Air Jordan 11 “Carbon Fiber”

Air Jordan 11 "Carbon Fiber"

At a Jordan Brand event for All-Star weekend an attendee was spotted in this Air Jordan 11 “Carbon Fiber” makeup. With color blocking and construction similar to that of the Air Jordan 11 “Concord”, this pair deviates using a carbon fiber finish on the mudguard. As of now there is no concrete information about this “Carbon Fiber” Jordan 11 as it is assumed to be a sample. Would you cop if released? Tell us in the comment section.

Source: Tenisufki/Kicks on Fire


  1. Ariel Acosta says:

    SIIIIIIIICKKKK!!!! i hope they drop!

    1. Nathan 303 says:


  2. Kbfresh2def says:

    Eww the material looks ugly. Original looks way better

    1. Um, looks no different than the Snake Skin XI, but let me guess… you probably liked those. SHUT UP!

      1. AnthoNYC says:

        Did you just really compare snakeskin to carbon fiber? Smh..

        They look nice imo, not sure if I would cop though.

        1. No! I’m not comparing the materials, but the fact that they’re both DIFFERENT FROM the patent, that we’ve all grown accustom to ON the XI… yet another material such as the Carbon Fiber causes an uproar for not being “textbook,” so to speak, for the XI.

          1. MG says:

            FAAAAAAAAKE. These are fakes! How did this even make it on a major shoe site??

  3. Tabari McCoy says:

    These would be copped, most definitely.

  4. Bo Knocks says:

    Would love with the blue sole. Would cop either way.

  5. for sure i’ll cop a pair… if they drop out

  6. Parishanner says:

    not a fan of that material

  7. Rastaboi_ziggy says:

    Yeah I would def cop, since I missed my change to get the cool grey’s

    1. Kobestrash says:

      I gotta 10.5 ds cool grey 250$

    2. Thecount2311 says:

      what size u need

  8. Alejandro Gonzalez2345 says:

    Watch them be fakes lmao

    1. Mikey1 says:

      These were worn by some cats that worked for JB. I saw them in person.

      1. Alejandro Gonzalez2345 says:

        Ok thanks nicekicks for not posting what this guy said lol

  9. Jerrodjroc says:

    Would only cop if they 150 or less they shudnt b sold for retro price.

    1. sneakerfittedguy says:

      But you know they’re gonna throw a special name on ‘em and push them for more … After all, it’s Jordan Brand we’re talking about here.

  10. Airmaine91580 says:

    Most certainly would cop these if they drop

  11. Jdatazman15 says:

    Love carbon fiber materials..i would love for this to drop so i can cop one…or two…

  12. Mikey says:

    those are hot!!!!

  13. Ned Braswell says:

    Hell yeaa these jawns dope

  14. Dev Cdb says:

    I also took a pic of these at the culver city westfields mall and talked to the Jordan Rep wearing them

    1. ... says:

      And what did he say…?

  15. Jevon Walton says:

    Yeah, I would have to make that happen.

  16. Datni99apurp says:

    A def cop if dey did

  17. N00bs says:

    Carbon fiber would be nice… It be better if it was snake skin but I would copp either one

  18. It's E says:

    Hopefully they don’t decide to drop these instead over the original concords. Still nice though.

  19. Bitchslykdyk says:

    No way these shoes will be less than $200…..thats a good amount of carbon fiber. Move over little chirren, allowance isn’t going to advance these.

    1. sneakkks says:

      That’s not real CF… it’s probably just a fake weave like the Air Max Hyperdunk 2010s.

  20. Phillyzjdot says:

    Nah yal trippin any1 who likes these prob cop’s team jordan sneaks too (I.e. Melo’s & cp3 sneaks too) I’ll pass gimme the OG’s in Oct…. Thanks

    1. Ni66az Smell says:

      youz a ni66a huh?

    2. Littleni66a says:

      youz gotta be a ni66a saying you only rock Jordan and not team Jordan. A Ni66er is hood rich that needs brands to make him look balling. Beautiful jordans purchased with a welfare check. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask this….what can you do to stop the ni66a rich movement and go get some paper? Quit spending my tax dollars!!!

      1. Phillyzjdot says:

        Lmao u a team Jordan copper where u from dickhead?

        1. R Tullen says:

          Dude, if you actually ball in Jordans, you’d know the team jordans are legit. I cop both retros and teams, so don’t hate. I know it may seem like a far-fetched concept to you, but some people actually use their shoes for what their intended for on the court, and just ice them and wear them out flat footed for fear of creasing them, jackass.
          For the record, I’d get a pair of these carbon fiber 11′s to ball in, knowing I didn’t have to ball in and ruin real retro concords.

    3. Triple C'z says:

      I think deez muthafuccaz go nicca and I don’t rocc no fuccn team jordanz, I got 2 pairz of concordz so I would love ta add deez to my 2 2000 Concordz, 2000 Space Jamz, Columbia 11′z, 2001 Cool Greyz, DMP XI’z, Anniversary XI’s, 2 Pairz of 2009 space Jamz and bouta copp OG Columbia XI’z and a second pair of 2000 Space Jamz.

      1. Bob says:

        Speak English.

      2. Phillyzjdot says:

        Naw C’z u missed me wit These hommie I can mess wit them XI’s are weak & I hate all cool gray shoe’s But it’s just my opinion

      3. David says:

        Cool story bro