Nike Air Griffey Max II “Fresh Water” Release Date

Nike Air Griffey Max II "Fresh Water"

The Kid’s kicks have long been favorites in the sneaker community, especially his first two Nikes to bear the Swingman logo. The Air Griffey Max II has long been clamored for, but news didn’t break until recently that it would be returning later this year. Rejoice was read all over the comment section. A near-OG colorway sees Fresh Water replace Emerald, but the color blocking is the same as the pairs that were laced onto Griffey’s feet. Now we know just when you can get them, as today brings us the announcement of the release date. On April 23rd, select stores will be stocking these trainers for $140.

Nike Air Griffey Max II “Fresh Water”
Black/White-Fresh Water
April 23, 2011

Nike Air Griffey Max II "Fresh Water"

Nike Air Griffey Max II "Fresh Water"

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  1. D Music says:

    copped best griffeys and 1 of nikes best shoes…

    1. Anonymous says:

      agreed; i like them better than the past freshwaters. i just like the model better in general. still think they have a gorgeous colorway up their sleeve.

  2. andreHoover says:

    have to pass, bordeaux’s come out a week b4

    1. Matt says:

      see im gettin both only cuz IMO these two shoes r the only serious heat for me this year
      besides those Dark Pine FOAMS!!!

      but after these two kicks gotta ease up on the shoe game

      1. Usedbrain4sale says:

        No such thing as ease up lol I’m going for broke this year

    2. Shoetopia Sams says:

      bordeauxs look like knock-off j’s no disrecpect

  3. (216)Cleveland says:

    ill colorway…will probably cop just because i never had the originals

    1. Usedbrain4sale says:

      Same here

  4. Edric Folden says:

    OGs Sitting in my closet…I’ll pass

    1. Anonymous says:

      Prob can’t rock them tho. They’ll crack. Tight work tho. I wish I still had a OG pair

  5. new skool says:

    ima cop

  6. Anonymous says:

    Fucking finally!!

  7. Winse says:

    must cop these will look sweet next to the Freshwater 1s

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    1. Usedbrain4sale says:

      trash nothing but fakes

  9. B Woods says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    i gotta go wit andre on dis one…dey cool…but imma have to pass…if i only got one shoe for da rest of dis year…it wud have to be da bordeaux’s…nd i love da concords lol…

  11. Nick Reese says:

    those are hot… not as hot as the grey griffey ones but still… definetly hot.

    1. Usedbrain4sale says:

      What?! This is by far the best Griffeys…EVER!

  12. Jkingston7896 says:

    will cop. question though.. any info on the release date for the grey/orange/white color to these

  13. Jauntaesmith says:

    aww man now y wud they do this 2 me? i want these cuz i missed the fresh waters last year but god those Boredeaux’s will have taken the cake. oh well i hope theyre still on the shelves a week after

  14. wavySoles says:

    yes!!!!!!best player ever!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Down here where I’m at these will probably sit on the shelves. And hopefully it happens with this shoe.

  16. Liljjmasta says:

    MY bday. oH yea DEF COPPIN these

  17. Thomas Blake1 says:

    easy buy, been waitin for these for a minute, i love a lot of the sneakers that came out
    in the 90′s

  18. Xiaohu says:

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  19. letsgo says:

    PASS! nice shoe in all but no where near hotter than the Griffey 1 Fresh Waters as long as I can bring those out wen i want i’m good. I aint buying sumthin jus because everyone says it’s good for the griffey collection Fuk a collection I wear all my kicks !

  20. Djohnson says:

    oh yeaa must have. San Jose Shark snapback to match