Michael Jordan Rocks Air Jordan 2011 in Bobcats Practice

Michael Jordan wearing the Air Jordan 2011

Have you ever wondered what Michael Jordan laces up on and off the court these days. Gone are the days we witnessed MJ destroying opposing NBA players while rocking some classic signature sneakers; therefore, when we do spot him in public, we are always checking to see if he’s rocking some heat. Recently, Michael Jordan practiced with the Charlotte Bobcats while wearing the Air Jordan 2011. In detail, he laced up the white/black-anthracite Air Jordan 2011 that released this past Saturday, along with two other colorways. Obviously, we do not know which interchangeable sole MJ opted for; however, which flight (blue=quick, red=explosive) coincides with MJ’s game best? View additional photos of MJ wearing the Air Jordan 2011 below.

Michael Jordan wearing the Air Jordan 2011

Michael Jordan wearing the Air Jordan 2011 at the Charlotte Bobcats practice

Michael Jordan wearing the Air Jordan 2011

Michael Jordan rocking the Air Jordan 2011

Source: Hoop China


  1. Anonymous says:

    MJ Is the MAN…. but first thing I saw was Wallace rocking those Playoff 13s!

  2. Ell says:

    I mess with the 2011s

  3. Royarroyo923 says:

    Paul Silas rocking some trunners?

    1. Tyga_style says:

      Alpha Trunners are actually good trainers…Feel much like lunarlite based kicks.

  4. You know, the shoe looks so much better with MJ actually wearing it.

    1. Jilla_32 says:

      When MJ laces them up its a most cop.

    2. Carlosgotzbeatz says:

      Word! Lol I might have to kop them now.

    3. HogwartsHighPG says:

      This is why people prefer the first 14 Js to the last. They aren’t any better then the 15 on but people saw MIke wear them so thats why they like them. A lot of the Js if they were Peak or Adidas most of y’all “sneaker heads” would hate on them

      1. Slvr_7 says:

        15′s are ugly as sin, worst shoe ever! Yeah shoe!

    4. Anonymous says:

      I agree completely. But as for me, it really doesn’t matter if he didn’t because the shoe is pretty hot IMO. But i betcha the folks hating on them are gonna start liking them just because MJ is rocking them.

      1. Nah you’re right, I thought they were hot before I saw them on his feet too but I bet a lot of models after the 14 would have sold more if people actually saw MJ rockin ‘em. Only ones after the 14′s I copped were the 17, 19 and 21.

        1. Jmore_10 says:

          When MJ retired the second time so did his sneaker designer. The shoes after the 15′s had less concept behind them and flopped as a result

  5. Roachromage says:

    playoff’s look hard

  6. JzeusTx says:

    that white dude in the 2nd pic looks like he wearin flints

    1. Rapsyo says:

      Look like trunnners no flints…

  7. Erik Ybarra says:

    2011s are nice but the playoff 13s are a definite pick up

  8. FromTheBahamas says:

    what is that paul silas is wearing

    1. Sneakerfreaknick says:


  9. MD says:

    MJ still has it, it looks like he gave Wallace a Good game, also, Damn the Playoffs are soo sexy!!!

  10. Tstar28 says:

    Thanks for trading Gerald Wallace and Nazir asshole

  11. Jas says:

    best AJ shoe in a long time!

  12. Soulworld2007 says:

    I coped the playoff 13 and aj 2011 those are heat anyway!!!!

  13. me1 says:

    If you beat MJ in one on one you get traded…..hahaha

  14. Airmaine91580 says:

    I agree with Ant, the 2011′s look way more dope when u see MJ actually wearin them, nice lookin shoe, them playoff 13′s are still da truuuuuffff tho

  15. Silk4534 says:

    no more pe for mr wallace

  16. Nikes_Finest says:

    This should help sales of the 2011′s.

  17. I wonder if Wallace will still be on brand jordan now that he was traded?