Air Jordan 11 “Cool Grey” Carbon Fiber

Air Jordan 11 "Cool Grey" Carbon Fiber

Is a Carbon Fiber mudguard the next evolution of the Jordan 11? Perhaps, as we see pictures of the?Air Jordan 11 “Cool Grey” Carbon Fiber. The upper, midsole, and outsole are carbon copies of the Jordan 11 “Cool Grey” while the mudguard differs using black carbon fiber print as opposed to grey patent leather. The Air Jordan 11 was the first Jordan to use carbon fiber technology, does this interpretation look good? Tell us in the comment section.

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Air Jordan 11
“Cool Grey” Carbon Fiber

Air Jordan 11 "Cool Grey" Carbon Fiber

Air Jordan 11 "Cool Grey" Carbon Fiber

Air Jordan 11 "Cool Grey" Carbon Fiber

Air Jordan 11 "Cool Grey" Carbon Fiber

Source: US11


  1. Emmanuel says:

    complete fail all around…..

    1. mark william says:

      The Concords 11 Carbon Fiber is better than this… I’m gonna cop them if they will release…

      1. MG says:

        Fake fake fake! The website URL is from China, the capital of fake Jordans. I could get a nice pair of these for $50 on the right website. Why are we wasting time on obvious fakes??

        1. b-man says:

          THIER THE CAPITAL OF REAL JORDAN FUCK YOU TALKING ABOUT?? PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK! air jordans areNT just made in china theyre made in Indonesia sometimes vietnam

        2. TheeFlyyest says:

          yes please read the label on your shoes dude…for the most part it’ll say “made in china” #smh

          1. 55TGH says:

            Fake as FUCK. Look at the toe. SMH all you want these are fake.

          2. Jmalz says:

            Theyre not fake. Do your research. the Concord Carbon Fibers were worn by NBA players on all-star weekends. Jordan wants to replace this w. the patent leather because its stronger, and lighter.

          3. MOE90 says:

            People need to do thier HW cuz ya’ll confusing people who are new to shoes, @MG do your HW

  2. Joe Morris says:

    It’s patent…then it’s snake…everything else is tied for last place.

  3. Anonymous says:

    killing the XI even more than they already have…

  4. yoyo says:

    looks hella fake…

    1. Mark william says:

      Those are samples dude… So it means they are legit…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Concord yes, work in cool grey.

  6. JR_LYON_06 (EBAY) = LIAR! says:

    I like the “carbon fiber” look MUCH more on the concord version! Looks like a fake J on the Cool Grey – hey hey hey! What do you say? JR_LYON_06 is SUPER gay!

    1. Pppervost4502 says:

      i love the gray one but ilike to see a blaek

  7. Matteg2010 says:

    Look fake

  8. Desp says:

    Man those look retarded. Leave the 11′s alone, they dont need to be customized/upgraded. They are great the way they are.

  9. Doughtyboy says:

    Yall trippin forreal

  10. Bi Jordan lover says:

    Whack ass shoe Jordan brand should be offended

  11. Anonymous says:

    If the Carbon Fiber was a grey it might look real, but thats not a good look….On the concords would be acceptable

  12. Marty McLea says:

    looks terrible on the cool grey platform. concord looks great these fail

  13. Dcw767-9480 says:

    I think it’s clean to b honest I’d cop a few pair

  14. Djjay281 says:

    To me that looks ok…….but…………Looks like more of a Fake Flea Market J tho. I really wouldnt rock those!!!

  15. PresentFuture says:

    Better than patent leather. If Tinker could of used Carbon Fiber in 1995 he would have. No cracking like patent will after a couple wears. Now lets do something about the clear/yellow sole. Sure would be nice to pay 175 for a pair of shoes that wont look like trash after a year even if you only wear them two or three times.

    1. word is bond says:

      It’s not really carbon fiber

  16. Azzyxxx says:

    All out sick look. And if they come out you would get them

  17. Cfayat93 says:


  18. big e says:

    Jordan is doing to much, they need to just keep with the og colors, i would never buy this. Just hurry up an release the grape 5′s and the concord 11′s

  19. Trevorblum5 says:

    It looked nice on the concord but this is a no