Celebrity Rewind: Fabolous ft. Diddy “Trade it All Pt. 2″

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Nice Kicks presents Celebrity Rewind, a new weekly column turning back the clock to past moments in celebrity sneaker heat. The first installment kicks off with sneaker sightings from a Celebrity Sneaker Stalker regular in his early days on the scene.

Even back in the throwback era Fabolous’ sneaker game was nice. Niiicce. In his video for “Trade it All Pt. 2″ there are cameos by the likes of DeRay, Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer, and Stephon Marbury; however, some choice retros also make appearances. Watch closely and you will see Street Dreams Fab in the Air Jordan 7 “French Blue”, Air Jordan 7 “Raptor”, and Air Jordan 5 “Laney”. Can you spot them all? Watch the video and check out detailed shots of the shoes below.

Video: “Trade it All Pt. 2″
Artist: Fabolous ft. Diddy and Jagged Edge
Kicks: Air Jordan 7 “French Blue”, Air Jordan 5 “Laney”, and Air Jordan 7 “Raptor”
Year: 2003

Celebrity Rewind: Fabolous ft. Diddy "Trade it All Pt. 2"

Air Jordan 7 "French Blue" @ 0:21

Celebrity Rewind: Fabolous ft. Diddy "Trade it All Pt. 2"

Air Jordan 5 "Laney" @ 1:54

Celebrity Rewind: Fabolous ft. Diddy "Trade it All Pt. 2"

Air Jordan 7 Black/Charcoal-Red @ 3:20

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29 Comments on "Celebrity Rewind: Fabolous ft. Diddy “Trade it All Pt. 2″"

    • donPerrion

      yall should see the video of jagged edges’ garage sell, they had hella fakes lol… even a pair of green and “see through” 5’s

    • Neves O. Elbuod

      you a hater …none of fabs J’s were fake..you just mad that you didnt have them back then LOL…I had all those same J’s back then and still do deadstock Hater

      • Mr Steviet

        Honestly only them 3 pair noted were probably authentic … that was the era for factory variants n them some of fab shoes were those ….

        • systemsyko

          Yeah man you right. His jordans were fake back then. I know cause i was a senior in hoigh school when this song came out and we all knew those 7’s were variants. The tounge isnt even the right color. thats an instant giveaway. Fab dont rock fakes no more but he was def king of variants back in those days. Call me a hater but im just stating facts.

    • Qnzhooligan04

      my dad owns a shoe store in brooklyn by marcy. fab came in and bought rows of kicks they had in his size.. dont tell me his jays were fake.

    • Kick in the nuts

      it is funny how people are quick to say fake back then everyone was ort had a pair and wearing fake j – —- cock sucker

  1. Giggy09

    I’m I the only one seeing FAAAAAAAAAAAAKES AIR JORDAN 17 LOW at 0:42…..
    Diddy X FAB X FAKE JAYS hahahahahahahahahahahahaha nicely done guys…..

    • If that’s the case, Mr. Smarty Pants, then why does the pic NiceKicks has above, NOT match your description and look exactly like what Fab is wearing? Hmm…

      Back to the drawing board you go!

  2. Trojansteel

    If somebody flames me that’s fine, I own my own store and far from broke……but don’t you think it’s odd how you can have all the money, cars and hoes……but your shoes are fake as hell? I’m far from a hater but you couldn’t pay me to wear fakes……I’ll wear fucken wack zigs before I wear a fake jay or force……fabulous life or not, peace bitches

    • Trojansteel

      maybe thats true……as for myself that doesnt apply…….I remember in the mid 90’s when our shit even started to crease…..they got thrown in the fucken closet…used for washin the car and shit. Not sure were you from, but the last time I checked when knowbody really cared about how their shoes looked, they were wearin parachute pants and spinnin on their heads back in the day…..

  3. Thompko20

    I saw this years ago, the 17’s was the first to catch my eyes! I laughed so hard at Fab in all his boys with the fakes on!! They should have cut there feet out peroid! I can remember seeing lil flip with some fake Louis V 11’s! I can name plenty more stars!

  4. Bronxzfinestz

    Well fab did admit to rocking fakes and giving some to his boys. His vii could have been samples since this was recorded in summer and the vii didn’t drop till december of 2002. Nice looking chicks in the video though.

  5. You niggas are retarded! Every pair of Jordans in the video that Fab wore, were ALL authentic. And if anything else, niggas were rocking samples, before the kicks even released to the general public. The tongue on his French Blue’s WERE NOT “all blue.” They looked just like the pic shown above.

    Problem is, while Fab and all these other celebs were rocking heat, many (of you) people were TOO BROKE to purchase and/or they weren’t even into kicks then, so the knowledge many CLAIM to have now, they didn’t then, Which automatically made people ASSume, “those aren’t real.”

    True, the variant J’s started to be breaking in around that time, but I can’t name not ONE sneaker enthusiast, that wore nor purchased a fake, KNOWINGLY/UNKNOWINGLY!!

    I remember niggas saying The Game’s 2000 Olympic VI’s were fakes. And Fat Joe’s kicks were fakes… how can you get a “Terror Squad” custom sneaker (FROM Jordan Brand) or one with your name on them and they be “fakes?”

    What a bunch of dumb asses!

  6. Sneakfreek182

    You guys are idiots, those french blue 7s were fakes the rest were real. And Fab did wear fakes if you watch the basketball video with bow wow he’s wearing fakes throughout almost the whole videos. And bad fakes too like white red and blue 11s and all that.

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