varsity. I’d definitely grab a pair if they we’re close to that. Should have went with a tight logo saying “FLASH” (like Melo’s) not D3.

  17. Dwyane Wade: Please DO NOT WEAR THESE DURING THE PLAYOFFS. Just stick to the 2011′s.

  18. Loyal2mysoil says:

    JB need to come out with CC.Sabathia shoe line next!! Reppin’ it from the 707/V-Town. Yeee!!

  19. Dipset_goonie2007 says:

    Damn I was hopin he would have a DOPE shoe but…..SMH Hopefully next years sigs are better. Stick wit the 2011 PE’S D!!! Go Heat!!!!