Air Jordan 11 “Cool Grey” Carbon Fiber

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Air Jordan 11 "Cool Grey" Carbon Fiber

Is a Carbon Fiber mudguard the next evolution of the Jordan 11? Perhaps, as we see pictures of the?Air Jordan 11 “Cool Grey” Carbon Fiber. The upper, midsole, and outsole are carbon copies of the Jordan 11 “Cool Grey” while the mudguard differs using black carbon fiber print as opposed to grey patent leather. The Air Jordan 11 was the first Jordan to use carbon fiber technology, does this interpretation look good? Tell us in the comment section.

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Air Jordan 11
“Cool Grey” Carbon Fiber

Air Jordan 11 "Cool Grey" Carbon Fiber

Air Jordan 11 "Cool Grey" Carbon Fiber

Air Jordan 11 "Cool Grey" Carbon Fiber

Air Jordan 11 "Cool Grey" Carbon Fiber

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89 Comments on "Air Jordan 11 “Cool Grey” Carbon Fiber"

      • MG

        Fake fake fake! The website URL is from China, the capital of fake Jordans. I could get a nice pair of these for $50 on the right website. Why are we wasting time on obvious fakes??

        • THIER THE CAPITAL OF REAL JORDAN FUCK YOU TALKING ABOUT?? PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK! air jordans areNT just made in china theyre made in Indonesia sometimes vietnam

          • Jmalz

            Theyre not fake. Do your research. the Concord Carbon Fibers were worn by NBA players on all-star weekends. Jordan wants to replace this w. the patent leather because its stronger, and lighter.

  1. JR_LYON_06 (EBAY) = LIAR!

    I like the “carbon fiber” look MUCH more on the concord version! Looks like a fake J on the Cool Grey – hey hey hey! What do you say? JR_LYON_06 is SUPER gay!

  2. Desp

    Man those look retarded. Leave the 11’s alone, they dont need to be customized/upgraded. They are great the way they are.

  3. Anonymous

    If the Carbon Fiber was a grey it might look real, but thats not a good look….On the concords would be acceptable

  4. Djjay281

    To me that looks ok…….but…………Looks like more of a Fake Flea Market J tho. I really wouldnt rock those!!!

  5. PresentFuture

    Better than patent leather. If Tinker could of used Carbon Fiber in 1995 he would have. No cracking like patent will after a couple wears. Now lets do something about the clear/yellow sole. Sure would be nice to pay 175 for a pair of shoes that wont look like trash after a year even if you only wear them two or three times.

  6. big e

    Jordan is doing to much, they need to just keep with the og colors, i would never buy this. Just hurry up an release the grape 5’s and the concord 11’s

  7. Sequence001

    This is soooo crazy because I JUST made the EXACT color combo on NBA 2K11 like 3 mins ago and was thinking what if JB came out with these, then I come on here and it’s reality now lol. Hmmm now let me come up with some Olympic VII’s in a size 14 and maybe JB will release those :/. …(referring to The 2010 VII’s)

  8. Twino89

    these are not a good look bcuz of the color combination…but i like the carbon fiber idea..the concords are a must have if released..JB has to evolve a lil..

  9. Anonymous

    Well these suck. I see the carbon fibers and think just give me another pair of the CG XIs because those are much more dope.

  10. Dee Ray

    I Love 11’s BUT this is a Flat Mess!!! What would you
    wear with these???? Sometimes things should be left alone!

  11. Meel99

    I think these shoes could be customs… If U google carbon fiber stickers, U’ll see what I’m saying. As for the look, it would have been better if the fiber was grey not black. The black looks best on the concords in this case. If these are customs though, its a good idea and really good custom job. They got everyone wondering if they’re legit samples or not!
    To all of those upset about a change to the 11s, get over it!!! Yes I love a classic shoe as much as the next sneaker head, and agree their is no need to change them at all, but a positive change is good as well. Nothing wrong with a fresh new look. If U don’t like a new look on a shoe then don’t support.

  12. DugLast

    I’m convinced the only way I’ll like black carbon fiber on an XI is if it’s paired with black mesh like the Space Jams. Other than that, I’ll pass.

  13. Tykvrbl

    lets just pretend these are fakes… then what? honestly, if JB keeps coming out of different colorways im gonna have to start passing. its becoming gross negligence

  14. Tampa Bo

    These guys work for jordan brand. they probably just make stuff up to try it out. The XIs concords were dope though.

  15. Devin8624

    these are the most annoying thing ive ever seen. im not just bullshitn just sayin this seriously.. why did someone waste valuable minutes in their life to create those?

  16. i love carbon fiber so i freaked out when i saw these but really they do look better on the concords the black clashes wth the gray. but if they changed the tone of the cf i would definitely cop heem!

    • Bin

      I like the XI’s with nothing but the patent leather- thats it… I also dont think patent leather should be on any other Jordan- i.e. White/Varsity Red-Obsidian V. That V would’ve been nuts but the patent leather messed it up.

  17. Elijah0628

    these look likee . . . SHIT . i like the other concord carbon fiber better , thouqh i don’t like them either

  18. Dave Chappelle

    Haters gonna hate, Lovers gonna love, I don’t really want none of the above, I want to pee on you! Drip drip drip……I want to pee on your food.

    Stop the hate these would look much better on my feet. Cause dude pictured got fat ass duck feet. Just sayin’.

  19. Im not even gonna front, Id wear damn near ANY colorway of the 11. I love the look and feel of this shoe, even though its not my favorite J. seriously just taking a look at the damn shoe is awesome. I will not complain about any of the colors. even the Ray allen color way looked cool and it was a horrible colorway, the shoe is just THAT COOL.

  20. Kennyallen0

    How can ppl hate on these and cop cool greys? Cool greys are currently the MOST played out Jordan,maybe cherry 12s,the black on these put em way past cool greys,it’s wat the Cool greys needed to fix tht CW

  21. sicario

    The shoe may be legit. However, the carbon fiber is a 3m film that can be mold to anything. It’s just a experiment to get critics and reactions. IMO the color of the “CF” IT’S just out of place.

  22. Drewmesdieu

    I mean people need to stop tripping no body wants change how can you progress if u r so much in the pass people need to be more open smh. This Is coming from a asprising shoe designer.

  23. GetOphMuhBawlz

    It woulda been better grey but them bitches still hot tho..they should make all the 11s like this from now on so the 11s with the patent leather keep their value or increase it….

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