Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

The “Wolf Grey” Air Jordan 5 is one of, if not the most anticipated Jordan Brand releases of the spring/summer season. While we wait on its May 14th release, we have spotted additional photos of this soon-to-be-released retro. It features a suede/nubuck-like material for the majority of the upper combined with white contrast stitching throughout the base. Wolf grey is also applied to the midsole, while light graphite accents appear in the form of the shoelaces and tongue. To finish it off, this shoe is complimented with an icy sole. View detailed photos.

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Source: Sneaker Hotline

  • A_town011

    idk love the Vs but not feeling the blue bottom

    • Nathan 303

      these are one of the sickest 5s wit the blue sole

    • A D

      yeah… that sole is whack!

  • mask

    doesnt go really well with the sunny days of spring…dont ya think? lol.

    • Trojansteel

      hell no

  • Nick Reese

    SOOO FRIKIN HOT, a must buy, i actually like the blue bottom

  • Nick Reese

    SOOO FRIKIN HOT, a must buy, i actually like the blue bottom

  • I’mItchy

    Hypebeasts deployed in 3…2…1…

  • StopHypingJordans

    LOL I can’t wait for all the JORDAN Hypebeast to come here and comment about how are amazing these are and how anybody that DOESN’T like this shoe is crazy and doesn’t know anything about shoes.

    • william hill-geanes


      • Usedbrain4sale

        Saying wack is wack… D’oh

    • Lloyd_wingfield

      Shut the F up!
      Take all that hate to a reebok page….loser
      If you don’t like them don’t comment keep it f******

  • trappedintime

    Do you have to be a hypebeast to think this is a great colorway for the V? The grapes and laneys will keep comin round in a rotation just like all the Js do, but I like seeing a fresh take that is tastefully done. And as far as the sole goes, give me an icy blue that i know won’t yellow. JB is doing the right thing by adding pigmentation to icy soles to prevent the ugly yellowing we’ve all experienced on the Vs and XIs.

    • DugLast

      Glad I’m not the only one who thinks the hypebeast talk is getting old. This colorway, like the maroons, take the V to another level. It’s a different kind of swag than the black/silver coming out in July and a win for JB.

  • DCast

    used to like these but too much grey going on, they need to be broken up, rather make an iD kobe VI.

    better than the stupid V bins though.

    • OOOH yeaa

      too much grey??? ya kno, they are called COOL GREY’S. idk wtf you were expecting. idiot.

      • Will

        *wolf grey you noob

  • Linden Mccreary

    Too much suede and thats hard to clean

  • Linden Mccreary

    Too much suede and thats hard to clean

    • Lemshaad

      U don’t know how to rock kicks w/o fukin em up

  • Linden Mccreary

    Too much suede and thats hard to clean

    • Gink

      So let me get this straight. From what I understand, too much suede is hard to clean?

      • Jason

        i use a suede/nubuck cleaner to clean all my Js. Works like magic and it’s not hard unless ur half retarded.

        • Jason

          on all of my Js that have suede/nubuck….not on all of them.

  • bOOtlegCraig

    i heard JB switched to the clear blue soles because they won’t yellow like the clear soles do.
    These are dope regardless. Will be in line May 14th. lol

    • sonicboy

      Anybody know where these will be available?

  • Anonymous

    Live um simple clean n fresh. Love the blue lace lock even I never use um lol

  • Mizdaprafit

    Dem shits nyce da blue bubble gum bottom set dem bitches off will be n line may 14th

  • jose

    “I’m gray, if I was green I would die…”

  • ramer

    who knows the cost??

    • Gink


    • Gink

      just joking. $150.

  • No

    best pics yet! still undecided tho

    • Marcy419

      You right!! Now I like them , I have seen them in person but these pics look better than the actual shoe!! Will buy!

  • Youngskunkman

    These r killa they fresco but my female gonna b diggin these on me n everythang

    • Smith

      fresco? lmao…must be a young gun

    • fsteez23

      Fresco in spanish means fag. . .SMH Step ur vocab up homie!

  • Ehfox17

    lmao @ all the people who still ask what price, have you bought a pair of shoes for the last ten years?

  • Divinemaster48

    im very disappointed….i really wanted these shoes to come out but not with the blue icy sole…..its not ugly but not how I want it….

  • Travirgrant

    Not a fan of Vs but those icy soles are straight DOPE!!!!!

  • sneakerhead4life

    i cant wait to get these shoes. i love the grey and the icy blue soles are a nice touch. i am counting the days.

  • Djrubadub


  • Michael Migliore

    these drop the day before my birthday, I need them.

  • Earl Handsome

    the 23 on the side ruin them makes them look like variants

    • Gink

      ha. your reverse psycology won’t work on me.

  • Winse

    Sick but not feelin’ that blue icey sole

  • Mrcrackk

    Dropping on my bday give me two pair like da 7s

  • Anonymous

    blue soles ruin it. the grey is too dark to go with that sole. had it the grey been lighter like it appeared in the original pics then it would probably go a lot better. but as it is this is now an easier pass than it otherwise would have been

  • Anonymous

    I like the sole but not with this shoe. The shoe is boring and has too much grey. These pics confirm my pass. Thanks.

  • joejoe

    I like these…simple.

  • Scoop

    not a fan of the white stitch…or light grey laces….but will cop cause i collect but wont wear…no hypebeast here. Pure SneakGeek 4 Life!!! Bring back the Shaqnosis!!!!

  • Dbullis13

    I’m switching to white laces and killing it, don’t know what y’all talking bout!

  • Trojansteel

    “mommy, mommy, can you please buy these for me so I can keep up and think im cool” all you kids enjoy, my daughter is 14, I think she might like em

    • Deltron300030

      You’re gay..

      • Trojansteel

        far from it bitch, while you save your money for kicks too keep up, they get sent to me because I have ity like that, all you fucken clowns……..

    • Nobody

      your daughter can get it in the booty

      • Trojansteel

        right, im sure you typed that while waiting on the fucken bus

        • Trojansteel

          probably cant even really afford jays…….haha. thanks for the laugh bitch, all the hatters on here can keep ridin that dick while you chase every fucken jay out there….just tryin to keep up, fuck all yall…..

  • Airwhat69

    So many haters!!! All that salt ya’ll throwing…put a little on ya greens and eat it!….around here in the DMV….these 5’s will be gone sunshine!!! ill get at least a pair…

  • Casanova noir

    Just not feeling these at all… is anyone else fed up with gray, gray and more gray? What’s so great about gray anyway?

    A great looking shoe, but I’m just tired of gray, grey, wolf grey, cool gray, cool grey, or w/e other gray/grey term JB or any company can think of.

  • Get1

    I got way too many V’s!! Nice….. But I’ll wait for the Laney’s

  • DyNaSTy201


  • Airwhat69

    Yea the blue sole sucks…Icy Clear…and we have a WINNER!!!!…..but still gonna cop…LOLOL

  • Fsteez23

    Fresco? In spanish that means FAG. SMH Step ur Vocabulary up Son. . .LMAO!

  • Kidcudddi89

    This is more like a winter shoe. Still I will cop. Change the laces to white

  • New Player

    * HEAVY BREATHING * These Are Gonna Be The Hottest Release All Year!

  • cRAZY

    the sOLE icey bLUE is fresh and stops yellowing marcs… quit crying… dont buy em if you dont like em cuz of that……. actually like how its everywhere too… from heels up to toe…

  • Zach b.


  • Myownstyle

    IF these were fucken pink you fucks would like them, fucken followers

    • Ehfox17

      lmao dude, i bet you got a BRED fetish

  • Faguo

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  • yeah

    does anyone know if this will be a general release ?

  • Noti659

    nice gotta get these