Air Jordan 8 “Kobe Bryant”

Air Jordan 8 Lakers

Kobe Bryant is arguably one of the greatest basketball players of all time. With his 4th All-Star MVP award last night, the Philadelphia product leaves no doubt as to who is the best current player in the league when it comes to a combination of mental and physical ability. With that reputation comes a variety of perks. From action commercials with Kanye West to one of the most groundbreaking signature sneakers on the market, Kobe has definitely hit the big time.

A special Lakers themed pair of Air Jordan 8s is pictured below today that once again show the superstar status of “The Black Mamba” . The pair pair sports a predominately white upper with purple and gold hits on the tongue, midsole and inner liner. Although this pair is in most likelihood never going to hit retailers, iphone app. kicktionary has posted some great shots of the one-of-a-kind pair. Head over to iTunes to download the app. now and stay up to date with the most limited Jordan PEs as well as other sneaker related news.

Air Jordan 8 "Kobe Bryant"

Air Jordan 8 "Kobe Bryant"

Air Jordan 8 "Kobe Bryant"

Air Jordan 8 "Kobe Bryant"

Air Jordan 8 "Kobe Bryant"

Air Jordan 8 "Kobe Bryant"

Air Jordan 8 "Kobe Bryant"

Air Jordan 8 "Kobe Bryant"


  1. Tony says:


  2. Wanted these to become a reality so badly, back before Kobe got his signature!!

  3. Phillyzjdot says:

    Maybe it’s just me but if MJ didn’t wear them I don’t want them ….. I’m just sayin

    1. word is bond says:

      except for the red half of the Toro Bravo pack. Sometimes I forget MJ didn’t wear them

      1. Enzo24 says:

        Does ur opinion include the French Blues and all of the other Retro+?

        I’m tired of hearing ppl say if Mike didn’t wear em then they don’t like em. That’s like saying u don’t like a broad that doesn’t weigh 115-120.

        Him wearing a shoe doesn’t make it fly, cuz I’ll take a pair of Stealth XXs over a pair of any 2s, 4s, or 9s anyday

        1. Phillyzjdot says:

          It’s cool ppl can wear whatever they like but now days in the age of the Internet it’s too easy 4 ppl to come up with fakes so I keep it oG as I can that’s all to each is own hommie

        2. Triple C'z says:

          You fuccin trippin, I’d take Cement 4′s over stealth XX’z any fuccin day you goofy azz nicca!!! SMDH

          1. Phillyzjdot says:

            Me too Cz lol

        3. Timmy912 says:

          idk about 4s

    2. Crazylegs415 says:

      hyyyyyyype beeeeeeeaaaaaaast. I’m just sayin…

    3. Maybachmartel says:

      I hear u. If aint wearem i aint wear’n em

  4. solesaved says:

    They Str8 but if they ain’t gonna release em, it’s just a wish.

  5. FatAssassin says:

    Fuck a Kobe

    1. wavySoles says:

      hater ass nigga!!!!…bow down son!!!

  6. Kidcduuud says:

    Replace purple with yellow and yellow with purple

    1. Grant Tucker says:

      Got yammed on by kobe last night.

  7. easy says:

    only 8s i would buy, i like the Replace purple with yellow and yellow with purple idea ^^

    1. freeze says:

      nah nikka make the white yellow and the yellow white or the white purple and the purple yellow..

      1. sneakerfittedguy says:

        If you want bootleg-lookin’ shoes ..

  8. Prl2 says:

    i remember these these were dope!!!

  9. Dixon Syder says:

    What do they mean “one-of-a-kind pair”? Kobe wore those in a game against Washington & they have 0 creases. Fat Joe has a pair. Now are these all one pair of kicks being circulated through different peoples collections?
    Big Dix

  10. RobbySoulie says:

    Nice! Speaking of apps though….my Nicekicks app is buggin out. I’ve had to delete it and redownload it like 9 times. It works for like one day and then it stops loading all of the new posts.

  11. ThaMobb says:

    Tha 8′s…….. Hands Down My Favorites, Who Gives A FuQ What A Hater Gotta Say!!!!

  12. King says:

    That is a sick colorway for sure…

  13. TyLeR x2 says:

    still got my pair…still in pretty good condition considering i use them to play ball.

  14. Mrrkp562 says:

    I wish they would have dropped these instead of the Laker VI’s

  15. Winse says:

    OMFG I need these in my life. VIIIs are one of my fav Js & Kobe is my fav player!!

  16. Karlksoe23 says:

    these the best 8′s. everI

  17. soweezy says:

    i don’t like them but they’re not ugly. just a bit weird with the white.

  18. Arguably? The man is a living Legend. You Sir, are a clown. Nicek Kicks, I’d like to see moe purple though.

  19. Jabz215 says:

    Looks like a pair of knocks to me….I mean wit that FAT ass jumpman on the tongue an all…Got 4 pr of 8s an my jumpmen dont look like they ate 40 boxs of doughnuts….JMO