Air Jordan 7 “Bordeaux” New Images

Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux

In addition to the “Cardinal” Air Jordan 7 images we showed you earlier, we now have additional photos of the highly-anticipated “Bordeaux” Air Jordan 7. Is this shoe at the top of your must-have list for 2011? It has definitely been a hot topic on the web considering the limitless amount of photos we have seen over the past couple of months. Originally released in 1992, the Air Jordan 7 ?Bordeaux? is the last original colorway of MJ?s seventh signature to retro. Check out these new photos of the Air Jordan 7 “Bordeaux” below.

Air Jordan 7 "Bordeaux" Air Jordan 7 "Bordeaux" Air Jordan 7 "Bordeaux" Air Jordan 7 "Bordeaux" Air Jordan 7 "Bordeaux" Air Jordan 7 "Bordeaux" Air Jordan 7 "Bordeaux"

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    1. Ppdsfsfe says:

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  2. Satan says:

    anybody know how these perform on the court?

    1. scribble says:

      like shit

      1. Anonymous says:


        1. D Music says:

          lmao! youll break ya own ankles trying to break his. never again

      2. Shaq says:

        i thought this are basketball shoes?

    2. Anonymous says:


  3. Nick Reese says:

    oooh, oooh, that makesem look lots better

  4. Jason Smith says:

    Copped like McNulty.

  5. Dantheman9442 says:

    can someone tell me why JB doesnt just retro some 4s, 5s, and 8s? I want some 8s so bad…

    1. chezzy says:

      4s and 8s will be coming in 2012. some 5s later this year.

    2. Guest says:

      uh 8s got retroed in 07 plenty of 5s over the past few years. and just restocked some pure money 4′s..where u been lil homie ? im 19 and i know this. how about some 10s.

      1. Divinemaster48 says:

        dude u hit right in the money with the 10s….i need me some icy blues n some shadows…..cant wait for those

        1. freeballer says:

          Icy blue 10s…now thats a damn good looking sneaker.

          1. Sneakerqueen001 says:

            i have these in stock ready to ship 100% authentic. sz 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13. sneakequeen001@yahoo.com. PayPal ONLY

            2011 Air Jordan 7 VII Bordeaux
            2011 Air Jordan 7 VII Cardinal

            These havent been released yet!

        2. Str8gs says:

          wore my shadows yesterday ha

        3. CJay says:

          I miss my white/linen 10′s (tear)

        4. Stealth 10′s would be great too

      2. Devin_johnson_3 says:

        chicago 10s are supposed to b dropping at the end of this year .. i kno a man that has meetings with JB and i had him ask and they confirmed!

      3. KrazyKix3 says:

        im 15 and i know more dan u 5 release summer and 4s release 2012 and prob the 8s the 10 steels r releasing in 2012 too.

    3. milton says:

      i need some bred 4s

    4. Str8gs says:

      you missed out couple years back rookie

    5. KEGER415 says:

      I have some wht/nvy LS 8s for you if your a size 13 bro. Holla!

    6. Dlaccio says:

      What size are you on Jordans? I have a pair of DS Playoff 8s, never worn. I bought them when last came out which was December of 2007.
      Get at me at my email dlaccio1916@gmail.com

    7. Dman9 says:

      Its because they stoped releasing jordan 8 s theyr discontinued

  6. DeuceTre says:

    ^^^ you obviously are a rookie, the numbers you have posted have been retroed plenty of times.

  7. Jaszzile says:

    at 1st wasnt feeling them, the more i look at them i want them, gonna cop :D

  8. Bordo says:

    24 hour GR campout here i go

      1. Sneakerqueen001 says:

        i have these in stock ready to ship 100% authentic. sz 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13. sneakequeen001@yahoo.com. PayPal ONLY

        2011 Air Jordan 7 VII Bordeaux
        2011 Air Jordan 7 VII Cardinal

        These havent been released yet!

  9. i want more 13 n 7 colorwayss

  10. Animaty23 says:

    Can someone tell me if these come in gs sizes??

    1. Cnbrown313 says:

      Yeah, they’re coming out in gs, ps, and toddler sizes…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Man give me flint 7′s and FTW! Also some mocha 3′s and white cement 4′s!!!

  12. I dont care who hates, but the Bordeaux are hideous! most of yall like them for the hype, or maybe even the Jam video. Whatever case may be these are the worst 7′s droppin this year.

    1. Why does it matter though whether people like them from the Jam video or not? LOL That makes absolutely NO SENSE!

      The Bordeaux’s are just flat out NOSTALGIC! ANYONE that’s a fan of the Jordan VII will/should love these!

      1. Yeah there old but so is the 86′ Pinto. Some shit should be left in the past and the Bordeaux colorway VII’s are one of those things.

        1. That comparison was stupid as fuck! Try Again.

        2. Maybachmartel says:

          U kno nothing about being fly if u say that. Please kill ur self. Dey havnt released since 92. Do u even kno who jordan is .

      2. Maybachmartel says:

        Kill ur self if u wont do it den ill do it 4 u. How u want it let me kno please. U must not be a jordan fan 4 real to even question dese 92. Do u hear me 92 b. U prolly dont even kno how to b fly

    2. Anonymous says:

      kill yourself.

    3. Anthony Lane42 says:

      shut dat shyt up

  13. CTown Craig says:

    RETRO THE CITRIS 7 VII’s!!!!!!

    ( These are nice too BTW……but PLZ BRING BACK THE CITRIS VII’s)

  14. Trey Sneaks says:

    Can someone PLEASE… tell me what is the big deal behind these shoes, cause these kicks are ugly ass hell. All I keep hearing is Jordan rocked then in the jam video, so is this what all the hype fie these shoes are about are is it more to it. PLEASE let me know

    1. He also wore them in the NBA All-Star game… so NO, it’s not just about the “Jam” video. The shoe and the (video) is more memorable, because MANY of us, who grew up in the 90′s remember watching Michael Jackson’s WORLD PREMIERE VIDEO take up a time slot on FOX’s Sunday night after the Simpsons went of.

      It’s not just about that, but the fact that MANY Jordan’s sneakers, that weren’t of the Chicago Bulls color scheme, were HIGHLY sought after:

      - Military IV’s
      - Grape V’s
      - Maroon & September VI’s
      - Hare & Olympic VII’s
      - Aqua VIII’s
      - Olive & Powder Blue IX’s
      - Powder Blue X’s
      - Columbia XI’s

      Especially ones from the days he wore them in game and in early Nike ads.

      So cut it out! If you didn’t LIVE IT, then you won’t understand it nor EVER get it! Let those of us who actually admire these, have “our” moment, without you clueless kids questioning “why” we like something.

      1. Pooch_yep_dats_me says:

        Olympic 6s too…maybe some bred 13s

        1. Anonymous says:

          Bed 13 are bulls colors and olypmic 6 (2000) matched the navy/uniform.

  15. Trey Sneaks says:

    Sorry for the spell errors, I’m new to texting with swype

  16. Jordanssince86 says:

    snakeskin 11s please this christmas pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase jb please omg pls

  17. Idealjays23 says:

    I’m feelin them a classic shoe so imma cop…but we need some 10′s in our lives JB…bring them bk.

  18. Rnd708 says:

    how bout aqua 8′s, final shot 14′s, and chicago 10′s

    1. Kj says:

      can’t 4get the cool grey 9′s ~please JB~

  19. HenryAkinniyi says:

    Gonna deff cop these. And um yea. Some 10′s and 4′s needa be retro’d. But what i really want are some Laney 5′s. GOOD GOD!!!!