Air Jordan 5 “Wolf Grey” Detailed Photos

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Two weeks ago, we learned the Air Jordan 5 “Wolf Grey” will officially release on May 14, 2011. In case you were on the fence about purchasing this shoe, we now have extremely detailed photos of this upcoming retro to sway you in either direction. The 100% wolf grey-colored base is comprised of a very highly-detailed, tumbled nubuck material with white contrast stitching throughout the upper. Light graphite hints compliment the wolf grey base nicely in the form of the shoelaces, tongue and the #23 shadow on the side panel. Other intriguing aspects include the blue-tinted outsole, a speckled design on the midsole and the blue-tinted lacelock. Is this one of the better Air Jordan 5s we have seen? View additional photos below.

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Air Jordan 5 "Wolf Grey"

Source: Marquee Sole


  1. Toth_929 says:

    this is a now a definite buy!

    1. Ely0222 says:

      Definite maybe two pairs depends on whats droppin around that time

      1. Jls Pwll says:

        why do ppl get two pairs?

        1. Chris Lau says:

          keep one, sell one perhaps?

    2. Dasigmas says:

      I agree! 5s and cool grey cw go with everything- summer & winter

  2. DugLast says:

    No sitting on the fence over here. AUTO COP.

  3. DaddyWhoaBucks says:

    Fresh!!!!! If you don’t think so……………….you need to kill yourself!

    1. YOURDAD says:

      / / /

      1. guest says:

        you probably rockin team jordans.

        1. ha says:

          bitch he probably rocking fakes

      2. Brantt789 says:

        STFU if u really dont like it why did u click on it . ur right on how des kids obsess over shoes.

        1. guest says:

          bitch please. this website is for people who appreciate shoes, and apperantly you don’t so get the fuck outta here with that shit!

      3. jsallday says:

        this 30 year old thinks that they are fresh, so this 30 year old i guess will be rockin whack ass j’s

      4. Jls Pwll says:

        like he said, u should kill yoself. These go fckn harddddddddddddd… ur opinion is trash and u dont deserve one.. u probably rockin kswiss or somethin. lol

      5. Chris Lau says:

        if they’re not for you, then they’re not for you. That’s fine. But you don’t need to be posting comments with so much hate in them! :)

  4. These look amazing IMO . definite purchase for me

  5. Carterjustin80 says:

    This is a automatic cop, Then in August the black ones will be purched. And if JB is even thinking of coming out with the Grapes & Laneys those to will also be copped but double time.

  6. Killaj says:


  7. JayPobz says:

    anyone know release details? Is this a limited release or a wide release? i.e. footlocker, champs, finishline, etc

    1. Jiil79_8 says:

      WTF u wud put champs or fnishline they wiil have them at footaction

      1. Shh says:

        wtf wrong with that??

  8. jj2345 says:

    not one flaw these things is perfect better then the cool greys imo so let the hate start cuz it dont matter what yall hypebeast think

  9. H Pound says:

    Is the tongue reflective?

  10. jasongeorgesmith says:

    “so fresh and so clean…”

  11. these are beautiful.

  12. miz says:

    General release shouldnt be a problem to get ur hands on them

  13. TheshoeHunter says:


  14. New Player says:

    My Fucking Heart Just Dropped.

  15. crack says:

    Cool BUT These are gonna look terrible when they start turning Piss Yellow. Hate 5′s for that!

    1. Ali Gretzky says:

      lol you must be smoking yourself, dey gonna look ok if dey do

  16. DEVIN8624 says:

    THESE ARE ILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOUTS OUT TO THE 5′S!!!!!!

  17. Sneakerfreaknick says:

    Hell yes!

  18. mosdefinite says:

    wasn’t the biggest fan of V’s…until these. some colorways just set a design off.

  19. only1jeep says:

    These should be called the Dylan’s…. Because they spit hot fi-yah!

    1. wavySoles says: