Air Jordan 2 Max New Images

Air Jordan 2 Max

The Air Jordan 2 Max may be the biggest, most shocking sneaker surprise of the year so far. Jordan Brand released multiple colorways of the Air Jordan 2 in 2010 only to follow it up with this upcoming Air Jordan 2 Max. When we first showed you this creation, many of you were disgusted, while other welcomed it. This OG colorway of MJ’s second signature shoe features a full-length Max Air unit similar to the Jordan Take Flight that debuted last fall. Would you consider playing ball in these? View detailed photos below.

Air Jordan 2 Max

Air Jordan 2 Max

Air Jordan 2 Max

Air Jordan 2 Max

Air Jordan 2 Max

Air Jordan 2 Max

Air Jordan 2 Max

Air Jordan 2 Max

Air Jordan 2 Max

Air Jordan 2 Max

Air Jordan 2 Max

Air Jordan 2 Max

Air Jordan 2 Max

Air Jordan 2 Max

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  1. these look like sum astronaut boots. come on JB & Nike

  2. Josue3344 says:

    if these were improved for basketball purposes i support i love the 2z period

  3. paparotzy says:

    Looks like the AJ2 meets the LeBron 8…

  4. Cash Rules says:

    These are dope! Why all the hate!?

  5. yeah id ball in these! hell, id wear these out the air just looks like it belongs

  6. Anonymous says:

    These are fresh. I’d hoop in them.

  7. I cant get behind these

    1. jordanman says:

      i can’t get ahead of these

  8. gerardito731 says:

    a big yess

  9. @squarebiz90 says:

    i’m gonna kop these becasue i missed out on the og retro 2s in 2010. the bottom isnt to much different

  10. mask says:

    i wanna see this c/w on a black sole…just curious…pass on these; they aint really my style.

  11. MD says:

    i hoop, so i’m copping, i love 2′s!!

  12. Usedbrain4sale says:

    They made a aight shoe Great

  13. swizzboults says:

    tbh they look basically the same. but theyl be more comfortable. win win.
    of course if jordan just started sellling those 2011 insoles as options on their shoes than that would be win win too

  14. Melosucksdick says:


  15. sold sole says:

    anyword on a release date? i missed out on a lot of kicks but i got a new job so……

  16. Youngsmash19 says:

    Man fuck no. Them are horrible. O my fuckin god. The hell did they do wit this? To ball in maybe, but just to wear never. Those burn my fucking eyes.

    1. ha says:

      you of look in the mirror for your eyes to burn i love classics and hate anything that messes up a classic but if these come out im coppin two pairs one to ball in and one to rock

  17. i think they r pretty dope, good way to evole the shoe. rock them a few times and them play ball in em

  18. OTTO says:

    there mine im gettin em thats all there is to it

  19. dale-icious says:

    i don’t know what’s wrong with y’all. these will be so nice to ball in. added performance from an already great model

  20. TheVulture says:

    I’ll wait for the black c’way. I love AJ2′s. Guess some of you aren’t smooth enuff to sport ‘em!