Footwear Flashback: Allen Iverson Rocks Air Jordan 11 “Concord”

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Footwear Flashback: Allen Iverson Rocks Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

When Allen Iverson and Air Jordan come up in the same sentence most think of a play involving his signature move and first signature sneaker. Before AI was “the Answer” he was a bundle of energy combo guard lighting up the Big East. In just two years under John Thompson he would win conference Defensive MVP twice and average an all-time Hoya best 23 ppg. To make his performances more memorable he would do such in the famed Air Jordan 11 “Concord”. During the second half of his sophomore season Allen laced up the famous Js in play that would make him the #1 Draft Pick the coming summer. Long live the Answer and long live the Concords.

Who: Allen Iverson
Shoe: Air Jordan 11 “Concord”
Event: Sophomore Season at Georgetown
Date: 1995-96

Footwear Flashback: Allen Iverson Rocks Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Footwear Flashback: Allen Iverson Rocks Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Footwear Flashback: Allen Iverson Rocks Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

Footwear Flashback: Allen Iverson Rocks Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

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  1. R E E

    I remember it like it was yesterday. it’s crazy though this year, lookin’ at a cat like KEMBA WALKER from UCONN?? Dude is the second coming of IVERSON the way he’s breakin’ cats down.

  2. Gink

    getting us ready for the winter frenzy guys. concords are hella fresh and people will be at each others throats to get a pair. If anyone thought the space jam or cool grey release’s were intense, imagine the concord release. If Iverson cared about hard work he could have been the best player to ever play the game. Practice?

    • Anonymous

      He wouldn’t had been the best player ever, but he would had been hella better……Anyway, i still remember all this. Not only he rocked the concords, but the way he rocked them with the black socks was insane too, especially back then. And the whole Georgetown uniforms with the African print on the sides was unbelievable. Those were some of the most wicked uniforms in sports history.

  3. sold sole

    after AI crossed up jordan he shouldve been on the jordan team out of respect. AI is the definition of hard work and dedication to the game

    • AI=Lazy

      Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Have you not paid any attention as to why Iverson hasnt been on a team for more than a season since the original 76ers? He wouldnt practice, wouldnt work. Dumbass

        • AI=STILL lazy

          Ok he practiced to get good. Hes definantly not the definiton of hardwork. Why didnt he work out in Denver? Detroit? Because he DIDNT practice. He was cocky, and LAZY. Not the definition of hardwork. He had a right to b cocky sure, he WAS good. He had no right to hurt his team by not practicing with them for no reason. Lazy isnt the definition of hardwork. AI=lazy, lazy=not hardworking. Therefore, AI=not hardworking.

          • Bmayo7757

            i mean im pretty sure u have no idea if he practiced or not maybe he didnt work out cuz he was gettin old nd slowin down from falling so much i mean u kno he said screw practice that day but you dont know if he truly didnt practice or not

          • AI=Lazy

            Sure, nobody knows but the players, coaches, and management, but if he was hardworking, and not practicing due to age and health, im pretty sure the team and front office guys would have understood, and stories would not have come out that he was blowing off practice. and “u kno he said screw practice” “but you dont know if he truly didnt practice or not” I dont know many people who will come out and say screw this, and then just say wat the hell and do it. And if he WAS practicing, why would you hear just straight up lies?

  4. In the hood AI was like good at one point. I remember when the questions first came out when i was elementary school and if you had them you was automatically that I took almost 10 years later for me to receive my first pair of question but, I did get mad love for having the throwback Ivo’

  5. Anonymous

    Damn, NK will put anything up just to get the clicks. I’m surprised this isn’t …. click thru 20 pages individually to see each angle of the shoe.

    • Wr

      Kittles wore #30 in college. The high socks might have seemed liek an indicator but Zeffy Penn kind of emulated Kerry Kittles.

  6. Gumsoulny

    To keep it real, This is the sole reason why I starts wearing jordans. I’m such a die hard Knicks fan that I could not bring my self to lace up a pair of Js because of how Jordan use to take our hearts out ever year. I use to always lie to my self and act like the jordans was wack. The patten leathers was the first pair that I couldn’t even front on. Them shits was pure fire

  7. wavySoles

    almost all my niggas from SDSU rock greys to XIIIs to XIV, IIIs…they
    got the perfect colors..bull colors!!!

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