Air Jordan 11 "Carbon Fiber"

At a Jordan Brand event for All-Star weekend an attendee was spotted in this Air Jordan 11 “Carbon Fiber” makeup. With color blocking and construction similar to that of the Air Jordan 11 “Concord”, this pair deviates using a carbon fiber finish on the mudguard. As of now there is no concrete information about this “Carbon Fiber” Jordan 11 as it is assumed to be a sample. Would you cop if released? Tell us in the comment section.

Source: Tenisufki/Kicks on Fire

  • Ariel Acosta

    SIIIIIIIICKKKK!!!! i hope they drop!

    • Nathan 303


  • Kbfresh2def

    Eww the material looks ugly. Original looks way better

    • Darnell Yancey

      Um, looks no different than the Snake Skin XI, but let me guess… you probably liked those. SHUT UP!

      • AnthoNYC

        Did you just really compare snakeskin to carbon fiber? Smh..

        They look nice imo, not sure if I would cop though.

        • Darnell Yancey

          No! I’m not comparing the materials, but the fact that they’re both DIFFERENT FROM the patent, that we’ve all grown accustom to ON the XI… yet another material such as the Carbon Fiber causes an uproar for not being “textbook,” so to speak, for the XI.

          • MG

            FAAAAAAAAKE. These are fakes! How did this even make it on a major shoe site??

  • Tabari McCoy

    These would be copped, most definitely.

  • Bo Knocks

    Would love with the blue sole. Would cop either way.

  • Lil’one Hurt’s

    for sure i’ll cop a pair… if they drop out

  • Parishanner

    not a fan of that material

  • Rastaboi_ziggy

    Yeah I would def cop, since I missed my change to get the cool grey’s

    • Kobestrash

      I gotta 10.5 ds cool grey 250$

    • Thecount2311

      what size u need

  • Alejandro Gonzalez2345

    Watch them be fakes lmao

    • Mikey1

      These were worn by some cats that worked for JB. I saw them in person.

      • Alejandro Gonzalez2345

        Ok thanks nicekicks for not posting what this guy said lol

  • Jerrodjroc

    Would only cop if they 150 or less they shudnt b sold for retro price.

    • sneakerfittedguy

      But you know they’re gonna throw a special name on ’em and push them for more … After all, it’s Jordan Brand we’re talking about here.

  • Airmaine91580

    Most certainly would cop these if they drop

  • Jdatazman15

    Love carbon fiber materials..i would love for this to drop so i can cop one…or two…

  • Mikey

    those are hot!!!!

  • Ned Braswell

    Hell yeaa these jawns dope

  • Dev Cdb

    I also took a pic of these at the culver city westfields mall and talked to the Jordan Rep wearing them

    • And what did he say…?

  • Jevon Walton

    Yeah, I would have to make that happen.

  • Datni99apurp

    A def cop if dey did

  • N00bs

    Carbon fiber would be nice… It be better if it was snake skin but I would copp either one

  • It’s E

    Hopefully they don’t decide to drop these instead over the original concords. Still nice though.

  • Bitchslykdyk

    No way these shoes will be less than $200…..thats a good amount of carbon fiber. Move over little chirren, allowance isn’t going to advance these.

    • sneakkks

      That’s not real CF… it’s probably just a fake weave like the Air Max Hyperdunk 2010s.

  • Phillyzjdot

    Nah yal trippin any1 who likes these prob cop’s team jordan sneaks too (I.e. Melo’s & cp3 sneaks too) I’ll pass gimme the OG’s in Oct…. Thanks

    • Ni66az Smell

      youz a ni66a huh?

    • Littleni66a

      youz gotta be a ni66a saying you only rock Jordan and not team Jordan. A Ni66er is hood rich that needs brands to make him look balling. Beautiful jordans purchased with a welfare check. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask this….what can you do to stop the ni66a rich movement and go get some paper? Quit spending my tax dollars!!!

      • Phillyzjdot

        Lmao u a team Jordan copper where u from dickhead?

        • R Tullen

          Dude, if you actually ball in Jordans, you’d know the team jordans are legit. I cop both retros and teams, so don’t hate. I know it may seem like a far-fetched concept to you, but some people actually use their shoes for what their intended for on the court, and just ice them and wear them out flat footed for fear of creasing them, jackass.
          For the record, I’d get a pair of these carbon fiber 11’s to ball in, knowing I didn’t have to ball in and ruin real retro concords.

    • Triple C’z

      I think deez muthafuccaz go nicca and I don’t rocc no fuccn team jordanz, I got 2 pairz of concordz so I would love ta add deez to my 2 2000 Concordz, 2000 Space Jamz, Columbia 11’z, 2001 Cool Greyz, DMP XI’z, Anniversary XI’s, 2 Pairz of 2009 space Jamz and bouta copp OG Columbia XI’z and a second pair of 2000 Space Jamz.

      • Bob

        Speak English.

      • Phillyzjdot

        Naw C’z u missed me wit These hommie I can mess wit them XI’s are weak & I hate all cool gray shoe’s But it’s just my opinion

      • David

        Cool story bro

  • Bmfbm

    Hell yes I want a pair. I recently picked up the Jordan comfort 11’s with the carbon fiber pattern and it is a really nice touch.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a whole lot of fronting going on. Some of yall are saying “oooh, this is ugly, i wont cop”, but i betcha yall would stroll down to your local Footlocker or Champs if you saw these in person, or either if you gave it some time to grow on you. Seriously, who do yall think you’re foolin?

    • Triple C’z

      Hahahah fo’real

  • Fardinhaz

    I’m sick of seeing carbon fiber all over ppls cars and now on shoes? Idk but they are not that bad

    • Bishopp3000

      it’s a performance enhancer for cars, so why wouldn’t think that shoes wouldn’t try it. they need some ideas to make shoes different and enhanced.

      • easy

        i kno its performance enhancer for cars, but its stupid wen they they use it all over ther gayass rice rockets. only dope when its used right and not over done.

  • Djatomix_123

    A sample??? How do we know they not just fakes.. Just wondering!

    • Ariel Acosta

      Im guessing they are samples or just given to JB employees cuz ive heard mention of these and everytime Ive heard of them they have supposedly been on employee’s feet. Either way this is the first time i see them and they look damn good though… lol

  • D Music

    i dont kno what to think.?

  • Lo1022

    Cop it definitely

  • Lo1022

    Cop it definitely

  • solesaved

    As Rick Flair would say. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I DEF would be looking to get a pair.

    • Winner

      Haha.. Hell yea

  • Soulworld2007

    I would cop those heats whEn they Drop!!!! 2 pairs would do me good!!!! Fo show!!!!

  • Soulworld2007

    I would cop those heats whEn they Drop!!!! 2 pairs would do me good!!!! Fo show!!!!

  • Spoke

    I would cop two pairs for sure! They look clean!

  • Upsilon

    I like these better than the Concords

    • Gink

      I don’t agree with your statement.

  • Yup

    They’re cool……thats it though

  • booraot91

    definitly a must cop!……………………………….

  • Anonymous

    They’re ok. Patents >>>> these — by a lot.

  • Usedbrain4sale

    Looks nice Its a Def Cop 4 me!

  • Jordanhead

    these look sick ! hell ya a deff. cop if these were to drop. release these JB !!!

  • Manchildoss

    efff!!!!! those…. they need to bring back the carbon fiber flightposites

  • Youngblaze2

    Hell yeah I would cop. I’m going crazy just thinking about them.

  • yoyo

    those have to be FAKE… the laces are too thin and the front looks wierd

    • Josegarcia512

      Haha chill why would someone wear these to such an event just saying common sence bro

  • Oscargonza82

    yes i would

  • Paulix

    definate yes

  • Jbeckley412

    i’d be all over these they look like they crease less easily than the Concords

  • Youngdain

    They should slap the 45 on the back of these and call them “the carbon copies”.

  • Nikehead MPC Master

    I’ll fuck with it.

  • Sid

    they would def be retro price first of all bc carbon fiber aint cheap. but these are a definite cop i dont know why people are fronting like they wont be. its a once in a lifetime shoe. there so sick. some dark jeans or gray shorts would set these off

  • Djrubadub

    FCUK yeah.!!

  • DugLast

    Not feeling the carbon fiber on the Viz Air 11 (and I’ve looked those over a few times). I’d have to see more pics of these to decide.

  • Moneyboy26

    TOUGH I’ll def. COP those !!!

  • PrezyMcfly

    if they threw tha artic blue on the bottom it would make them a must but 4 now im just happy with my reagular concords

    • T Bnilpsin

      add the splash of blue! on tge bottom

  • Nathan Carroll

    That’s like askin if Halle Berry had a doper lookin younger sister would I break it off. I mean yeah I’d think about it.

  • Pkypooks

    I like’em but they not as sick as the concords! The patened leather material makes it pop out more! But ill still rock these kickz!

  • freeballer

    I would absolutely buy this.

  • S P

    I’d snatch em up if they release em

  • Myfullsleeve

    It’s different. If it did come out a quick strike would be a good idea. The shoe is tight.

  • Nate Baiyewu

    these are sick. some of yall need to stop hating. You know you gonna pick em up if they drop

  • Dopekicksandsnapbacks

    this shit is whack. blue sole, 45 instead of 23 & now this? GTFOH! it’s a retro everythings supposed to be the same!

  • black cat

    unless you a JB employee you ain’t coppin.

  • Viclema

    lmaoooo my boy had a pair of this bout 5years ago….they fake hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    Yes i would buy a pair

  • Rabbit_

    Those actually arent that bad, I bet that would be harder to crease

  • Esta42

    oh yes i would kill for those

  • juzzz

    release pleaaasseeeee

  • Djcarterman

    i gotta get these when they drop

  • Winse

    Fuck the patent leather concords, give us these plz JB. Carbon Fiber = the new Hotness on Js

  • npt

    lmao its not real carbon fiber fools.its the same as the cmft 11s..hmm these could well be fake though

  • Dewleng

    These were made from Downtown LA. C’mon people, home of the knockoffs right there in Santee Alley.

  • Cooper Breen

    Is it okay that I got a little boner when I saw these?

  • Divinemaster48

    OGs are 100000 x better then these

  • Timmy912

    if yhese r high top i will im tired of low top jordans they all suck ass snakeskins might b the most hideous thing i seen n so will these if they r not hightop

  • Ron Williams Jr.

    they need to start doin stuff like this only way to keey the jb brand alive

  • soweezy

    these would definitely be a cop. its funny how much people on here are hating. the main people calling others hypebeast and saying these are fake only buy GR Jordan’s and are mad they don’t have a Jordan hookup

  • Sammyevers

    lets be honest, they are xis, so everyone including myself would buy these

  • Ant

    hot but the person wearing them aint rocking them right..he needs to give em up

  • Evolve

    Better than patent leather because these wont crack and look like a$$ like patent leather does when creased in the toe box area. The 11s look at home with carbon fiber. The most exotic sports cars are made from it. Patent leather is hardly exotic or special.

  • Spit Vs

    Hell yea I would !!!

  • Reem Stone

    Most def.

  • L3s1116

    id cop for sure hot style and the carbon fiber wont crease….love um!

  • Curtis-Ghost Budd

    Yall a bunch of hypebeast….Just because it jordan doesn’t mean u automatically need to cop. Why complain about low quality garbage if ur going to by them anyway? For all of you hypebeast complaining about the blue tint in the sole,,,did u know that the OG XI’s had a blue tint in them? Im talking about the one that originally dropped in the 90s. I didnt think so….Yo if u buy these and say u got concords on ur feet i will slap u and burn all ur Jordan’s…Im tired of yall spacejam cool grey hypebeast inflating JBs head thinking they are everything….I got so pissed reading these ignorant ass comment. WTF is the shoe game coming to? Cool Grey space jam jordans? WTF!!!!

    • T Bnilpsin

      Cool Grey & Space Jams Were GOOD! #WatYouTalkinAbout? #DontHateOn’em

  • 2-A-Those

    Damn do people love the 11’s that much to call these knock off lookin pieces of crap hot? Taking the patent leather off the 11 is like taking the cement pattern off the 3! You just dont do that!

    Maybe cuz I’m a purist but these are a no go!

  • Albert

    They’re low tops for sure, but clean as hell

  • R Tullen

    I’d definitely get them for the court.

  • Dubman828

    deff wud copp they look sickk, they shud com in carbon fiber box =)

    • Nilpsin

      Carbon Fiber Box Will Make Me Get These 11’s! In All Sizes!

  • Drebear

    Hell Yeah I Want Them To Drop Them Joint’s
    Hope They Do!!!

  • Nachodd23

    Best J’s ever created regardless of the material I would wear e
    As would every Jordan wearing fan would

  • Mrs Successful2011

    oh yes these will b got i’m a jordan fan

  • Ryan Barker

    definite purchase…..dopppeeeee. would love to make this my first pair of xi’s

  • True Knowledge

    yea id def cop the carbon fiber mark up is a good look

  • Mwilliamson099

    ugly as hell !! Give us the 11 with the 45 on the back and im good to go !

  • Jbrown4883

    Those are HORRIBLE….that’s Jordans problem he tries to do too much!!! Just release that patent leather and keep it OG!!!!

  • Rromorg

    Definitely a classic if its real carbon fiber… if ya’ll would take a look at the mid-sole of the 11s
    You will notice they used real carbon fiber there. If Its real carbon fiber these will go in a glass case since I would estimate the price to be $1000+ (and would then hunt Tinker Hatfield down to get him to sign them along with mj)

  • Formadden

    Hell yeah I’ll cop these.

  • T Bnilpsin

    I LOVE Thee 11’s iBeen Copping Them For Ah While Now!! Iluv The Splash Of Blue That Usually Be On The Bottom! The Clear Turn Yellow Faster!! But Ill Copp’em Wen iSee Them Face To Face! That Carbon Fiber Looks Weird! = #BringThemOUT

  • GetOphMuhBawlz

    I would def cop

  • Mrlacour

    They messed up the coldest J ever made

  • @jazztheweirdo