Kicks On Court

Derrick Rose continues to impress his teammates, competitors and fans with his near-flawless performances nightly. Rose’s lightning-quick first step and killer crossovers in the adidas adiZero Rose/adidas adiZero Rose 1.5 also proves that ‘Fast Don’t Lie’ by any means. Although his signature shoe has been very good to him, Derrick Rose opted to go with another classic sneaker in last night’s game.

In a win against the Miami Heat, Derrick Rose scored 26 points, dished out six assists and grabbed five rebounds while wearing the adidas Crazy 8. He specifically rocked the university red/running white colorway to coincide with the Chicago Bulls ‘Home’ jerseys. This marks the first time our Kicks On Court has spotted Derrick Rose in a shoe other than his signature model. The adidas Crazy 8 is now available in multiple colorways at select retailers. View these kicks plus more, worn by Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Raymond Felton, Rajon Rondo and others, below.

Kicks On Court

Derrick Rose shooting in the 'University Red' adidas Crazy 8

Kicks On Court

Derrick Rose wearing the 'University Red' adidas Crazy 8

Kicks On Court

Derrick Rose handling the rock in the 'University Red' adidas Crazy 8

Kicks On Court

Derrick Rose shooting in the 'University Red' adidas Crazy 8

Kicks On Court

Dwyane Wade shooting in the Air Jordan 2011

Kicks On Court

LeBron James shooting in the Nike LeBron 8 V2

Kicks On Court

Raymond Felton wearing the adidas adiZero Infiltrate

Kicks On Court

Rajon Rondo posting up in the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse

Kicks On Court

Ty Lawson in the NikeiD Zoom Uptempo V

Kicks On Court

Will Chandler wearing the adidas adiZero Infiltrate

Kicks On Court

Kyle Korver shooting in the Converse Star Player EVO

Kicks On Court

JR Smith wearing the NikeiD Zoom Kobe VI

Source: Yahoo

  • mask

    i think rose shoulda wore em with the red uni’s but they still a good look; i mean they ARE crazy 8’s

  • Joe Morris

    Keep showing those Jordan 2011’s on D-Wade and I’ll keep thinking they’re ugly.

  • DugLast

    Adidas knows what its doing. Rose and that victory against the Heat made for a pretty good commercial for the Crazy 8.

  • P-Money

    2011s are growing on me… Korver probably the last guy in the nba who still rocks converse lol

    • Lilwade62

      louis willy and elton brand rock the converse in philly

    • Aj

      You do realize converse is owned by Nike right? So if Nike wanted they could have more players wear converse, they just seem more interested in turning converse into a skate/lifestyle brand at the moment

  • pwong.

    gotta rock the heat when you play the heat.

  • Anonymous

    those Crazy 8’s is hot as shid

  • rod

    JR’s VI’s are nice.

    i thought Wilson Chandler had a deal w/ Pony?

  • Anonymous

    I’m not much of a Crazy 8 guy, but i must admit the ones that D-Rose wore were kinda hot.

  • Frankie_2x’s

    Ima say ty lawson takes this one with id zoom uptempos…..denvers color ways always makes it good for PE shoes….

  • Wowzers

    that’s one ripped knee grow

  • Darnell Yancey

    Saw the purple/gold Crazy 8’s today at Footaction, they’re pretty nice!!

  • Winse

    D Rose killin’ em last nite in those Crazy 8s

  • M -kowalski

    He should play in the Crazy 8’s against the Lakers 😀