Air Jordan 2 First Look

Following in the footsteps of the first Air Jordan classic to receive a performance upgrade, the Air Jordan Alpha 1, the Air Jordan 2 will get a new undercarriage and modern upgrades. The upper looks to be nearly identical to the classic silhouette, but the full-length Max Air sole we’ve seen throughout the Nike and Jordan Brand basketball lineups now provides cushioning. This particular colorway rehashes an OG look, but features patent leather on the quarter panel and other minor changes. Expect more information to surface on this new hybrid very soon.

Air Jordan 2 Max

Air Jordan 2 First Look

Air Jordan 2 Max First Look

Air Jordan 2 First Look

Air Jordan 2 Max First Look

Air Jordan 2 First Look

Air Jordan 2 Max First Look

Air Jordan 2 Max First Look

Air Jordan 2 Max First Look

Air Jordan 2 Max First Look

Air Jordan 2 Max First Look

Source: marqueesole

  • Anonymous

    I’ll probably catch a lot of flack for this, but I like these. Not as a replacement for the II but on its own. It keeps the silhouette the same while updating with the most comfortable cushioning option available. Truth be told adding a 360 sole to the II doesn’t even make it look all that weird since the original had a really thick midsole. The only thing I’d change is the color of the airsole, I’d probably go with black to make it look closer to the original colorway than the red shown here.

    I’d like to think of these as a continuation of the Alpha series they started last year. Update the old shoes with some modern tech.

    • beGrown… beSexy…

      No flack for you dude. These look pretty alright. I am still like WTF, but hey it seems to work I guess.

      Still say the AJ2 is the worst of the AJ line but its nice to see them trying to make something happen for the worst sneaker AJ ever made.

      Did I mention that I don’t like the AJ2? Cause I don’t but this goes to show the right materials, colorway, and fusion can turn a flop that almost made Jordan go to adidas into being on 2 people per every 60 in highschool

      • Aj

        Smh the AJ2 is NOT the worst in the AJ line. Not even close. Look at the XVs, the XXs, and the 2009s. Those are all so much worse than the AJ2. The 2 has clean lines and looks very classy. It might be more conservative than the other signatures, but keep in mind that it was still a revolutionary shoe in its time

        • Marcus

          lol i feel ya on the 15s and 20s, but 2009s, aint nothin wrong with 2009s… especially at 60 bucks :) for that white cw

        • A_town011

          Man the XVs are dope yall aint true sneakerheads it jus poses a unique design that some cats just cant rock

        • Anonymous

          Hey 20 are real comfy. Lol 15’s never wore but yea not the nicest

      • Dasigmas

        The AJ2 is not even close to being the worse of the AJ line. Actually from an historical perspective, if you were around during that time, evrybody loved the AJ2 because it didn’t have a swoosh! At the time, that was something unheard of! So if you was ballin on the court with some 2s- all eyes were on you!

        • Donavon_wardell


    • Darnell Yancey

      I love ’em man. And I’m seriously not one of those into the whole “Fusion” and “Hybrid” thing. But when done RIGHT, like the above, sign me up!

      These are pretty fucking gorgeous, in my opinion. I love the II’s and the 360 Air Unit (respectively) so a mix like this is perfect, in my eyes! As long as they, at JB, don’t get TOO carried away…

      • 55TGH

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks these are hot. I liked the Alpha 1s and I like these, too. Interested to see the price point, but these have my attention. And, they’re better than Fusions.

    • Nate DOGG

      sicker then aids dopper then crack


    they are ok. i wouldn’t wear them out. good workout or ball shoe.

    • Dominique Richardson

      my point exactly if you love the 2’s but want some J’s to ball in here ya go rejoice! cop like 3 pair and be happy

  • Cesar Perez

    1st and I’m speechless!!!! Why am I like a maybe pass?

  • DopeMatic3002

    I won’t be the last to say it, but please, no!

  • Ely0222

    I also like these, i bet these are super comfy, the Jordan 2 is a classic but this sole looks like it just belongs with these

  • NardGoHard

    better for actually balling in, but the OG look is better for off the court

  • Jay941boy3

    These Nice

  • Tampa Bo

    These look better than the regular IIs.

  • King

    These are nice and clean looking actually.

  • Peoples

    Man i love the 2s and these r nice and im a og sneaker head maybe i would add some more black i guess but ill cop these whenever they drop no question let the hatin begin on these lol


    black/silver colorway and i’m in

    The great CrupZilla!

  • Bigboi1990

    Man i gotta cop me sum II’s nd deez kinda hot…hmmmm lol

  • jose

    I like these but leave Jordans alone! Is it “Tinker Approved”?…just don’t touch my 13’s…thank you…

    • Anonymous

      Why would it matter if it was Tinker Approved? He didn’t design the IIs, those were Bruce Kilgore’s baby.

  • Darnell Yancey

    WOW!! They picked THE right pair to try that out!! I can’t remember the last time my eyes lit up like this, looking at a pair of Jordan Hybrids!

  • Cincinnati_SOLE

    Better than ugly ass AFJ
    they should do this with J’s instead of AIR FORCE SOLES!!!!!!

  • 2-A-Those

    Damn JB is really reachin

    why all his products just look like nike knock offs?? Theres always a new idea on old idea. Keep the classics classic and think new baby!! He like F it make some crap and put the jumpman on it, someone will buy it!!

    No ideas original (Nas voice)..probably some 60 year olds on the design team

  • Michael Migliore

    I dig them. Black would have def. been the favorable air bubble color, though.

  • mask

    oh man this takes air max overdose to a new level…they nice though…but man i have seen a lot of AM360 soles as of late.

  • Ro Jamaicanrum Malcolm

    i like them! makes the shoe better n worth the price in my opinion


    WOW, I’m shocked at all the hatred already….I AM ALSO anti fusion HOWEVER just to keep it real this shoe looks VERY VERY CLEAN and nice….definitely worth a second look…I would not purchase for everyday but definitely worth a look at for a ball shoe….I’m actually impressed with this match….BUT i do not want to see more fusions….STOP tinkering with the retros JB….AND notice they not callin it a fusion its an upgrade! LMAO…who u tryin to fool JB? but thumbs up to this version now stop no more please!

    inaugural mashed up spizikes = mixed reviews
    6 rings = garbage
    fusions = garbage
    alphas = garbage
    6+17 = garbage
    2.5 = garbage
    9.5 = garbage
    Air Jordan 2 “UPGRADES” = ? TBD


    • Mark Anderson

      the grey 3m 6 rings were fire!! i mean the other ones sucked but those greys were sooo fresh imo

  • Kevin Boi


  • Andrewwu415

    This is dope! Hypebeasts these days are way too stubborn to appreciate good innovation by JB..

  • dopekickz

    Who agreed to these? They need to stop fuckin wit the classics…. Just make new shoes and leave the retros the fuck alone, PLEASEEEEEE….and for the record, these look like straight Shit!

    • Darnell Yancey

      That’s a bit of contradiction though, don’t you think? As sneaker “heads”/enthusiasts, etc. we ALL “say” we want new stuff, but as seen in years past the new stuff is typically ASS! THEN we say, “well put out more retros” and when they do, we want something “new.”

      While you say you want new shoes, I can pretty much guarantee you don’t have: Evolution 85’s, Flight 45’s, Air Jordan 2010-2011’s, etc. etc. & neither do I. WHY? Because they’re ASS!

      These are a GREAT combination. You’re just fighting yourself to admit it, so you don’t seem like you’re following the bunch.

  • eric fresh

    I like em…i’d like to see some of the other (better) colorways, even the new school ones. The first 2s I ever got were the b&w last year.

  • Deerickb

    Solehearted in the building, as a og collector im not a fan of the hybrid shoe at all outside of the spizikes and they remain the only hybrid jordan sneaker i own but these joints here i will def purchase although i dont like JB playing with the classics.. Leave the J4s,J11 and J13s alone.

  • fiendish

    love ’em. but that “AIR” on the back needs to go, it looks retarded.

    • Darnell Yancey

      Yeah, something else needs to be done with that. I don’t know what, but it does look odd. Maybe if it (“AIR”) was bold and an offsetting white Jumpman was added. (?)

  • Bware113

    I kinda dig this hybrid. No lie I would cop and hoop in these. I want a different sole on these, but this actually works.

  • kid vic

    its interesting. the side profile isnt that great imo but then i again im not a huge fan of 2’s

  • dbowe44

    I really like the way this hybrid looks. The fact that the only things added to the shoe are below the mid-sole is really cool to me. The full-length airbag will make the shoe extremely comfortable too.

    There is one gripe I have about the shoe though: why in the world does the top part of the back of the shoe say “AIR?” That looks so corny to me. I wish JB would have used the wings logo or the “JORDAN” from last year’s II releases instead.

  • Anonymous

    I mastabate my penus shaft to these in a repetitive up and down motion and then I climax all over my chest, neck, chin, and stomatch. Ya dad wore his Green AJ 2s for the first time last night and my achilleeyoy tendon is a raw dickens right now, and they were not comfortable at all. I pinch my dink to Lebron’s shoeline and those betches is rockin that 360 sole and they are a comfortable hoss.

    I agree with everyone saying they should color the bag to make it look OG, if there was a way they could pull that off with a set of 5s, I would straight suck the pants off myself. A classic silhouwee with modern comfort and technology? Oh plee, sign me up!

    • Darnell Yancey


  • (216)Cleveland

    not bad at all. like some others said the AIR looks a little wierd but i think i would cop. and as far the 2’s being the worst jordan to me nothing compares to the 15 as being the worst..

    • Darnell Yancey

      They were narrow as fuck (too much for me) and my toes were bunched up like I was doing Chinese foot binding! I DO still love the flint greys! WTF did I give them away?!

    • Anonymous

      Word son! Ya dad agrees about the 15s, those dirty cocksuckers look like a pussyhole if you look from the top down. I am all set wearing a shoe that looks like a cross between a bitch’s fuckin hatchet wound and a Robin Hood shoe.

  • William Villegas

    These are good for playing basketball in. Playing in the og II’s is likr playing barefoot on rocks. This will provide a classic JB look with and updated sole for comfort. As for just wearing out and showing off you J collection, NO.

  • Jabz215

    is the DESIGN GENE POOL really this wak at JB? Umm hey guys how can we charge $200 for a pair of these bunk ass 2swe got layin around? GOT IT!… lets just smash a full air unit under them! GREEAT IDEA BOB! U get a raise an a new office….Mass produce this new FRANKENJORDAN immediately……..LOL

  • wavySoles

    I would cop for a bill…no more than that…but feeling the air unit

  • Ace

    Strictly Hoopin Shoe

  • Sts2nd

    these r the kinda fusions we need not the garbage AFJ just hope the dont go overboard and try 2 do them all like this i cant see alot of retros like this but maby the 22s and the 23s?

  • Prl2

    man these are really nice i cant lie im not into hybrids and fushions either but these are dope if they look good on my feet im coppin!!!

  • Ron Williams Jr.

    re these really considered a fusion those?

  • Trojansteel

    Who gives a fuck for liking this shoe? Ill have them, better then some of the other bullshit that’s been droppin……….

  • Probably Not Seth

    I like them, but really it’s a catch 22. They arent even retros so the aren’t for streetwear, but at the same time there are probably way better shoes to work out in…

    • Darnell Yancey

      ??? – Makes not a bit of sense. Retros = “Streetwear” but because of these & the 360 sole unit, they’re better shoes to work out in?

      *eyebrow raised*

  • flymikexl

    whew in black and red these are going to be so sick

  • dj decks

    i like em!

  • sonicboy

    Doesn’t look too bad, one of the better fusions, but for the price they will prob come out for, not worth it.

  • Supadupa_23

    Not Feelin the top cap looking thing. they should of made it clean

  • Robert6791

    Watch JB is gunna start putting air pockets on all retros. This is another fusion all over again. Smh!

  • Anonymous

    I guess they’re ok…..I really dont care too much for hybrids, but at least these aint as bad as the other ones. They also have a functional aspect to them with the full-length Air Max unit, i guess that’s one thing to appreciate. I still would rather have JB’s new technology go towards a brand-new design rather than just relying on “fusing” it with an old design though.

  • Jomoso

    niccccccccceeeeeeeee !!!!!!!! id rock em and kill with em

  • Patron James

    not for me.

  • BV

    I immediately got the feeling that JB’s gonna max all the numbered J’s.. But I like the way these turned out. IMO, JB did a good job here, but then again, of course, knowing JB, the “upgrade” would make these more expensive..

  • Jthrillz728

    On everything if the JORDAN BRAND didnt release retro . They all wud be sum ass ppl . This is disgusting … im tellin the truth .


  • ThatBamaIsh

    I like these shoes alot man but i wish the midsole would have been black like the regular 2’s and i woulda been sold but, i still might cop.

  • Will

    is it just me or do these resemble the LeBron 7’s or 8’s? I think adding the air unit gave it that effect but it could just be me.

  • solesaved

    I do like these and i might scoop a pair if i was to see them in the flesh, but i hope these is not the green light to go start changing the jordan line up with air max soles. The hybrids, fuzions, Spiz’ikes, 60 plus and whatever else is enough. No more Frankensteining models together. Jordan Designers really need to think of some FRESH IDEAS instead of Xeroxing old ones.

  • Airmaine91580

    These actually are nice, I could get it in with these on or off court

  • TNT

    This is my idea!!!!

  • TNT

    This is my idea!!!!

  • Winse

    WTF JB Why?!?

  • spreadtheword82

    Can’t believe the over-hype ont those hybrids?! I’m tellin’ you cuzz this Air Jordan II Max is such a mess and if they were unbranded shoes you would all say they are crap, look like a mentally retarded shoe for distorted feets #bigfail #eaaasypass

  • Speedy

    off the hook i will be getting those

  • bxny

    i like them

  • Anonymous

    It’s like a aj2 and Lebron 7/8 mixture. Not bad. I need a new hooping shoe. Might cop

  • Jason Smith

    great shoe for hooping with style. not something i’d craft an outfit around.

  • Frank_castle329

    Black these out and I’ll definitely buy them for work shoes.

  • Paulix

    Wouldn’t rock these but would hoop. On them, or work out with them on, that’s bout it though!

  • King3kris

    No no no please don’t ruin the 2s like this

  • Bradsgray

    Might as well buy the take flights for cheaper, kind of a slept on silo IMO anyway.

  • JM

    I can’t wait to get these at the NIke Outlet.

  • The Prophet 57

    AJ2 is trash anyway. There was a reason MJ was about to leave nike before they did the 3…

  • Inluvwitkicks

    idk the 2’s are mad comfy. so idk about the whole mash up wit the max but ill prolly pass.

  • D Wash


  • Ohio419boy

    They should make the sole black on these.

  • D Music


    • D Music



    just so everyone is clear…


    swear people have DON’T PAY ATTENTION WHEN THEY READ or they just that fukn illiterate.



  • Tanthonym87

    This is bs messing up the classics i do not agree they didnt even keep the sole

  • Dcarterfilms

    this are nice sumthin new but yet classic feel i fucks wit em

  • Dnice

    “I wouldn’t wear them out”…….who gives a fuck what you would do. These smoke the OG’s.

  • Robert_dlrs108

    Wow I can’t believe……… I will get in those

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