Air Jordan 2 Max First Look

Air Jordan 2 First Look

Following in the footsteps of the first Air Jordan classic to receive a performance upgrade, the Air Jordan Alpha 1, the Air Jordan 2 will get a new undercarriage and modern upgrades. The upper looks to be nearly identical to the classic silhouette, but the full-length Max Air sole we’ve seen throughout the Nike and Jordan Brand basketball lineups now provides cushioning. This particular colorway rehashes an OG look, but features patent leather on the quarter panel and other minor changes. Expect more information to surface on this new hybrid very soon.

Air Jordan 2 Max

Air Jordan 2 First Look

Air Jordan 2 Max First Look

Air Jordan 2 First Look

Air Jordan 2 Max First Look

Air Jordan 2 First Look

Air Jordan 2 Max First Look

Air Jordan 2 Max First Look

Air Jordan 2 Max First Look

Air Jordan 2 Max First Look

Air Jordan 2 Max First Look

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ll probably catch a lot of flack for this, but I like these. Not as a replacement for the II but on its own. It keeps the silhouette the same while updating with the most comfortable cushioning option available. Truth be told adding a 360 sole to the II doesn’t even make it look all that weird since the original had a really thick midsole. The only thing I’d change is the color of the airsole, I’d probably go with black to make it look closer to the original colorway than the red shown here.

    I’d like to think of these as a continuation of the Alpha series they started last year. Update the old shoes with some modern tech.

    1. No flack for you dude. These look pretty alright. I am still like WTF, but hey it seems to work I guess.

      Still say the AJ2 is the worst of the AJ line but its nice to see them trying to make something happen for the worst sneaker AJ ever made.

      Did I mention that I don’t like the AJ2? Cause I don’t but this goes to show the right materials, colorway, and fusion can turn a flop that almost made Jordan go to adidas into being on 2 people per every 60 in highschool

      1. Aj says:

        Smh the AJ2 is NOT the worst in the AJ line. Not even close. Look at the XVs, the XXs, and the 2009s. Those are all so much worse than the AJ2. The 2 has clean lines and looks very classy. It might be more conservative than the other signatures, but keep in mind that it was still a revolutionary shoe in its time

        1. Marcus says:

          lol i feel ya on the 15s and 20s, but 2009s, aint nothin wrong with 2009s… especially at 60 bucks :) for that white cw

        2. A_town011 says:

          Man the XVs are dope yall aint true sneakerheads it jus poses a unique design that some cats just cant rock

        3. Anonymous says:

          Hey 20 are real comfy. Lol 15′s never wore but yea not the nicest

      2. Dasigmas says:

        The AJ2 is not even close to being the worse of the AJ line. Actually from an historical perspective, if you were around during that time, evrybody loved the AJ2 because it didn’t have a swoosh! At the time, that was something unheard of! So if you was ballin on the court with some 2s- all eyes were on you!

        1. Donavon_wardell says:


    2. I love ‘em man. And I’m seriously not one of those into the whole “Fusion” and “Hybrid” thing. But when done RIGHT, like the above, sign me up!

      These are pretty fucking gorgeous, in my opinion. I love the II’s and the 360 Air Unit (respectively) so a mix like this is perfect, in my eyes! As long as they, at JB, don’t get TOO carried away…

      1. 55TGH says:

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks these are hot. I liked the Alpha 1s and I like these, too. Interested to see the price point, but these have my attention. And, they’re better than Fusions.

    3. Nate DOGG says:

      sicker then aids dopper then crack

  2. JAMEL says:

    they are ok. i wouldn’t wear them out. good workout or ball shoe.

    1. my point exactly if you love the 2′s but want some J’s to ball in here ya go rejoice! cop like 3 pair and be happy

  3. Cesar Perez says:

    1st and I’m speechless!!!! Why am I like a maybe pass?

  4. DopeMatic3002 says:

    I won’t be the last to say it, but please, no!

  5. Ely0222 says:

    I also like these, i bet these are super comfy, the Jordan 2 is a classic but this sole looks like it just belongs with these

  6. NardGoHard says:

    better for actually balling in, but the OG look is better for off the court

  7. Jay941boy3 says:

    These Nice

  8. Tampa Bo says:

    These look better than the regular IIs.

  9. King says:

    These are nice and clean looking actually.

  10. Peoples says:

    Man i love the 2s and these r nice and im a og sneaker head maybe i would add some more black i guess but ill cop these whenever they drop no question let the hatin begin on these lol

  11. CRUPZILLA says:

    black/silver colorway and i’m in

    The great CrupZilla!

  12. Bigboi1990 says:

    Man i gotta cop me sum II’s nd deez kinda hot…hmmmm lol

  13. jose says:

    I like these but leave Jordans alone! Is it “Tinker Approved”?…just don’t touch my 13′s…thank you…

    1. Anonymous says:

      Why would it matter if it was Tinker Approved? He didn’t design the IIs, those were Bruce Kilgore’s baby.

  14. WOW!! They picked THE right pair to try that out!! I can’t remember the last time my eyes lit up like this, looking at a pair of Jordan Hybrids!

  15. Cincinnati_SOLE says:

    Better than ugly ass AFJ
    they should do this with J’s instead of AIR FORCE SOLES!!!!!!

  16. 2-A-Those says:

    Damn JB is really reachin

    why all his products just look like nike knock offs?? Theres always a new idea on old idea. Keep the classics classic and think new baby!! He like F it make some crap and put the jumpman on it, someone will buy it!!

    No ideas original (Nas voice)..probably some 60 year olds on the design team

  17. I dig them. Black would have def. been the favorable air bubble color, though.

  18. mask says:

    oh man this takes air max overdose to a new level…they nice though…but man i have seen a lot of AM360 soles as of late.

  19. i like them! makes the shoe better n worth the price in my opinion

  20. DBLOCK says:

    WOW, I’m shocked at all the hatred already….I AM ALSO anti fusion HOWEVER just to keep it real this shoe looks VERY VERY CLEAN and nice….definitely worth a second look…I would not purchase for everyday but definitely worth a look at for a ball shoe….I’m actually impressed with this match….BUT i do not want to see more fusions….STOP tinkering with the retros JB….AND notice they not callin it a fusion its an upgrade! LMAO…who u tryin to fool JB? but thumbs up to this version now stop no more please!

    inaugural mashed up spizikes = mixed reviews
    6 rings = garbage
    fusions = garbage
    alphas = garbage
    6+17 = garbage
    2.5 = garbage
    9.5 = garbage
    Air Jordan 2 “UPGRADES” = ? TBD


    1. the grey 3m 6 rings were fire!! i mean the other ones sucked but those greys were sooo fresh imo