Taylor'ed: Wiz Khalifa's History Of Wearing The Converse Chuck Taylor

Any Taylor Gang members out there? Wiz Khalifa has developed a large following ever since he stepped into the music business. The Pittsburgh native is mostly known for his smash single “Black & Yellow”, but we have also come to recognize his fetish for Chuck Taylors. We have showcased Wiz Khalifa rocking Chucks in our Celebrity Sneaker Stalker consistently. How many times has Wiz been spotted in Chucks? Click here to view Taylor’ed: Wiz Khalifa’s History Of Wearing The Converse Chuck Taylor brought to you by Complex.

  • Rech

    Taylor Gang Or Die

  • DopeMatic3002

    Wiz is cool, but do really need an entire list of him in Chucks?? Lame.

  • Jessman

    Taylor gang or get a handjob but Edward scissor hands

  • Shoey404

    TAYLOR………………………….GANG #SneakerHeadSociety “Shoey”

  • poscogrubb

    This sagging shit is getting really ridiculous. It’s not hot at all anymore. If you want to flaunt what you might be carrying behind all that denim, skip the boxers. 😉

    And photos of mostly core-color Chucks? I love Chucks and all, but this is just not a very noteworthy list.


    Taylor gang or tea bag a bear trap

  • Lucasa

    Sagging was originated and is still use today in prison to show that someone owned that ass that your showing. So basically if you sagg you’re someones bitch.

  • sneakerfittedguy

    Taylor Gang or run brains on a cactus while getting analed by a lightsaber, Taylor Gang or face Chuck Norris, Taylor Gang or eat Lil’ Kim’s dirty pumsss …

    We fxckin’ get it – now shut up with that, because real Taylor Gang representatives know the deal and we don’t need to hear those corny ass variations.

  • npt

    taylor gang comes from the high school he went to not chucks

  • Misterp

    Ann Taylor Gang or Die.