adidas SuperBeast ?St. Patrick?s Day?

adidas SuperBeast "St. Patrick's Day"

Even the Manchild is Irish one day a year. The?adidas SuperBeast “St. Patrick’s Day” sees Dwight’s second half signature gets dressed up in an intense green upper with minimal white, silver, and black accents. SPRINTSKIN and TORSION keep it together on the performance end for a shoe that can brake necks off court and break backboards on. Get these now at Shop adidas.

adidas SuperBeast
Intense Green/Black

adidas SuperBeast "St. Patrick's Day"

adidas SuperBeast "St. Patrick's Day"


  1. TD says:

    I feel honestly embarrassed for adidas. Copying Nikes ideas again and again and again. This is why they get 2% of the market.

    1. Dennis40voz says:

      Fanboy …

    2. We Are Ninja says:

      Adidas gets “2% of the market” because Nike has garnered a legion of narrow-minded fanboys…

  2. Dennis40voz says:

    These rocks

  3. Winse says:

    nice color, horrible shoes

    1. Dennis40voz says:

      Like the Kobe :up:

  4. Anonymous says:

    dont see ugly anywhere on this shoe…some people just dont recognize.

  5. Dont says:

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